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War Changes Everything In 'A Separate Peace'

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The War Changes Everything "Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and dies." -Herbert Hoover. War changes a soldier, a citizen, and a family. If there was no war there would be less to worry about. There would be no more "what if" statements, no more worry about where someone will see themselves in the near future. The plot of a A Separate Peace would be affected because boys would never go to war, the boys would not be comparing their lives to the military, and other conflicts would not have happened. During A Separate Peace, the setting takes place during World War II. Typically men are drafted to enter the battlefield. So, the boys at Devon or any other school could be drafted into the war. If the war had not of happened, the boys would never go to war. One example is when Gene wants to be drafted because of Finny. Gene is a follower, so he is going to want to be like Finny. Also, Finny would have never broken his leg the first or the second time. The second time Finny broke his leg, it happened because he falls down the stairs because he was trying to prove he could fight in the war. "the quick rapping of his cane,"(Knowles 97). Lastly, Leper would have never been drafted in the war, when Leper was drafted, it freaked Gene …show more content…
If the war did not exist, other conflicts would not have happened. For example, Finny would have never broken his leg again and he would have not died. Since Finny wanted to be drafted and requested to fight in the war, he got upset when he was told he could not apply. When he got upset he tried proving them wrong and he ended up dying in surgery. Furthermore, Gene would not have been jealous at Finny and Gene would have never accidentally tried to hurt Finny. "I took a step toward him, and then my knees bent and I jounced the limb." (Knowles 28). Also, Brinker would have never kidnapped Gene because Finny's leg would have never been

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