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  • Contract Law in 1700 and Today

    Running head: CONTRACT LAW IN 1700 AND TODAY Contract Law in 1700 and Today Jenna Doucet Meritus University Contract Law in 1700 and Today Today, for a contract to be legally binding it must satisfy six conditions; First, the law demands that both parties agree to the contract and give their mutual and non- coerced consent. Second is that the contract “consists of an offer and acceptance of that offer” (Wald, n.d, p. 1). The third condition is contractual capacity of the

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  • Maria Garcia

    Variance | 3600 U | 1700 U | 1900 U | Efficiency Variance | 4000 U | NA | 400 U | Spending Variance- Acctual Incurred-budgeted allowed of hours of input Fixed 14200-12500= 1700 1700+1900=3600 Variable 13300-11400= 1900 Flexible-Budget Variance-Actual Results from flexible budget-level of output achieved Fixed 14200-12500=1700 1700+2300=4000 Variable 13300-11000=2300 Efficiency Variance- Budget for actual hours of input-budget for standard hours allowed Fixed 14200-12500=0

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  • Continuous Improvement

    Have the Continuous Improvement (Cl) efforts at Absa Bank’s Horizon Medium Business Banking unit, in the Gauteng West region successfully addressed the key concepts of Continuous Improvement as set out by Trollip, 2008? By Sinqobile Khobotho Ndlovu {20625261} Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters in Business Administration At the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Business School Research Supervisor: Mr. Bux Heather

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  • By 1750 the English Colonies on the North American Mainland Had Matured and Changed. What Were the Key Ways in Which the Colonial Societies of This Era (1700-1750) Differed from Those of the Early 17th Century (1600-

    European countries like France, England and Netherlands set up various colonies in America in the 17th century. After the initial struggle against disease, malnutrition and resistance from Native tribes, most of the colonies were well established by end of 17th and start of 18th century. Though every colony developed differently from 17th to 18th century, but all were still ruled by British government. There were significant changes in commerce, religious beliefs, cultural liberty but no major

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  • Economics

    csEconomic Analysis of Acceptance Sampling Sampling plan determination 1. n Sample Size 2. c Acceptance Number Two approaches With AQL, LTPD or AOQL specified Otherwise Review of background Inspect n out of N: (i) if d ≤ c accept with probability F(p) (ii) if d > c reject with probability 1 - F(p) c n⎞ d ⎛ F(p) = ∑ ⎜ ⎟p (1 − p) n −d where p = fraction defectives ⎜ ⎟ d =0 ⎝ d ⎠ Let cI cD = = unit inspection cost unit cost of a defective (repair, warranty, rework, . . .) ⇒ ⇒ Tables Economic

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  • Bmc Best Practice

    configuration items (CIs)—and their changing relationships—throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Asset Management tracks contracts, financial costs, software licenses, outage indicators, and more for the CI information stored within the BMC® Atrium™ Configuration Management Database (CMDB) application. BMC Configuration Management distributes software and patches to desktops, servers, and handheld devices, and can synchronize application code and content. Use this tool to help implement part of

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  • Starbucks and Conservation International Managing Organizations Outine

    Case: Starbucks and Conservation International Discuss the factors that make the Starbucks and Conservation International alliance work. - Framework o Value gained from Partnering: Trading relationship with Starbucks overall ▪ What does CI give? (coffee production and expertise) ▪ What does Starbucks give? (demand for coffee beans) ▪ What is the purpose of the alliance? ( Joint goal: Leadership initiative for all other coffee guys? o Key Drivers of Partnership

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  • Ch 8 Week 1 Res/342

    Resource: Ch. 8 of Applied Statistics in Business and Economics Prepare answers to the following assignments: 8.48 A sample of 20 pages was taken without replacement from the 1,591-page phone directory Ameritech Pages Plus Yellow Pages. On each page, the mean area devoted to display ads was measured (a display ad is a large block of multicolored illustrations, maps, and text). The data (in square millimeters) are shown below: 0 260 356 403 536 0 268 369 428 536 268 396 469 536 162 338

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  • Order Book Simulations Using Monte Carlo Methods

    Modeling Order Book Fluctuation by Monte Carlo Technique CONTENTS Page no. 1) Certificate 2 2) Acknowledgement 3 3) Abstract 5

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  • Mat 300 M&M Project 3

    MAT 300 M&Ms® Project Part 3 (21 pts) We will be constructing confidence intervals for the proportion of each color as well as the mean number of candies per bag. You will use the methods of 6.3 for the proportions and 6.1 for the mean. For the Bonus, you will use the sample size formula on page 338. You can use StatCrunch to assist with the calculations. A link for StatCrunch can be found under Tools for Success in Course Home. Here is also a link:

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  • Results for Mkt 470

    Results Example 1: 95% Upper Variable N Mean StDev SE Mean Bound T P C1 26 56.42 10.04 1.97 59.79 -1.82 0.041 We cannot reject the null hypothesis at the .01 significant level. Example 2: Test of mu = 43 vs not = 43 Variable N Mean StDev SE Mean 95% CI T P measurement 12 41.500 1.784 0.515 (40.367; 42.633) -2.91 0.014 -2.494 lies to the right of -2.998, Ho

