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The overall objective of the field work is to provide the students an opportunity for gaining insight into the functioning of firms in the Wet Grinder Cluster in Tamil Nadu. It is hoped that the student would have discussed firm activities with the organization and departmental heads, executives, field level personnel etc. and found out about their functioning.

The report should cover the following information: * Information about the Wet Grinder Cluster * Significance of performance metrics in operations management * Difference between leading and lagging metrics * Lean tools in the Wet Grinder Cluster * Current operational and environmental performance of firms in the Wet Grinder Cluster and suggestions for improvement The following design should be adhered to maintain the quality and standard of report

a) This is to serve as a guide to the students in the presentation of research report. While the ideas, the findings and the inferences are of primary importance, their consideration by the reader depends in a large measure upon an orderly presentation. Normally there are three main parts each of which may have several sections as indicated below. The preliminaries:
i. The Title page ii. Acknowledgement iii. Table of contents iv. List of tables
v. List of figures vi. List of appendices vii. List of abbreviations used viii. Executive summary

The text composed of: i. Introduction (Introduction to the title , Profile of Wet Grinder Cluster, Significance / Importance of the Study ,Objectives , Scope , Limitations) ii. Review of Literature iii. Methodology iv. Analysis and interpretation v. Findings and Inference vi. Recommendations / Suggestions

The reference matter composed of:
i. Appendix ii. References (APA Format)

b) In addition to the above, the following standards are required to be maintained throughout the project report
i) Font: Times New Roman ii)Font Size: Heading 12 pts Body Text 11 Pts iii)Paragraph:1.5 Spacing iv)Margin:1.5’ all the sides

Students are requested to create an electronic report and submit it by email latest by Sep 7, 2015. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

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