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The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is India's leading stock exchange covering various cities and towns across the country. NSE was set up by leading institutions to provide a modern, fully automated screen-based trading system with national reach. The Exchange has brought about unparalleled transparency, speed & efficiency, safety and market integrity. It has set up facilities that serve as a model for the securities industry in terms of systems, practices and procedures.

NSE has played a catalytic role in reforming the Indian securities market in terms of microstructure, market practices and trading volumes. The market today uses state-of-art information technology to provide an efficient and transparent trading, clearing and settlement mechanism, and has witnessed several innovations in products & services viz. demutualisation of stock exchange governance, screen based trading, compression of settlement cycles, dematerialisation and electronic transfer of securities, securities lending and borrowing, professionalisation of trading members, fine-tuned risk management systems, emergence of clearing corporations to assume counterparty risks, market of debt and derivative instruments and intensive use of information technology.
Our Mission
NSE's mission is setting the agenda for change in the securities markets in India. The NSE was set-up with the main objectives of: * establishing a nation-wide trading facility for equities, debt instruments and hybrids, * ensuring equal access to investors all over the country through an appropriate communication network, * providing a fair, efficient and transparent securities market to investors using electronic trading systems, * enabling shorter settlement cycles and book entry settlements systems, and * meeting the current international standards of securities markets.
The standards set by NSE...

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