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Wound Healing Activity of Tawatawa

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➢ Refreshment by means of some pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like. Macquarie Dictionary

➢ Any form of play, amusement, etc. used for refreshment of body or mind. Collins Australian Pocket English Dictionary

➢ Simply defined, recreation refers to experiences and activities chosen and pursued by the individual in his/her free time; the basis being that the experience sought and activities pursued, in the real sense of the word, 're-creates' the individual so that he/she may be refreshed to enable him/her to resume daily obligations, whatever those may be. John Ap (1986) Recreation trends and implications for government. In R. Castle, D. Lewis & J. Mangan (eds) Work, Leisure and Technology. Melbourne, Longman Cheshire,167-83 ( p. 167).

➢ Recreation consists of an activity or experience, usually chosen voluntarily by the participant, either because of the immediate satisfaction to be derived from it, or because he perceives some personal or social values to be achieved by it. It is carried on in leisure time, and has no work connotations, such as study for promotion in a job. It is usually enjoyable and when it is carried on as part of organized or community services, it is designed to meet constructive and socially worthwhile goals of the individual participant, the group and society at large. Richard Kraus (1966) Recreation Today: Program Planning and Leadership. Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice-Hall, p. 7.

Objectives and Importance of Recreation:

We all need a break from work; we need to break from our mundane routine and refresh ourselves by indulging in recreational activities. Recreation is meant to serve as a relaxing break from our hectic schedule; it is meant to serve as the means to rejuvenate ourselves.

For some, it means traveling to the wilds, while...

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Wound Healing Activity of Tawatawa

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