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The grade C+ is a satisfactory grade. This grade shows that the student has “basic understanding with knowledge of principles and facts at least adequate to communicate intelligently in the discipline.” After going through my performance, I suppose that this is the grade I deserve. In the semester that I just completed i.e. winter 2015, I really worked on improving my writing skills. After coming to the end of the English 1100 course, I had a much better understanding of doing research essay, knowing the difference between high school writing and writing at the university level. I have gained the knowledge that I have a capability to do good paragraphing, how to begin with your research essay and mainly, that I can block the counterarguments.
My greatest strength, I have learned, is being able to do a good paragraphing and transitions. You said to me in the beginning of the semester that “as you are an international student, this course will not be easy for you, but if you work hard, concentrate and read the essay properly you will surely pass the course.” I believe you were right and in the very first major paper I scored a C grade. As English is not my first language and this is my first course in Thompson Rivers University, I was satisfied with my result and I worked hard after that to get a better grade or at least trying to maintain my level. When I go through my essay on Patterson, which was my topic for the first major paper I lacked in arguable thesis, I have learned from my mistakes and I have tried to write a well-organized research paper. At the end of this semester I found this as my greatest strength in English 1100.
Secondly, I have also learned how to begin with your research essay. In the very beginning of the semester I had many issues related to how to start with your essay. I had faced many difficulties in it. I also got remarked for this issue...

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