Challenges Facing The Fashion Industry In

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    Challenges Facing the Fashion Industry in Ghana

    TO THE STUDY The environment in which the fashion industry operates the world over has become turbulent, unpredictable and therefore, difficult to exert managerial control. Cultures around the world are constantly influencing each other; hence, the world’s cultures are changing fashion constantly. Also, social, economic, political and legal factors keep changing than before. Competition in the fashion industry is so rife such that the survival of fashion organizations cannot be guaranteed (Stuart

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    Is the Contemporary Uk Fashion Industry Sustainable?

    Is the Contemporary UK Fashion Industry Sustainable? The sustainability of the fashion industry is one of the major concerns facing many stakeholders in the sector. The UK fashion industry is increasingly facing a wide range of sustainability issues ranging from wastes generation due to increased production of fashion products to the use of toxic materials in the production of fashion items. In addition, the industry has also been faced with the problem of the growing problem of widespread use

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    Fashion That Sells

    Challenges FacIng The Fashion Industry In Ghana CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The environment in which the fashion industry operates the world over has become turbulent, unpredictable and therefore, difficult to exert managerial control. Cultures around the world are constantly influencing each other; hence, the world’s cultures are changing fashion constantly. Also, social, economic, political and legal factors keep changing than before. Competition in the fashion industry is so rife

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    The Future of Fashion

    TEACHING MODULE THE FUTURE OF FASHION DECEMBER 2010 This teaching module was independently written by the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program with the generous support of THE FUTURE OF FASHION: SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH THE LENS OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY* By: Jennifer Johnson & Gina Wu Companies across all industries are facing the challenges of business sustainability, debating how best to address these risky issues while also embracing their opportunities for competitive advantage

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    Topshop Marketing Plan

    Marketing Plan Executive summary This marketing plan examines the case of TOPSHOP as a UK’s fast-fashion retailer. The following marketing plan is structured according the SOSTAC framework. Topshop is operating under the parental Arcadia Group. Over the latest years, Topshop has been one of the most popular UK’s fast-fashion retailers. The company is a multinational Omni-channel fashion retailer. Topshop is well-known for its high-quality products in medium low prices. The company’s portfolio

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    Walt Disney

    know that their dreams can be possibilities. From Disney’s onset in 1983, it has experienced unprecedented success in its productions, until recently when it began facing challenges that have hindered their optimum growth. These challenges and the solutions are proposed and explored in this paper. The first major challenge Disney faces are that its characters are no longer appealing to the current generation. In this case, characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh which were

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    geographic region, province or state which lets nations to trade freely and effectively between themselves with no fear of being financially penalised. The retail fashion industry is facing the same issues as other industries and outsourcing, intellectual property and piracy are challenges that they have to address. Nowadays, majority of fashion companies are relocating clothing manufacturing in countries such as China, Taiwan, India or some other cheaper cost manufacturing nations; even the biggest

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    Ethical Fashion

    2.1.1 Understanding the importance of fashion industry Introduction 2.1.2 Examine the innovations of fashion communication Introduction 2.1.3 Evaluate the scope and challenges with fashion ethical issues Introduction 2.1.4 Study the future prospect of fashion marketing Introduction 3.0 Chapter 3 Introduction 3.1 Case study 4.0 Chapter 4 Conclusion 1.0 Chapter 1 Introduction Fashion is a general term for a trendy style, most

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    and innovation into their operations. The report will also discuss challenges that the business is facing to sustain a competitive edge and how Asos organizational culture foster creativity and innovation in the workplace. To finalize the report a comprehensive conclusion will be discussed whether creativity and innovation play an important role in economic competitiveness of advanced economies. “ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retailer and offers on the website over 50,000

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    Sustainable Stella

    Sustainable Design Case Study on Fashion designer, Stella McCartney. • Stella McCartney would always touch on an element of a sustainable or eco collection in everything she did. • In her lingerie collection, she had a part of the collection that was organic, or with her Adidas collaboration again there were organic materials or recycled materials in the bags or shoes, and every part of her design at some stage comes into contact with that. • She wanted to isolate the collection and in itself

