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Worshipping in Christianity


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Download the latest Masqueraders2 spreadsheet file from your Edmodo Backpack, open it and use the instructions below to continue your work. REMEMBER TO SAVE THE SPREADSHEET AS YOU COMPLETE EACH NUMBERED TASK.


1. Save Masqueraders2 as Masqueraders3 2. Perform the instructions at (a) to (c) on your SBA project sheet. 3. To perform instruction (d) do the following: a. In the first section, highlight from the First Name or Last Name column heading (whichever comes first) to the Total Payment (US$) heading then down to the second to last row. b. Access the Data menu i. Select Sort ii. Select Total Payment JA$ from the drop-down list beside ‘Sort by’. iii. Select Descending (i.e. Largest to Smallest) then OK. c. Repeat steps (a) and (b) (i) – (iii) for the second section. 4. To perform instruction (e) do the following: a. In the third section, highlight from the First Name or Last Name column heading (whichever comes first) to the Total Payment (JA$) heading then down to the second to last row. b. Access the Data menu i. Select Sort ii. Select Last Name from the drop-down list beside ‘Sort by’. iii. Select Ascending (i.e. A to Z). iv. Click the ‘Add Level’ button v. Select Total Payment (JA$) from the drop-down list beside ‘Then by’. vi. Select Ascending (i.e. Smallest to Largest) then OK. c. Repeat steps (a) and (b) (i) – (v) for the fourth section. 5. To perform instruction (f) do the following: a. Highlight the summary table. b. Insert Chart c. Select either a bar or column chart. d. Give your chart an appropriate title. (This would be the purpose of the chart as stated in the instruction on your SBA project sheet. Do NOT begin title with words such as “The”). e. Label the x-axis and y-axis appropriately. f. Place the

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...[pic]East West University ENG102 Term Paper: Concept of God Course Title : Composition & Communication Skills Section : 04 Submitted to : Farhana Farid Senior Lecturer Department of English Submitted by : Mahmudul Haque ID: 2008-2-10-049 Concept of God Whenever we get into any trouble, especially when we face it alone, and feel helpless, we remember and want help from someone, someone very powerful. Again, when we commit any crime, we feel guilty from our conscious mind but we also get a little frightened that someone is watching and that we will have to pay the cost of our actions to that someone. This super power being is God who is called by different names in different tribes but the concept is somewhat similar. For example, one thing common in all the Major Religions of the world is that the God they worship, they believe He is the same God for them as well as for the others. Initially, we will discuss the concept of God in major religions. First we will try to see the concept from the angle of the general followers of those religions. Then we will try to get a general concept according to the authentic sources of those religions. Concept of God in Hinduism: Hinduism is not actually the name of the religion. It is a geographical name but the British put this name forward for the religion to make a division. The actual name for the religion is ‘Veda’ or ‘Brahmanism’. It is a Non-Semitic, Aryan, Vedic religion...

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...changes in religious attitudes during the second and the third centuries. It describes the hardship the Christians experienced in the second and third centuries. Theory/Concepts: The Romans had many gods, and they had their executive deities. The Greek and the Romans had parallel gods with different names. An example is Jupiter identical to Juno and Minerva correspondent to Athena in Greek (216:2). None of these gods claimed single domination on truth and individuals were allowed to serve several of them at the same time. The worship of these gods increased loyalty of different groups of people and not a lot of people disagreed to addition of new gods (216:17). The Jews, later identified as Christians did not condone the act of worshipping other gods apart from God. The Romans knew this, and they excused Christians from participating in other cults (217:2). The Romans worshiped the gods mainly due to social and political influence; most of the cults did not guarantee anything against death, sickness or any sort of liberation after life (217:21). The Egyptian philosopher Plotinus made the principle of a “single one” known to most people. He described the single one as “the infinite, unknowable, and the unapproachable except through a mystical experience” (218:3). The Christians were able to help some Romans convert in the period of increased receptivity in religion. The Christian God was not comparable to the Greek or Roman gods, their God was the one God, and the founder...

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