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Youtube: Who's To Blame?

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Is it social medias fault that kids are putting their lives in danger? Or is it our faults? Since January 1,2018, the American Association of poison control center has received more than 170 reports of teens poisoned as a result of ingesting laundry detergent packets. Kids are filming themselves doing dangerous stunts to get famous online, and many kids are getting hurt in the process. Some people think that social media sites like YouTube are to blame. Others think its kids and teens fault for doing dangerous stunts to get famous. Others thinks its not social media because teens are risking their lives just to become famous. Its not social media fault because people are risking their lives for them getting famous. People are going …show more content…
“Their brains tell them to. During adolescence, the area of your brain that seeks pleasure and reward is well developed.” Its not YouTube fault that its teens is going to the ER because they where doing a challenge to post on YouTube. Teens and kids are risking their lives just to become famous. Kids and teens have been risking their lives before YouTube.

People been doing dangerous stuff before social medias and other things to watch have been made. Teens and kids have been doing dangerous things before YouTube. Teens and kids are trying to get famous by doing dangerous and life risking events by YouTube. The challenges of the years are getting worse and worse overtime. The challenges of 2018 are life risking to kids and teens. The challenges of getting famous are putting teens and kids into the ER and hospitals.

Others argue that although tougher rules might help keep people safe, such rules would also infringe on the right of users. YouTube rules should be tougher for teens and kids that are doing the challenges so they wont get hurt. Kids are filming themselves doing dangerous stunts to get famous online, and many kids are getting hurt in the process. If they rules were strict, kids and teens wouldn't be doing the dares and challenges that putting them into the hospital and risking their lives just for them to become

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