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    Mary Quant: a Woman Who Completed Women and the Youth Culture

    wave of feminism, more liberated life styles for women, erupted across the Western countries. New definitions of youth and femininity were epitomized through fashion typically created by Mary Quant, a British fashion designer. She had not only helped translating a generation of women, but also helped the failing British fashion industry into a thriving commercialism. Mary Quant was born in London, 1934. She studied illustration at Goldsmith College of Art and met her future husband, Alexander

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    Fashion Channel

    Case Description The Fashion Channel (TFC) was a widely available cable niche network, reaching 80 million U.S. households. It offers only fashion-oriented programming 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. TFC didn’t have any detailed segmentation and positioning strategy. It attempted to appeal to as broad a group as possible in order to have the highest ratings. It was very successful until other regular network, such as CNN and Lifetime began to emulate its concept and take market share of it.

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    1. Describe the 3 different Cloud Services available to corporations today? The cloud is in huge transformation in the business industry that increases the compute capacity and networking capacities. The computer industry is growing in an up-to-date fashion and therefore, cloud computation is the latest fashion that is changing rapidly and it is very difficult to understand cloud and its different offers or services in the corporation world. As Andrew McAfee has focused three important services

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    Chabot Wallpapaer

    1. Introduction - What are the major issues and problems facing Chabot? Background – current situation – future plan - challenges confronted – problems need to be solved Chabot is facing a lot of issues and problems in the wallpaper industry. As the number of wallpaper manufacturers is highly decreasing over last years the competition among remaining companies becomes fiercer. Some manufacturers face difficulties supplying large and powerful retailers. So does Chabot as a privately owned, small

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    Report on Giant Textile

    1.Introduction The Bangladesh Textile Industry has an overwhelming presence in the economic life of the country. Apart from providing one of the basic necessities of life, the textile industry also plays a pivotal role through its contribution to industrial output, employment generation, and the export earnings of the country. In Bangladesh’s current scenario, textile industry is facing more challenges (cotton and yarn price fluctuation, effluent treatment

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    Honda Pestel Analysys

    Honda pestel analysis Political We facing difficulty with the actual production of ours cars e.g. a lot of countries and governments are cutting down the amount to cars on the road that release toxic gasses in the atmosphere. Which means we are affected politically by government legislation as a cut on amount of cars on the road would decrease the amount of demand for ours cars which will affect sales of the company. 1. Economical 2. Downturn

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    White Paper

    ----------3 3. Facing more and more rivals-----------------------------------4 4. The way of people do make-up is changing---------------4 5. Be ahead of other rivals and acquiring the 3D printer----5 6. Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------5 7. References-----------------------------------------------------------6 Abstract MAC is a world wide cosmetic company that was once the leader of the beauty and fashion industry. The beauty industry is favorable and

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    Benefits of Mass Customization

    proposal for customized jeans that they hope will help them regain a differentiation edge.  This is a short case and can be used as a short (30 minutes) discussion in tandem with a lecture, or, because students will usually be very familiar with the industry and it presents some quantitative tasks, the case can also work in an 80 minute block.     Objectives   1. Students gain experience in analyzing a company's differentiation advantage. 2. Students will assess the potential threats to

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    E-Commerce Boom in India

    internet user base of about 250.2 million as of June 2014.[1][2] Thepenetration of e-commerce is low compared to markets like the United States and the United Kingdom but is growing[3] at a much faster rate with a large number of new entrants.[4] The industry consensus is that growth is at an inflection point.[5] Unique to India (and potentially to other developing countries), cash on delivery is a preferred payment method. India has a vibrant cash economy as a result of which 80% of Indian e-commerce

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    Apple Product

    also guard the possible threat. Now, the largest threat which Apple is facing is how to develop itself after the Steve Jobs era. Facing this challenge, the best practice for Apple is realizing the pressure and keeping in step with the times. People generally believe that Steve Jobs is the foundation and the driving force of Apple's innovation culture. It is Jobs who bring Apple from the brink of collapse to a global industry leader and one of the most respected brands. From Apple's perspective,

