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Critical Thinking Assignment

Part One:
The origin of life can be confusing because Hindus worship many gods and have many sects. However, Hindus all believe in Braham and see him as God. They believe he is impersonal and an impersonal force. (Halverson p.1) Hindus believe that God and the universe are the same. (Weider/Gutierrez p.65) (Hindson/Caner p.265)
Hindus believe that all life form is manifested from God. Hindus often worship plants and animals because they are a source of food. “Mankind should not be viewed or valued as superior in species”. (Weider/Gutierrez p.66) “Humans and animals have a similar essence and should be regarded as partnership in search of eternal oneness”. (Weider/Gutierrez p.67)
The Hindu religion has four goals in the meaning/purpose of life. Pleasure, wealth, harmony and liberation. The first two consume the individual as it causes evil and suffering. The other two fulfill the individual. True salvation is to abandon the evil desires (pleasure and wealth) and become liberated (moksha). (Hindson/Caner p.263)
Hindus believe that they should release all evil desires and egos and therefore they live through spiritual practices. Yoga, mental discipline and good deeds to all life forms. (Hindson/Carner p.264) Hindus believe in karma and by doing good deeds you receive good karma.
Hindus believe in reincarnation, which is where you are born again in a new different body. (Merriam-Webster) Life is an illusion and to end the cycle of reincarnation one but eliminate all desires. You can do this by doing good deeds which leads to good karma and climbing the ladder of existence, ultimately wanting to reach Nirana. (Weider/Gutierrez p.69) (Hinderson/Caner p.263)
Part Two:
Hinduism much like Christianity both believe in God and that god created them. However, the biblical/Christian worldview goes into more detail on how we were created. Christians believe in one God and Hindus believe in hundreds of thousands of Gods.
The difference in Hindu and Christian identity question is our treatment of animals. The biblical/Christian worldview believes that man is rule over earth, therefore is over animals where Hindus worship animals and plants. However, we both agree that plants and animals were placed on earth as a source of food.
Hindus believe that God is impersonal and has no force on their life. Hindus receive salvation through overcoming evil desires and reaching liberation. Christians believe that we can only receive salvation through Jesus Christ by having a personal relationship with him.
Hindus believe in spiritual practices to earn greatness like yoga, mental disciple and doing good deeds. They live a good life to have good karma and move up the ladder of existence. Christians believe that morals is based upon what the bible says about sin and that sin separates man from God.
Hindus believe they should achieve good karma by doing good deeds and they then will end the cycle of reincarnation and therefore reach Nirana. Christians believe that we can spend eternity in heaven if we have forgiveness of our sin and reconcile with God or we can be separated from him for eternity in hell. In Hinduism if u do something bad you receive bad karma where is Christianity you receive forgiveness. Both these worldviews believe that how you live on earth will affect how you spend eternity.

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