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Who Is George Washington's Greatest Founding Father

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Out of our first five presidents, George Washington deserves the title of “America’s Greatest Founding Father” because of his contributions to the United States and possessing of personal qualities that we would expect from our leaders. George Washington was our first president and led good examples for what a true leader should have. Other presidents who were elected into officer throughout the years after his terms, took the example he set & saw him as a role model for how a president should act. With many well known historic events taking place with the greatest, george washington, you can truly see how he is our most important founding father.
George Washington had the characteristics of a leader. He was our first president with leading our country for a two term time …show more content…
Although he lost more battles than he won, Washington never gave up. With the confidence he held within himself,it had a great outcome for the making within America. Nothing led him to lose faith, creating a strong founding father. He stuck with containing 13 states during 8 of the hardest years. How can you be considered a founding father without having confidence in your country? Are you even considered a leader at that point? There were times when Washington had points of doubt, but never broke his commitment & always treasured his country knowing they could make it through anything. The commitment George washington withheld for his country was significant. While being able to hold together his 13 colonies, being the first president, fighting battles & everything A through Z, it is shown clearly how much loyalty he truly had for the United States. During the constant battles within the Revolutionary War, he risked everything, & went back home to Mount Vernon, with only his wife & the thought in his head of how accomplished he became. This type of leadership is what a true founding father should

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