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Wgu Marketing Task 1

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Task 1
The term Marketing has changed overtime this is because it is mainly based on customers needs and wants and what benefits them the most, According to ‘’marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers requirements profitably’’. Also according to marketing author Philip Kotler defines marketing as: 'Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process'. The main core simple concepts of marketing is the needs, wants and demands of a customer, the product, satisfaction value, and quality, the exchange of transactions and relationship and finally the markets. ‘’it is important to think about the exchange element of marketing’’ CIM (2009). This quote states that marketing had developed through exchange, due to previous years exchange was a way of exchanging goods for other goods, when people had produced more goods then needed they would trade for something else in return, this had then exchanged for money and then for a market to be taken place a market must be …show more content…
Organisations such as Virgin Atlantic or Adidas have a much stronger customer focus and are mainly dedicated to their market efforts and also the key is for them to take care of the customers as this will then increase share and profits. For a company to achieve a marketing concept they must achieve the main three conditions which are customer focused, integrated effort and goal achievement. Jobber (2010:4) states that the marketing concept is the achievement of corporate goals through the meeting and exceeding customer’s needs and expectations better than the competition’’. Overall the main concept of marketing orientation is that the companies react to what the customers want, the decision is mainly taken by the customers wants and needs and what the companies think is the best for the customers. This is how companies become successful by taking a market

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