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Diploma Finance Hots Self-Evaluation Report

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Diploma Finance
HOTS Self-Evaluation Report

For: Mr Coy

Module: Hospitality Finance 2

Student Name: Nick Le

HOTS Team Name: N2A

Date: 14th, May, 2012

The assignment is self-evaluation report which assesses and analyse individual performance after running HOTs program. Besides that, this report also show the discuss about personal strengths and weaknesses and given the recommendations on how to improve the performance in future.

HOTs is a practice program which it used for running and manage the finance system of the hotel. During the program running me and my team had learned a lot experience. Its help us understand more about finance and how to create the budget as well as how to run the system. After the result came out, it was under our expectation. That make me felt there still a lot of think that me and my team need to improvement. This report will show what we did during the program running, also give the recommendation of what I have to improve in the future.
Self-Evaluation Report
The Finance class of this course was given me and my team a chance to manage the hotel business by HOTs program. Which we have to create the budgets for our hotel in 3 years. Budgets are always importance step for the whole system of HOTs. After the result of first year came out was under what we plan on budgets. I realised that me and my team had made some mistake, that we were expenses too much to Staff Salary, Refurbishment and Advertisement. However, our plan were set to run this program in 3 years and the result at the end which have really high revenue, that was proved our team went on right way.
On the other hand, I strongly support the idea from my teammate that, if our team expenses more on advertisements that will help us sell our properties. The result of second year was proved that we are right. Our marketing…...

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