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Working in Northern Canada


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GEO 605 | Northern Career Report |

Table of Contents

A Brief Overview of a Financial Advisor 2 Duties and Responsibilities of Financial Advisor 3 Career Path for Becoming a Financial Advisor 4 Steps Required for Becoming a Senior Financial/Fiscal Advisor 5 Qualifications needed to be a Senior Fiscal Advisor in the North 5 Job Platform or Potential 6 Potential Remuneration and Comparison to the North 6 Investment Opportunities for the Northern Resident 7 Works Cited 8

A Brief Overview of a Financial Advisor
As a Senior Financial Advisor the ideal candidate would have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and have at a minimum of 3-5 years of experience as a financial advisor. The steps required for becoming a financial advisor are not the same for everyone. Some students believe that achieving an undergraduate degree in Business, majoring in finance or accounting is the first step needed. By completing business commerce degree students will have a concrete foundation and be able to comprehend the theories involved in financial planning. Some employers do not necessarily require potential employees to have an undergraduate degree in business since they provide training to the successful candidate. Once completed the employee will be licensed and be able to provide financial advice. Since the requirements to become a financial advisor differ amongst employers there are no set criteria for potential employees to follow, this is why it is essential to do research into the company you desire to work with and see their requirements. Therefore, in becoming a financial advisor there are many different paths, however in order to become a Senior Financial Advisor the potential candidate will have to have experience in a financial advisor role. As a financial advisor the company will first want the employee to complete courses like the

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