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    “Inditex: 2012” (Harvard Business School 9 – 713-539 – Published on June 3, 2013)

    when there is little if any brand loyalty. Looking at several multi-brand companies, I can see that most exist in the B2C industries such as Inditex at hand but also for example Proctor & Gamble (FMCG), L’Oréal (cosmetics), Volkswagen (automotive) as well as Pfizer (pharma). Companies in B2C industries pay more attention to market segmentation than companies in B2B industries. Market segmentation is a good way to increase the company’s influence to consumers who make purchasing decisions based on

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    Abercrombie and Fitch

    Abercromie & Fitch Abercrombie and Fitch Co. (« A&F ») is an international fashion retailer selling apparel, fragance and luxury products to young customers. The brand describes itself as « casual luxury ». They developed a strong brand image based on provocative communication and specific in-store experience that fits with the cool lifestyle it promotes. However, sales have been dropping for years and do not seem to be going in the future. In 2013, the firm closed about 220 mall stores

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    New Heritage Doll Company Case

    projects in order to expand its business while the doll industry was facing a relatively low growth rate. The first proposal is the Match My Doll Clothing line expansion, which is to expand a new clothing product line aimed at matching doll and child clothing and accessories covering all four seasons. While it has potential benefits with the current fashion trend of dressing the same between dolls and children, the New Heritage is facing a challenge of entering a new field and the doubt of being continuable

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    The Role of Globalization of Social Construction of Youth Culture

    cultural globally. The theoretical perspective such as post-modernism will be explored to provide a depth understanding of cultural studies. Altogether, this discussion examines the impact of globalization on communication technology and music and fashion industry of youth culture by observing different perspective of youths from both developed and developing nations. Youth is defined as a person who is no longer considered as child and not yet recognized as an adult (Bourn, 2008). Youth culture is

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    Company Analysis

    productivity loop to leverage operating expenses; earning trust in communities; ensuring solid performance in challenging environment of retail industry; and embracing the challenge to change in order to make customers save money and live better. Finding the best team in retail is Wal-Mart’s core strategy” (Wal-Mart, 2014). Business challenges/risks facing WMT: According to page 17, Item 1A of the 2014 Form 10-K Wal-Mart faces various risks that may adversely affect business operations: “1) General

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    Zara Case

    Zara: Information Technology For Fast Fashion | | | | | | | | |

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    Shortening Lead-Times to Create an Agile Supply Chain for Esprit

    Esprit Abstract Leaded by the fashion brands like ZARA and HM, fast fashion has risen to be the theme of current fashion industry, their emergence has a deep, profound impact on conventional apparel industries. Under the pressure of the trend, Esprit is one of the victims of traditional fashion brands. This paper focuses on the current problem that Esprit is faced with, presents three possible solutions which are designing new products following fashion shows, establishing smaller-scale

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    Jh Apparel

    Consultants JH 0 JH The Strategic Challenge JH Men Apparel is currently facing a strategic dichotomy to choose between cost leadership or differentiation. Five years ago, JH made a commitment to manufacture quality products and now is battling in a price war. In addition, competitors have been able to imitate JH’s innovative designs and market them quicker than JH. As a result, the company’s gross margin has fallen 21% to 16% and therefore is facing profitability concerns to remain in business

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    Brazilian Environment

    Brazil Inside brazils booming fashion industry ( A Booming Economy Undeniably, the primary force driving the current surge in the Brazilian fashion market is a healthy macroeconomic context. Brazil’s economy has been expanding steadily for years, a result of a stable political and social climate and long-term reforms set in place by the current and previous government administrations. As much of the world slid

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    of Luxury Caught Between Growing Momentum and Lasting Change Jean-Marc Bellaiche, Antonella Mei-Pochtler, and Dorit Hanisch December 2010 The New World of Luxury Caught Between Growing Momentum and Lasting Change T he luxury goods industry seems to have shrugged off the damage done by the Great Recession faster than many people expected. Companies remain cautious about the outlook for growth, but major brands recently reported strong gains in revenue and profit, defying all the signs

