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What Cause Humans to Become Ill


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What causes humans to become ill?
Humans can get ill a variety of different ways, anything we eat or come into contact with may cause illness in a human. In this essay I will outline different potential illnesses that a human may suffer with.
When a human comes into contact with something that causes an abnormal immune response we call it an allergy. When allergy-prone person initially comes into contact with an allergen their B-cells produce IgE antibody, this antibody produced binds to mast cells which are found throughout the body. The second contact with this allergen, the mast cells with IgE present produces histamine which then lead to allergy symptoms such as running nose, sneezing and watery eyes.
There are millions of types of different bacteria, some good and some bad called pathogens, which can make a human ill. When a pathogen enters the body it attaches to cells, potentially damaging the cells and releases its toxins. The bodies white blood cells can destroy the pathogens however while the body destroys the pathogens it may also damage the surrounding tissue. In most cases antibiotics can be taken to kill the bacteria, it does this by stopping their growth or killing them it does this by preventing the bacteria from building up a cell wall. An example of a bacteria is acne, acne is caused by bacteria growing near or in the sebaceous glands in the skin which causes inflammation and white pus.
Viruses also enter the body and attach to a host using it to reproduce at a really fast rate. Viruses like bacteria damage their host cells which in most cases causes it to die. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses as antibiotics prevent a cell wall from been formed however viruses don’t produce cell walls and instead use the bodies cells organelles to reproduce.
Cystic Fibrosis is another serious condition that can cause a human to become ill. Cystic Fibrosis is

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