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What Makes a Paper Scientific

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What, in your opinion, makes a statement scientific?
A scientific statement provides an explanation of a natural phenomenon through the use of objective observation and disciplined experimentation. First, scientific statements provide knowledge of the wide range of physical and natural aspects of the universe. Each of the different fields of the sciences gives us unique insights into a branch of scientific knowledge. Second, this knowledge is conveyed in theories backed by physical evidence obtained through observation and experimentation. Observation and experimentation are essential components of the scientific method because they result in valid and reliable scientific statements. All the different fields of the sciences form scientific statements which deepen our understanding of the universe. For example, biology which is one of the major branches of science focuses on the science of life and living organisms. Chemistry is the branch of science concerned with the composition of substances, their properties, and their reactions. Physics is yet another branch of science which deals with both matter and energy and their interactions. Therefore, scientific statements cover a wide range of subjects which revolve around the mechanics of the natural world. The high validity and reliability of scientific statements depend on the observations and experimentations performed as part of the scientific method. Scientists develop theories using well-organized scientific procedures which consist of direct and controlled experiments. An example of such an experiment is physicist Ernest Rutherford’s “gold foil experiment.” In 1911, Rutherford performed the “gold foil experiment” to find out why some alpha particles became scattered when fired at a sheet of mica. He set up his experiment by positioning one thin sheet of gold foil between the alpha-ray source and a screen...

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