Will Cng Power Your Next Car?

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Will CNG Power Your Next Car?

The natural gas market will go down because there are not to many cars made that can handle CNG and also there are almost know CNG gas stations when they start to rise because gas prices sky rocket. You will only see the supply curve increase when gas stations start to build CNG tanks.
The effects of increased alternative fuel will shift the demand curve because more people will be buying cars and using CNG this will make the gas more conventional and the supply will go up because the consumers will need it. Conventional gas demand will go down because less people will have cars that still run on gas it will be too expensive so you will start to see that people supply and demand will go down.
The long-term effectives of CNG will be very successful but I think it will eventually even out. It will be effective at first due to everyone getting into the craze making new tankers to contain the CNG new cars Etc. But it will even out because just like gas it starts out cheap but eventually rises and gets taxed.
Short term effectiveness will not be too effective because CNG will be on the beginning stages of growth there are not enough CNG cars out yet so if this idea was introduces to Boston Ma gas stations they would not even entertain the idea.
I believe that CNG is up and coming but we need to start with the smaller cities to show that it can happen to the larger ones once this happens you will see a positive reaction to the cities around it and that will start the trend of…...

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