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    Ralph Lauren Bear Analysis

    inception in 1967 in New York City. It has been a major leader in the economic sector of consumer goods for years and has dominated the fields of design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products. Despite the emergence of new edgy-fashion brands, Ralph Lauren still holds tremendous weight with investors and customers for its classic looks and strong brand recognition (Pasquarelli, 2012). Year after year Ralph Lauren has been able to stay competitive due to its renowned brand recognition

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    a case of the fundamental of whether or not to upgrade an IT system which already works, in this case a POS operating system that uses DOS, to more modern operating systems that includes more functionality to meet new demands. Zara is a chain fashion store around Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South America that was founded by Amancio Ortega, in 1975. The first store and main headquarters was found in La Cournia, Spain. Mr. Ortega believed and implemented his business model that:   Retailing

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    Marketing Strategy

    valuable retailers all over the world mostly thanks to its “fast-fashion” strategy. (Rachel Tiplady, 2006) Zara is famous since it only needs 4 to 5 weeks to design, produce and distribute a new style of clothing while other famous brands usually need 6 to 9 months to develop a new style. Currently Zara has over 200 fashion designers working for it, and it is able to develop over 1,000 new styles every month. Zara is using a “fast-fashion” strategy; it focuses on finding the popular styles of clothing

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    Raedy Made Garments

    Introduction The Ready made garments (RMG) sectors emerged in late 1970s. The first Garments Industry named “DESH” Garment which was established in 1979s. By 1980s about 800 factories. There was very good growth in the 1990s; about 3400 factories came into operation. Today more than 4600 units exporting more than $5 billion an contribute about 48 percent of ours national export earning, 9.5 percent of GDP. The total number of workforce employed in this sector is 1.8 million, which is

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    M & S Business Strategy

    c) a detailed SWOT analysis to highlight the company’ main advantages and hot spots and to identify any opportunity it can capitalize on and challenges that may endanger its future evolution and d) a value chain analysis. PESTEL Analysis According to Fahey and Narayanan (1986), macro–environmental conditions set the fundamental context in which industries operate, so the PESTEL- Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental Legal- framework helps us to identify and understand what changes

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    the world's largest fashion retailers and is one of the fastest growing companies in the fashion industry. It has an innovative resolution to both style and marketing problem. The reason for Zara’s success is its innovative design and style, quality, strategy, in time production, supply chain, etc. The company continues to change retailing trend through its rapid, vertically integrated supply chain. Zara has become the leader in the rapid growing and fast changing fashion industry. Although the world

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    Macys Case Study

    retailers in the world. Rowland Hussey Macy had been through a lot of trial and errors until 1877 that R.H. Macy Co had become a full pledged department store. ( Macys is also well-known for several firsts that changed in the trade industry like the first to introduce such products as the tea bag, the Idaho baked potato and colored bath towels. Also it was the first retailer to hold a New York City liquor license. In 1924, Macys Herald Square became the “Worlds Largest store.” Then

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    Operations Managment Case Analysis - Nine West

    time and now stands at a cross roads. The industry it has traditionally been operating in, i.e. the foot wear industry has been stagnating over the past few years and in a bid to move to the next level, NWRS has to expand its core business through diversifying into unchartered territory and portfolios while trying to balance its existing structures, processes and heritage intact. At the same time, the firm also needs to analyze the existing footwear industry as the annextures attached with the case

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    Risk Management in Asia

    Introduction 2 – 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and effect on vision of risk management 3 – Overview of risks faced by banks in the developing Asian region 4 – Importance of Enterprise risk management (ERM) 5 – Strategies of implementing ERM and the challenges associated. 6 – Conclusion 7 – References Introduction The Asian economy is a vehicle of highly expansive growth and even higher volatility, it is an area of the economic world which must be treated with much anticipation and be viewed with

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    Product, Pricing, and Channels Paper

    sales will take place on the internet by 2030, up 7 percent from 2011” (NY Daily). With anticipation H&M is proposing to launch its online retail market to the United States. An online market will have a great impact, but there are several challenges facing retailers in launching an online market. Online markets have a great impact on profit margins, because of high shipping cost and the cost of returning items. “You don’t want to lose out on being the port of call for younger shoppers. So H&M should

