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What Does It Mean To Say That Greed Is Good

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Republicans tend to believe in individual responsibility, deregulating, and not everyone as a whole. This is not a good philosophy- it is exactly what got us into the 2008 world financial crisis. “Greed is good” took over, leaving the common man to foot the bill. Humans are inherently selfish, and will do anything for their own good, which is why democrats believe in regulation. On the other hand, everything else the Republican party believes in goes against their individual freedom’s platform. They blatantly ignore the separation of church and state, and let religion play a large role in their decisions; i.e. abortion. Republicans want to be able to tell women what they can and cannot do to their bodies because it goes against their religion- but who are they to say what one can do with their own body? …show more content…
For example, Ms. Betsy Devos, donating millions to become secretary of education, with zero experience in public education. I’m not sure how appointing someone of this nature is good for America. Republicans claim access to healthcare is enough- if you are sick too bad. This seems to go against their main religious beliefs to help those less fortunate than you. It is also claimed that a flat tax would work better- that way everyone is paying the same percentage regardless of income. In theory this would be great, but would put undue burden on the middle and lower classes. Republicans not care for people other than themselves or their wealthy elite who fund them. I do not believe that this is a good philosophy because it is full of paradoxes and would let the government/individuals do things that would be harmful to the greater good of

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