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Why You Should Stop Vegetarian Diet

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Wayne Harrison
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24 April 2015
Why You Should Stop Vegetarian Diet In recent years, along with a variety of "diseases of affluence" increased and the wave of slimming craze, the vegetarian diet become more and more fashion in the western countries. Is vegetarian diet really the healthiest way for health and beauty? The answer is no. Vegan/ vegetarian diet is harmful for human beings. It is obvious and scientific that the omnivores is better than vegetarian. As a meat lover, the complete negation of animal foods makes me unacceptable. Eating meat is necessary for the health of humans.
The main reason for the vegetarian supporters that they think that just eating plant is enough to stable the body healthy and functioning. But the opposite is true. The vegetarian diet may cause the micronutrient deficiencies and inadequate protein intake. Humans are omnivorous, in our lifestyle, the several of beneficial micronutrient elements are essential. No matter what kind of micronutrient elements lose; it would lead a potential danger for health. Kris Gunnars who works in Authority Nutrition claimed, “Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is the most active form of Omega-3 fatty acids and is mainly contained in animal foods. The plant form of Omega-3s, ALA, is inefficiently converted to DHA for health”(Gunnars). It means that the plants cannot provide all the nutrition for body. The vegans would lose many important micronutrient elements and nutrition. And whatever the vegetarian agree or not, the plant must needs one part of nutrients from the animals, like body or excrements. Humans are unable to support their function by eating vegetable. If the people insisted in a vegan diet for a long time, the body will suffer the many disease, like carbohydrates, protein, and fat imbalance. It is the root of various diseases.
No only the vegetarian diet would lead to increase the risk…...

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