Winning the Lottery

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Winning the Lottery

Winning or earning a substantial amount of money shouldn't only be used in luxury or having a high lifestyle. In the downfall of our long lasting recession that has lasted quite a while, really ought to be thought about considerably. I would choose to share it, as much as possible. So, for the lottery to even exist could be life changing to many people if anyone ever won. ever won. So, should we play the lottery? Should you be able to make a difference? Also, is the lottery really a dream come true? This is my take on what I could do and what should be done if I or someone should win the lottery.
First of all, should we play the lottery? Money literally does grow on trees, but not exactly the way we wish it to. My mother used to obsess about the lottery spending tons of money on tickets. So, when I was real little I used to tell my mother all the time that when I grow up, I'm going to win the lottery and I'm going to buy a ton of homes like Jennifer Anniston. If she could do it, then so could I. As I grew older and watched my mother spend so much money on the lottery it somewhat changed what I thought about the lottery. I felt so terrible all the time because she would go into depression from spending all her money and couldn't figure out how to pay the bills. I've asked her “what are you going to buy if you ever win?” When asked, she could never think of one thing, but of course pay off her bills. I always told her; “if you didn't spend as much money as you did playing it, you could.” It really opened her eyes about the whole concept of playing. If “you” buy the tickets, they “ gain” tons of money, so it made her think what the lottery most likely means.
Secondly, if by chance I did win the lottery. Shouldn't I be able to make a difference? People to me take advantage of winning the lottery. If I did I most definitely would make a…...