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Finance is probably one of the most significant part of our life, it is involved in all kind of activities. No matter where you are and what you are doing, we all face difficulties in making decisions in how and when to use money. Talking about finance, most of people would link it with monetary terms, material possessions and investment to increase personal assets. For me through finance is more about budgeting. However, I consider it not only as a money management tool to balance my expenses and follow my business’s financial performances but also as an instrument that gives me an opportunity to expand my comfort zone. There are a few vital aspects of finances in my life that I am going to explore in this essay, including personal finance and public finance.

The type of finance that plays a big role in everyone’s daily life is a personal finance. Individual can be compared to an organization that faces with financing decisions and investment everyday. In order to purchase or invest, the person has to do calculations and projections to make the best decision. Many people have to compare diverse options like to take on debt, mortgages or through they savings before making investment. For example, to have a chance to attend SCAD I had to work tirelessly for a long period of time and maintain my personal budget and put in savings my earnings. However, I consider SCAD is as much about gaining priceless knowledge to improve my capacity, to learn and interact more effectively with others than it is just about a long-term investment in order to make more profit.

We often have to deal with budget balancing, save and spend to maintain stable financial position. I learnt how important it is, when a few years ago my first attempt in building my own fashion brand failed. I faced many obstacles related with cash flow and making profit. At first glance, it seems like

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