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“Life Is Not Fair- Get Used To It” Many students in today’s society experience different types of lifestyles; those who have easy-going lives from those who struggle in life. None the less, some students in todays economy are treated unfairly for the amount of effort they actually put into the lifestyle that they live. On that behalf, the advice Bill Gates gives is unrealistic. A stereotype is created based on the majority of students lives that he has seen and not on the minority that he has missed out on. These days, some students have an extremely easy and laid back lifestyle, to the point where everything is handed to them. On the other hand, some struggle and have to work hard for the position they obtain. Bills Gates opinion is harsh considering he is not taking into consideration for the work that some people have to go through to get where they are at now. Over the past 17 years I have lived, I have yet to experience the lifestyle of those who are pampered. I have learned to become the independent person that I am through the ups and downs of life, and the hardships I have overcome. I have worked hard for the things I have accomplished in life and the things I am about to achieve. Since I have done most if not all things on my own, I have most definitely not been pampered. Throughout the years of living, I have set realistic goals that I would like to accomplish. I based my goals on the standards that I am capable of achieving and did not set an unrealistic outlook on life.

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