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Why Did Cabeza De Vaca Survive

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Cabeza de Vaca, How did he survive?

Cabeza de vaca was a 37 years old retired military veteran whose prior veteran skills helped him lead his own expedition, after becoming separated from a conquistador named Panfilo de Narvaez.They were in search of colonization and riches. After two months, the men landed in Apalachee Bay with no treasures or food. Cabeza de Vaca survived because he could speak 4 different language. The reason I think Cabeza de Vaca survived was because he could communicate with people very well, knew how to survive when in difficult situations, and what to eat. Along with Escape Indians very well.

Cabeza de Vaca he knew how to communicate with people. He could speak four different languages, and do sign language. As …show more content…
When he went to West Mexico. He ordered his men to melt down metal and make tools to build rafter for 50 men. And when he ate a horse, he most likely used all the parts of the horse. For example he could hollow out the legs and put drinking water in them. He could eat the meat inside, or make weapons with it. Along with fire He could have boiled water on the fire and killed all the bacteria so that it was safe to drink. He could cook food on the fire. And it would keep them warm.

Last but not least I think Cabeza de Vaca was a good at escaping, for example he escaped the Native American Indians after being enslaved by them for two years. After he escaped he joined a group of native American Indians called the Charrucos. He befriended them and was given the freedom to exchange their shells for hides and flint for animal hearts. So as a result, I think Cabeza de Vaca survived because he knew how to communicate with people and gain their trust and get away.

As a conclusion Cabeza de Vaca was great at surviving because he knew what he needed to do. For example he knew that he needed to boil water to be able to drink it. Use a horse leg as a cup for water. And be cautious when eating wild berries.Most of his experience came from the military. Because he was a retired military veteran he knew how to survive in rough

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