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Why Do Gender Sports Laws Really Exist?

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Lucy tossed her luscious golden brown hair back as she made her way to the entrance of her new school. After constantly moving around the country for her dad’s work, she was happy to finally settle down in one location for a while. As she entered the school a gigantic sign caught her attention. The vibrant blue sign read “Attention! All boys sign up for sports programs here!”. Lucy sighed and pouted with disgust at the sight of this. The thought of her along with other girls not being able to join the school’s sports programs occupied her mind throughout the day. One of her biggest wishes was to play soccer, and the fact that she couldn’t do that made her feel completely distraught. Later that day, as she arrived home from school Lucy’s parents could tell that something was off about her. They could feel her sadness travel throughout the whole house. “How was your first day at school kiddo?” Lucy’s father asks as she stumbles through the front door pouting. “It was awful dad. Why do these Gender Sports laws have to exist? All I want is to join a sports team is that too much to ask for?” Lucy replied. “I know sweetie, I wish you were able to do sports too,” Lucy’s father replied.
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Lucy marched upstairs to her bedroom with her head held down. She sighed as she threw her backpack on the ground and jumped onto her bed. The blaring ringing from the phone echoed throughout the house. She could hear her parents conversing downstairs, so she curiously tiptoed downstairs to listen better. Later that night Lucy’s parents had a long talk with her. They told her that they had received a phone call from the National Gender Association. The NGA contacted Lucy’s family and other families with female children to take action against the Gender Sports laws. Lucy was ecstatic at this news, the thought of her being able to do sports made her eager to make sure that her parents worked with the

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