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Why Doesn T Germs Use Antibiotic Resistant?

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Antibiotic resistant Because of the overdose antibiotics and antibiotic animals consume humans have become immune. Germs are evolving faster than medicine can keep up trying to cure it. A polymer spray has created to stop bacteria from communicating; therefore, people will be sick less. Because animals food has antibiotics in it, humans has been over exposed. In general, antibiotic resistance have been causing people to be ill more. One cause of overexposure to medicine the effects of germs a bacteria have to resist antibiotic medicine. According to “Doctors enlisted” it won't be easy to ending antibiotic resistance. And getting the upper hand, will take more then additional stellar ship. And being immune to antibiotic roughly killed 23,000 people in the United States alone. The microbes are changing faster than the antibiotic can kill it therefore; it's turning into a fungal infection which is not curable. There must be a limit that doctors can prescribe medication so we don't overuse antibiotics so we can actually feel the effects we we need it. The people at University of Michigan and saying the there no reason to prescribe the drug if germs are going to outsmart it. …show more content…
As a result they invented and polymer spray the would stop bacteria from communicating. ‘A spray that stops states’ that this approach helps bunch the trend of overusing antibiotics. The spray’s potency is not at the mercy of evolution. This spray is used to kill all the biofilms that bacteria has on and the molecule in the is (TZI) founded by: brand wenis. This is supposed to kill any living bacteria on a surface. And this would help people form not getting sick as much and helping people to get off of antibiotics and so when they need them they can actually use

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