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    History The program of study English Literature, Faculty of Humanities University of Brawijaya stems from the establishment of English Language Laboratory UB in 1973. The Language Laboratory serves as the medium of English education to prepare UB faculty in continuing their studies abroad. With the Rector's Decree No. 026 / SK / 1986, the English Language Laboratory-1 Diploma courses of English in 1986. The English Language Laboratory Unit then turned into English in 1993 (Rector's Decree No. 036

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    What Literature Means to Me

    thinking about what literature means to me, all that come to mind are the English portions of the SATs and the STAR tests where I remember falling asleep in the middle of reading a passage and then waking up, hoping I’ll know the answer to the question, "What was the author's mood in the story?" It never really made sense to me as to why such questions were important or relevant in a writing class. In fact, before I looked it up, I never knew that there was a difference between literature and writing. Isn't

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    Elie Wiesel's Approach To Literature

    was my approach to literature. Close reading, formalism. Staying close, very close, to the text. I was certain. Certainty, however, proved rather unstable. I knew it was important not to close myself off from other approaches to literature, so when I returned to Swarthmore from Grenoble, I took two courses which I knew would be highly theoretical-Women Writers 1790-1830 and Feminist Literary Criticism. These courses brought me around to a kind of hybrid approach to literature which I

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    Literature Through Time

    Literature Through Time Literature depicts the morals of time it shift and morphs into less power in the divine and more faith in man. Stories began being written by monks and the clergy which in time turned into regular men with stores that focused on more secular matters. English literature fills up the gap between wars, between societal change, you can see time progressing, you can see our values and morals changing, you can see history passing by. In the beginning there was Bede, a philosopher

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    Old english literature Beowulf, a typical example of Old English poetry, is regarded today as the national epic of the Anglo-Saxons. However, the hero and the setting of Beowulf have nothing to do with England, for the story took place in Scandinavia. Beowulf describes the exploits of a Scandinavian hero, Beowulf, in fighting against the monster Grendel, his revengeful mother, and a fire-breathing dragon. In these sequences Beowulf is shown not only as a glorious hero but also as a protector of

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    Asion Philosophy Paper

    Asian Philosophy and Literature ENG/301 February 1, 2015 Jacob Kolander Asian Philosophy and Literature Asian American literature flourished mostly after the 1930’s and a significant rise came after the 1970’s when Maxine Hong Kingston published several of her books. Asian literature did not emerge earlier as Asian scholars and diplomats were not brought to America; individuals that did come into this new land were solely to work on railroads or mines. This literature mostly refers to the

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    Exit Assignment

    wonder, “Why exactly do I need to take a Literature class again? I have already taken English, isn’t that good enough?” At times the two classes might be confused as the same thing, yet in fact they are quite different. Literature is defined as “The body of written works of a language, period or culture.” and English is just simply “ A course or individual class in the study of English language, literature, or composition.” As students we study literature in order to unlock or discover a portion

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    Literature and the Individual in Early Modern Masterpieces

    Literature and the Individual in Early Modern Masterpieces John Milton was a unique individual with the artistic ability to write various forms of literature in several different languages that catered to a wide scope of genres. Milton had a profound impact on the English language because of his contributions to the English dialect (Crace, 2008). Milton was a devout protestant that was not afraid to show his dedication to his beliefs regarding religion and his civil rights, even if it meant casting

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    Academic Performance

    2.3 Ways of Improving the Performance of English and Literature among Students in Secondary Schools For a long time, motivation is generally involved with English as foreign language teachers and researchers have been attempting to sustain students’ motivation in learning English by knowing their English learning motivation types and factors which influence their supporting motivation in the long process of English and literature learning is still in requirement of investigation (Lei, 2012). If

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    Short Story

    Word count: 803 Setting up My Expectations: Life after College My days in college as an English language student made me recognize the best things about literature and the art of writing. It was soul enriching, whenever I read various literary texts or critiques, and discovered some established writers in the country where I live. These writers all had something in common: They were humbled by their respective experiences of achieving success in an industry where writers are now less valued

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