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Education is the ignition for releasing understanding on a level that allows one to live a healthier, happy, more productive lifestyle. Of the many benefits that are attached to an education, I chose to continue my education so that my children will have a chance to fair well in tomorrow’s society. Setting the example is a start, but building a repertoire of tools that help in the development of my children and enhance our lifestyle is what my pursuit of a graduate degree is all about. It is undoubtedly that today's world it much more competitive than it was before. These days, even with a Bachelor's degree, most people still struggle to find a career that suits their interests. I believe Masters of Business Administration program is one that provides an opportunity for students to learn and to work hard in a setting that will grow qualities essential to success in the business. Given the fact that much of the success, if not all of the success, in modern business directly related to the leadership qualities of those in charge, I feel that I will be a good fit for the program at Southern Adventist University. My life has been shaped through experiences that have provided and afforded me the opportunity to develop and exercise leadership skills. My dream is to shift to a management position in my area. In order for me to do that, extensive business administration skills are needed. The skills that I will gain in this extensive MBA program will help make my dream a reality. The Southern Adventist University offers me a convenient schedule for my busy life. I understand that this program will be a challenge and require hard work; however, my motivation to obtain a degree in Master of Business Administration will help me to get through any

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...Board of Directors, I do believe with all my heart and soul that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the course of our young nation to a better and brighter future. It is quite a disappointment to witness that more Marshallese students have stopped dreaming big. As I am writing this statement I’m witnessing Marshallese students graduating from American High Schools with close to zero interest of dreaming on going to college and getting a Bachelor, a Master degree, or even a Doctorate degree. I believe dreaming big and finishing college are an irreplaceable part of our lives, and the role that good education plays on the personal growth of our young citizens and the future growth of our small country, is a remarkable one. I am writing to you to let you know that I am one of those Marshallese out there who still has a burning desire after graduating four-year college to continue on and earn a Master degree in Business Administration. I have been accepted to Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University. I am confident that I will make it, but I will need the full financial support of your board of directors if I am going to get an MBA. Like Benjamin Franklin once said ‘An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest’. I can guarantee the Marshall Islands board of directors that once I get my MBA I will be back and be an asset to our country. I have done it before with my undergraduate degree and you can bid I will do it again. ...

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...M BArk Why should you do an MBA? It is crucial on two counts: 1. If you do qualify for a course and find yourself a complete misfit for the curriculum it would mean you are actually not cut out for the management cadre in the corporate world. So you are likely to saddle yourself with a career that makes you unhappy. 2. An MBA course is an investment both in terms of time and money hence wasting it is an offence. Moving on, let’s look at a few caricatures wherein an MBA degree can be handy: 4 The Anointed Heir who wants to hold the keys to his/her kingdom. This guy is someone like an industrialist’s son, who will have to take over the running of an existing corporate empire. 4 The Shop Floor Enthusiast who wants to sit in the gilded corporate office This guy is typically someone who has devoted many years on the shop floor (it could also be in a lab..or in sales..or in data collection), mostly a technical person who executes rather than strategises. This guy now wants to be a part of the strategic team. 4 The Intrepid Entrepreneur who wants to create an empire. This guy is someone who is all set to start his or her own business and wants to know the tools of how to do so. 4 The P o w e r S e e k e r who wants to crack the management ceiling he/she has hit because of a lack of an MBA degree. This person is typically someone who is a part of management perceived perspective. but of sees many promotions pass by him/ her due to a lack managerial of the top Most This is an invariable...

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...MGT/521 August 30, 2010 Dr. Christopher DeClerk Have someone ever told know people who want something so bad that he or she were willing to do what it take to obtain it. Meaning that it occupies their mind day and night. Pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree did this to me. This paper will show and support an argument on my decided to obtain an MBA degree. The benefits of acquiring an MBA degree include prospects for better career choices and help with achieving personal goals. This paper will use the Jungian Personality self-assessment on show my decision to continue with an MBA degree for a personal goal. Jungian Personality Self-Assessment. Jungian is a test that measures how other perceives "us.” It measures our weakness; strengths and it give us some suggestion on how we can improve ourselves. Our values, motivates, attitudes, decision-making, communication and organization skills are all different from each other. The five- factor model shows that individuals with a highest conscientiousness personality are responsible, dependable, and persistent and achievement-oriented. It states that the individuals put greater levels of effort on their job. Jungian 16-Type personality is ENFP- (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving) describes individuals as people-oriented, creative and highly optimistic. My personality is type is –A- strives to do two or more things at once. This was a true statement too. The Jungian Personality test...

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...Why I Chose to Pursue an MBA Abstract This paper will outline the reasons I chose to pursue an MBA. I will construct and support an argument for my pursuit of an MBA. I will support my decision of pursing an MBA with references and data of individuals who have written articles regarding the pursuit of an MBA for African Americans. This paper will include my Jungian results from the 16-Type Personality Insights questionnaire to see if I have the qualifications of a manager. Why I Chose to Pursue an MBA I decided to pursue an MBA to start a new career and to achieve a personal goal. I have a best friend who persuaded me to further my education. She would tell me, “Seles, this world is going to require that individuals who seek employment have a Master’s degree.” I began to think how my goal would be achieved and what university I attend. Wondering and worrying about the cost of this type of education caused me to have many sleepless nights and much stress. My concern was finding the time between allocating times with my six year-old son, working part-time as a volunteer and taking care/assisting my parents who are 70. Also my biggest issue I had was who would hire a recent graduate who is almost 50, African-American single parent of a six year-old son and who have never worked in the corporate world. So I prayed and asked GOD to authorize my pursuit of a Master’s degree. I talked with my advisor Lance Thorsen and he eased my mind and encouraged me to...

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...How can a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree take potential business men/women to the next level? An MBA is a broad degree that prepares students for high level management positions. Pursing an MBA helps gain knowledge in the business industry and further educates students in a field that they are highly passionate about. Even though an MBA is not always needed to succeed in the business industry, pursing an MBA can be very valuable because I am pursing an MBA to further my career, enhance my education, and achieve personal goals. The first important reason of why an MBA should be pursued is because it furthers careers. Pursing an MBA is something that should be taken highly. Having an MBA can open the door to a great deal of opportunities. Everyone wants to advance in his/her preferred profession. No one wants to linger in the same position creating a glass ceiling, but not many people truly know how to make their own advancement happen. Gaining an MBA can help further ones career and may increase salary. In some instances, employers may support more education and compensate for tuition costs. An MBA can also increase job security with your current job, if your employer is handling all the expenses. Joining an MBA program is a good networking opportunity and a good way to meet people and learn about other job opportunities. At the same rate, it is possible to succeed in the business industry without an MBA, but an MBA is a much broader view of the business world...

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