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What Is Football


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How Did
Football Start

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Bibliography “Professional Football Is Born.” 2014. Accessed October 22, 2014. “Rugby Vs. Football.” 2014. Accessed October 22, 2014. “History: Birth of Pro Football.” 2014. Accessed October 22, 2014. “58 Fun Facts About Football.” 2014. Accessed October 22, 2014. http://facts. “General History - Chronology.” 2014. Accessed October 22, 2014.

This is paper is about the history and transformation of Football. There are two different types of football, there is European Football what we call soccer, and there is American Football which will be talked about in this paper. The purpose of this paper is to answer the following question on who, how, and where of football and also the rise in the popularity of football to what it is today. The who, meaning who was the founder of this game; the how, meaning how did this game come about; and the where, meaning where was professional football created; how was football played then transformed to how football is played now. A quick background of American football, it consists of 32 teams. These 32 teams are split in half, which are called NFC and AFC. NFC and AFC are also split in 4 different divisions that are called West, East, South, and North. In these division consists of 4 teams in each division. The game is about trying to proceed into winning the big game which is the Super Bowl. To advance your team to this level they would have

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