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    Deeper Luxury Report

    call for all professionals and aficionados of the luxury goods industries, the consumers of their products and the celebrities that endorse them. The report says ‘Consumers’ increasing concerns with environmental and social problems are the greatest cultural shift of the 21st century’ and points the way to how these industries must behave if they are to keep their cachet which they need to survive.” Katharine Hamnett, Ethical Fashion Designer reativediverseoriginalexperientialconnectedwholelovingdepthmeaning

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    India and Wal-Mart

    Indians achieved their independence from Britain in an attempt to keep their culture and traditions alive. But in their 65 years of independence they have done nothing but convert their “precious traditions” into new Western traditions such as art, fashion, music and most importantly wealth. Even though the British were harsh in their ruling; they brought many positive influences into the country. The British established an efficient railway system, a criminal vindication system, eradicating the caste

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    Rmg Sector

    A SWOT Analysis on RMG Sector in Bangladesh RMG is the leading industry in Bangladesh. It is basically a labor-intensive industry and it needs limited financial investment and relatively simple technology compared to other high technical industries. The success story of Garment Industry in Bangladesh is the story as to how the readymade garments starting in the late seventies as an insignificant non-traditional item of export. In 1998-99 this sector has earned 4019.98 million US$ through exporting

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    generates demand, with the help of centralized system, which allows employees get connected all the time with company. * Strong product development team is capable enough to produce 11000 new products every year and is responsible for attending high-fashion fairs and exhibitions to translate the latest trends of the season into their designs, and remain with up to date varieties, that’s why Zara is always in high growth. * Just-in-time delivery makes Zara efficient enough to be able to deliver the

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    manufacturing, textile and garment industry was one of their focus, now 90% of the Indonesian textile and garments industry are run by the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia. This paper intends to probe the Indonesia’s textile and garment industry entitled “Analysis on Indonesia’s Textile and Garment industry: Current Situation, challenges, Government’s Policies and Prospects”. The paper is divided into three parts: 1, Profile of Indonesian Textile and Garment industry; 2, the reasons why Indonesian textile

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    Case Solution of Mark and Spencer

    Part 01 Executive Summary M&S as an organization has faced a number of challenges in its 130 year existence, but has successfully weathered each challenge as it presents itself with relative aplomb. The foundation upon which the whole business has rested since its inception in 1884 was in its initial form, involved selling carefully chosen, good quality goods with low margins, and achieving volume sales (relatively speaking, at least) through Michael Marks' Penny Bazaars in the North West of England

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    Haier’s Globalization Case Analysis

    Problem Statement With the entry into WTO, Chinese household appliances industry begins facing the globalization challenges and also worldwide learning challenges. Haier has started its formal globalization in 1997, and has been able to set up a successful example in competing with those challenges. However, the coming years are bringing more challenges including how to establish itself as a major localized US brand, integrate with locality, build brand recognition and manage its brand. Analysis

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    Fashion Chaneel

    2075 JUNE 1, 2007 WENDY STAHL The Fashion Channel Introduction Dana Wheeler, senior vice president of marketing for The Fashion Channel (TFC), sat in her Chicago office and scrolled through the email messages in her inbox. Thankfully, none required an urgent reply. She toggled over to her calendar: no meetings for the rest of the day. Finally, she could focus her thoughts on reviewing her recommendations for TFC’s new segmentation and positioning strategy. Wheeler believed that she had prepared

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    stores. (Half of online customers experience problems – Which?, 2015) The size of the market “Online shopping in India become lucrative business and it is growing rapidly as per the latest report by “IAMAI and IMRB International, the e-commerce industry in India reached a value of INR 81,525 crore (US$13. 5 billion) in 2014. Because due to population in India, in India 90% of people use smartphones and internet services, it makes India into top 20 developing countries on the global forum, as stated

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    same methods as Wild Hogs hunters to reduce the populations of Wild Hogs? Data collected shows approximately $1.5 billion is lost annually because of wild hog damage, plus there is the potential risk of disease transmission to the local livestock industry. I believe allowing hunters to continue to hunt Wild Hogs and work with TWRA would be better served in controlling the recent populations of Wild Hogs have become to the state of Tennessee. I wish to have them reconsider this new rule. 4. This

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