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Have you ever had someone tell you what or what not to do in your life, even though you felt that you should take a completely different path? Well my name is Lindsee and I am going to tell you about how I’ve dealt with this for the past year and a half. Just to give you my relationship timeline in a nutshell: I met Brett in August of 2012. Two weeks after we met he went to boot camp and training for the Marine Corps. That was six long months of barely seeing each other or talking. We wrote many letters and talked as much as we could, which was not a lot at all. He came home in March, in June he found out he was deploying to Afghanistan some time soon, and proposed to me in July. After debating possibilities for a few days, we decided to get married before he left. We planned an entire wedding and were married two weeks after the engagement. We got to have a week and a half of married life before he had to leave. So for the next few minutes I would like to tell you how we overcame the criticism, what life is like being married to a Marine at such a young age, and what I would do differently if I could rewind time. Brett was in boot camp for 3 months, with no communication except for snail mail. After that he went to more training, and then to schooling. Six months of almost no communication outside of letters. You can believe that people were calling me insane for being so devoted to a guy I knew for two weeks before he left. I was told it wouldn’t last, he would be different when he came home, Marines are all the same, blah blah blah. After he got home and we were stronger than ever, people began to slow down on the criticism. However, as soon as he proposed the facebook posts and text messages telling us we were throwing our lives away began. Engaged at 19, never been to college, deploying to Afghanistan for 9 months soon?! It will never work. We were judged, people thought we just did it because I was pregnant or a gold digger. We were called names, lost a lot of friends, etc. all in one week. When we decided to get married it was even worse. That’s when his brother and wife went to Disney World for a week. You see, they were my backbones at this time. I NEEDED them. They came home 2 days before my wedding and I was furious with them. I felt they left me. My brother in law brought this in to my room and said “Lindsee, you are a princess. And you deserve to be treated as such. People will ALWAYS tell you what to do in your life, but you need to write your own fairytale.” This was the cake topper at my wedding. Through the distance, the criticism, the loss of friends, Brett and I never gave up. We pushed on and our love grew. We were not going to let words and opinions bring us down. As you could probably assume, being married at 19 years old is a very scary thing. Especially when you are just dating someone, and then 2 weeks later you’re married to him. When you add a deployed Marine in Afghanistan to that story, it gets extremely frightening. The thing I hate most is when someone comes to me and tells me that I chose this life, or that I signed up for it. I don’t think any woman CHOOSES to watch her life walk out of the door, with no idea when you might hear from him or see him again. Nothing is certain when it comes to the military. Coming from a girl who has ALWAYS needed plans laid out for her, THAT is not something I would choose. I chose the man. I chose my husband. And I would wait a lifetime if I had to. Thank God I don’t! When he was in boot camp I remember hearing this quote: “What’s a few months, to a lifetime together?” Of course it’s also hard because most girls my age are out partying, flirting, having a good time. But I’m at home, or at work, paying bills or cleaning, never letting my phone leave my sight. It’s hard not having anyone who understands what you’re going through. Finally, the question that I get asked surprisingly often, what would you do if you could go back? This can’t be what you expected when you got married. Do you wish you would have waited? You grew up way too fast! Don’t you want to be like your friends and have a LIFE? When I married Brett people would always say “well, sometimes you just can’t tell someone anything. She will learn her lesson on her own.” Sometimes I would fear that people were right. What if one day I looked back and decided I wanted a huge princess wedding, instead of the small back yard family wedding? What if I messed up and change my mind? Well when Brett and I were in Gatlinburg right after we got married I found this and realized that it described perfectly what I would do if I could rewind time. I won’t read the whole thing, but it says “ I Would Marry You Again.” When I read this poem, tears formed in my eyes. I would not change a single thing about my life. So what if I grew up fast. So what if my husband is in Afghanistan. So what if people judge me and call me insane. I am happier than I have ever been. I love and support my husband, and I longingly await the day he returns. But like I said before, I would wait a lifetime for a love like this. And without hesitation, I would marry him again. So with all that being said, the point I want to leave you with today is that YOU need to write your OWN story. Don’t let people bring you down. Don’t let people make decisions for you. So what if it’s crazy! If it’s what you believe is right, then go for it. Take chances. Anything is possible and anything can happen.

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