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Southern New Hampshire University Final Paper on Zodiac Killer
Daphne Bartlett
Criminal Investigations
06 -15- 2014 Professor Amanda Perkins

The Serial Killer When looking at serial killers you will see that there are actually three different types they are the thrill seeker who enjoys the thrill of outsmarting the police officers and feel that it is a game ,they feel the need to taunt the police by sending different messages to the investigating officers the next type is the mission type of serial killer who is under the impression that he is doing society a favor by killing off certain people and lastly there is the power and control serial killer who gets their enjoyment from their victims fear and terror that he or she inflicts onto the victims a serial killer is a person who kills three or more people with a cooling off period. When looking at a lot of the serial killers they all have a certain vistomology or victim profiling. It is also said that some of the serial killers have a personal link to the victims or the victims all live in the same area and are somehow related or connected, For Example the ages the physical attributions as well as their occupations and including their personal lives. The Zodiac Killers victims are all completely separated and are not related in any way they were all randomly sought out by him so this made it extremely difficult to compile a list of suspects. (Montaldo, 2014) According to all of the unsolved cases that are out there the Zodiac Killer is known to be of the greatest cases out there. It seems like what we thought to be random and brutal killing turned out to be a whole string of horrific killings that would reach over 2500 suspects in this case as well as the 56 possible victims that the police were aware of and the investigation actually extended over 400 miles; By looking at all of the evidence that was given to the police and the victims you can tell that the Zodiac Killer was real fond of the power and control that he had over his victims as well as being intelligent and he really had no specific victomology. Being that he had this certain type of serial killer I would not give him the satisfaction of being in control and make it hard for him to decide on a victim. By not putting his letters in the press that he had sent to the police. The power and control that he got from the killings made him commit the crimes over and over again. According to the police investigation that was being done he had all of the investigating officers in somewhat of a panic because of all of the numerous samples of evidence that he left at each of the crime scenes. And with all of this evidence the killer was never apprehended. It is said that the Zodiac Killer had actually sent three different letters to three different newspapers which included the San Francisco Chronicle as well as the San Francisco Examiner and finally the Vallejo Times and he made the threats that if his letters were not put on the front pages of the papers, he would then open a killing frenzy until he had killed over 12 people. (, 2014). The Zodiac Killer had exclaimed that he thought that doing all of this killing was a lot of fun to him that he was going to start collecting people to be his slaves in the afterlife. He also exclaimed that he would never give his name out because this would definitely slow him of his progress. So how did the Zodiac Killer become such an unattainable killer it could be his high rate of intelligence because to be able to provide so much evidence to the police at each crime scene as well as all of the letters that were almost impossible to figure out gives the police the impression that the Zodiac Killer is a very clever as well as a diabolical person. He must have been smart to never be apprehended by the police. In order to be an affective investigator in the case of the Zodiac Killer I would recruit as many investigators and criminalistics people that I could so that I could have enough people to investigate and to process the crime scenes and look over all of the evidence at each of the attacks. (Ramsland, 2014) As well as these people I would recruit the DNA Labs to process evidence as it is being collected. I might even get the FBIs Criminal Profilers involved to give us a idea of the type of criminal that we are looking for. With a good profile it will be easier to investigate the murders .But I would only bring them in after I have come to the conclusion that I would not be able to complete the investigation without them .Usually after the third victim is found and it is thought that there is a serial killer which there was the Zodiac Killer. At the time where myself and my team that I have put together all of the evidence we will sit down and decide what would be the best way to investigate the murders without causing the Zodiac Killer to get upset and retaliate by killing more victims. (Killers, 2014). First we would go over the evidence that was left at the different crime scenes by the Zodiac Killer these included all of the clues that were in his letters as well as a piece of bloody shirt that came from his victim named Paul Stine all of this was sent to be analyzed .The police also found numerous palm and fingerprints at each of the crime scenes. He also left pieces of himself such as blood and skin tissues and finally he left hair. All of which was sent for analysis. We would then go over the actual physical description that we were given this included the fact that he was thought to be a chubby man but not of the overweight stature, he was a white male with light brown curly hair his height was considered to be of average height and he always had a pair of dark almost black glasses secured by a black band on his head. (Investigations, 2007)The reporting part of the investigation would be when I presented all of my finding s to my superiors as well as to the District Attorney and the Grand Jury judge in order to obtain a arrest warrant for the Zodiac killer which in time when his identity was found it could be used to bring him into custody. Then in turn when he is being tried for his crimes it is up to the prosecution to completely prove without a shadow of a doubt that this man indeed committed the murders and that they have the right man through the evidence of DNA and fingerprints. The Zodiac Killer is known to be one of the most greatest set of murders that is to this day still unsolved, the killer thought that with his power that he had over the police that he could make fun of the police and assuming that they were eating right out of the palm of his hand, He had a thrill and an urge to kill, that, who he murdered, who he chose as his victims really didn't matter to him. What we can assume was his intelligence resulted in him to never be caught and as well to still be an unsolved mystery today. The Zodiac Killer was a man that went around killing unsuspected people as if it were a game. He would write letters to the police and local newspapers. He would make phone calls to the police within hours of his murders. The Zodiac was believed to being a man that just wanted to see his name is the paper. But what we can point out even if our theories are inaccurate is that he was a sadistic and immoral man. IN all of the law enforcement field there are going to be advancements in the technological ways that we investigate all crimes and I hope that they finally come up with a new technique in obtaining and processing evidence that would ensure that all criminals are brought to justice.

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