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Final Paper on Zodiac Killer
Daphne Bartlett
Criminal Investigations
06 -15- 2014
Professor Amanda Perkins

The Serial Killer

When looking at serial killers you will see that there are actually three different types they are the thrill seeker who enjoys the thrill of outsmarting the police officers and feel that it is a game ,they feel the need to taunt the police by sending different messages to the investigating officers the next type is the mission type of serial killer who is under the impression that he is doing society a favor by killing off certain people and lastly there is the power and control serial killer who gets their enjoyment from their victims fear and terror that he or she inflicts onto the victims a serial killer is a person who kills three or more people with a cooling off period. When looking at a lot of the serial killers they all have a certain vistomology or victim profiling. It is also said that some of the serial killers have a personal link to the victims or the victims all live in the same area and are somehow related or connected, For Example the ages the physical attributions as well as their occupations and including their personal lives. The Zodiac Killers victims are all completely separated and are not related in any way they were all randomly sought out by him so this made it extremely difficult to compile a list of suspects. (Montaldo, 2014)
According to all of the unsolved cases that are out there the Zodiac Killer is known to be of the greatest cases out there. It seems like what we thought to be random and brutal killing turned out to be a whole string of…...

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... paper. But what we can point out even if our theories are inaccurate is that he was a sadistic and immoral man. IN all of the law enforcement field there are going to be advancements in the technological ways that we investigate all crimes and I hope that they finally come up with a new technique in obtaining and processing evidence that would ensure that all criminals are brought to justice. Bibliography Biography.com, T. (2014, 6 8). Bio. Retrieved from Zodiac Killer.: http://www.biography.com/people/zodiac-killer-236027#case-remains-unsolved&awesm=~oGDmPpsSJRE9Dc Investigations, F. B. (2007, 3 2). The FBI . Retrieved from The Zodiac Killer: http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2007/march/zodiac_030207 Kelleher, M. (2012, 10 14). The Zodiac Revisited. Retrieved from Symbolism and the Zodiac Killer: http://zodiacrevisited.com/symbolism-and-the-zodiac-killer/ Killers, F. S. (2014). The Zodiac Killers – Famous Serial Killers. Retrieved from The Zodiac Killers – Famous Serial Killers: http://socyberty.com/crime/the-zodiac-killers-famous-serial-killers/ Montaldo, C. (2014, 6 8). About.comCrime. Retrieved from The Zodiac Killer: http://crime.about.com/od/history/a/zodiackiller.htm MOYER, J. (1969, 11 11). Morning Mix. Retrieved from And the Zodiac Killer is …: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/05/14/and-the-zodiac-killer-is/ Solutions, S. (2014, 06 8). Zodiologists.com. Retrieved from Zodiac Killer Profile - Introduction:......

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