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Your first words, first steps, first giggle and a bunch of other firsts. They say time goes by quickly when you have children, hopefully with you time will not be too fast. Writing this letter to you is very difficult since I am writing this letter before you are born, if some things are wrong forgive your mother. This letter I am writing to you today is to tell you how I hope your future development and life went.
The stage of life that I was in when I had you was my late 20s, meaning I was already in adulthood your father was as while. When me and your father had you we didn’t plan your birth but most people can never plan for children. Even though, your birth was not planned trust me when I say we were happy to know that you existed. As a baby you were very normal I want to say I was scared every step of the way since you were my first child. Three to five months old as a baby you could already support you head, grasp objects, laugh, and started babbling with me. I remember the first time you giggled it was when your grandmother and I were laughing at an old TV show and she just let one loose once we started laughing you joined in with us.
By time you were twelve months old you were crawling around exploring and starting to stand and try walking. You said your first words during this time it was “Dada” we were …show more content…
Your bonding with your best friend was so strong that you two used to say you “were twins from different mothers.”. Middle school for you was quite different from elementary school. You still continued soccer but you had your first date in 7th grade and your first dance in 8th grade. You and the attraction of the opposite sex that was something I didn’t know how to handle, but you seemed to be so innocent still so I never questioned your intentions at first while you were in middle school; high school though was a different

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