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White Mountain Ski Resort

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White Mountain Ski Resort
"White Mountain Ski Resort has the following demand equations for its customers.

The demand equation for the resort as a whole is:

Q = 1,000 -30P; (P = 33.33 – 0.033Q with MR = 33.33 – 0.067Q)

The demand equation for Out of Town Skiers is:

Qo = 500 – 10P; (P = 50 – 0.1Q with MR = 50 – 0.2Q)

The demand equation for Local Skiers is:

Ql = 500 – 20P; (P = 25 – 0.05Q with MR = 25 – 0.1Q)

And MC = $10 for all the skiers.

a. Suppose that White Mountain Ski Resort (WMSR) charges one price for all skiers, local as well as out of town skiers, what would be that one price? Please use two digits after dollar, say $10.52 in your answer.
b. How many local and out of town skiers would White Mountain Ski Resort be able to attract at that one price for all? Please round up you number of customers in your answer. For instance, if your answer were 105.60, round it up to 106 customers and if 83.30, round it down to 83 customers.
c. Who does WMSR attract more, local or out of town skiers at that one price for all and why?
d. Assuming that there is no fixed cost involved for simplicity, what would be total profit from that one price strategy above?
e. Would White Mountain Ski Resort be able to do better if the company chooses two different pricing strategy than one price strategy above, given the above information about its demand equations? Which part of the given information indicates that two different prices is better than one price for all. Please provide quantitative basis for your answer prior to solving this problem.
f. If the company decided to charge two different prices for local and out of town skiers, what would be the respective prices,give one price for local customers and the other for out of town customers?
g. How many local and out of town customers would WMSR be able to attract from this two tiers pricing...

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