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  • Starbucks

    Case Study: Starbucks and Conservational International Tutorial 104 Yifan Wang 20408850 1. Discuss the rationale for, as well as the benefits and risk of the collaboration between Starbucks and Conservation International (CI) from each party's perspective.  The collaboration between Starbucks and Conservation International is actually win-win strategy. They both would like to develop a partnership to leverage their expertise. The rationale for the collaboration is that they need to find

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  • Counterintelligence

    Objective: This assignment, in accordance with undergraduate academic endeavors, provides an opportunity to evaluate assimilation of course topics, and sharpen and evaluate students’ research & critical thinking skills. The assignment is driven & tested by a combination of course materials and external self-led research (depending upon essay[s] selected); analyzed and presented in essay(s) form. Type: This assignment consists of a research-analysis paper approximately four to six

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  • Cariboo Industrial Case Solution

    We have calculated relevant ratios analysis in regards to Cariboo Industrial (“CI”) liquidity, assets management, long term debt paying ability and profitability. Below are the summary of our work: Liquidity Ratio: Current ratio of CI for the 2001, 2002 and 2003 are 2.03, 0.42 and 0.21 respectively. The ratio figures indicate CI ability to pay it’s short term liabilities commitment. If a ratio figure is high preferably a ratio of 2, it indicates a good liquidity situation. However, for

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  • The Environmental Movement Was Formed Right Around the End of the 1700’s. the Movement Itself Didn’t Become Well Known Until Maybe Twenty or Thirty Years Later. Between 1950 and 1957 There Was a Tremendous Increase in

    Form | Benefits | Drawbacks | Objects | Using objects can clarify the ideas and give dramatic impact to a presentation. | Objects can be too big or too small. Sometimes, objects are not feasible form of visual aid to a presentation. | Models | Models may assist the speaker in explaining the presentation. | Models made too small can draw attention away from the presentation. | Photographs | Photos the audience in understanding the information from the presentation. | Photos that are passed

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  • Tobacco Induced Diseases

    Gaur et al. Tobacco Induced Diseases 2012, 10:4 SHORT REPORT Open Access Association of smoking or tobacco use with ear diseases among men: a retrospective study Kiran Gaur1,3*, Neeraj Kasliwal2 and Rajeev Gupta2 Abstract Background: Health related behaviour specially smoking and tobacco in any form are major determinants of health and lead to health inequities. Tobacco leads to various health problems including ear, nose and

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  • German People, Not Finished

    I am choosing German; I am mostly German—at least according to my family and my research. My research indicates that the German people helped settle some of colonies in North America in the early 1700’s. Most of their settling was small and not considered truly colonization; so I would say they immigrated to North America. Essentially they had their own colonies within and already established British colony. From the 1700’s all the way up to World War I German people were very well accepted

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  • Motor Oil Guide

    MOTOR OIL GUIDE WHICH OIL IS RIGHT FOR YOU? API’S CERTIFICATION MARK AND SERVICE SYMBOL identify quality motor oils for gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. Oils displaying these marks meet performance requirements set by U.S. and international vehicle and engine manufacturers and the lubricant industry. More than 500 companies worldwide participate in this voluntary program, which is backed by a marketplace sampling and testing program. GET MORE FROM YOUR MOTOR OIL. Follow vehicle

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  • My Goal for English 101

    My Goal For English 101 Abdul Azeem Ibn Mosely English 101, 074 Mr. Nwankwo September 11, 2013 _____Mosely_/2 Brainstorming Comprehend | Learn | Translate | Paraphrase | Outline | Prognosticate | Draft | Communicate | Note down | Abbreviate | Discover | Form a relationship | Advancement | Improve grammar | Punctuation | Educate | Career | Writing skills | Reading skills | Listening skills | Revise | Build vocabulary | Points of View

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  • Accounting Case

    We have been asked by the directors of Belamy Corporation (BC), a company owned by Lipopro Inc (LI) which produces patented medicines, to give advice as to the potential financial reporting implications of the various alternatives for acquiring Caligon Inc (CI). CI is a wholly owned pharmaceutical subsidiary of Davison Corporation (DC), which has recently been de-emphasizing its own research efforts in favor of licensing products from other companies. BC is looking to acquire a pharmaceutical

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  • Columbia Industries

    Problem Recognition Key account lost had been lost, delays, employee complaints and employee safety concerns. Situational Analysis Strength: Columbia Industries, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of code-approved products to Construction industry. CI utilizes a large network of specialized distributors, supply houses, and mass merchandisers to sell its products. Weakness: CI relies a lot on a few lift trucks that are old and often broken down. Work efficiency and business growth is being

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  • Personal Goals

    income will drop by $1700. A $1700 monthly decrease will put a serious hurt on my ability to pay more on my unsecured credit. My plan is to pay as much of that unsecured credit off while still receiving the GI Bill payments of $1700 a month. Like most people in school, I am hoping that my college degree will assist me in making a greater income. Looking to the future if I pay off as much of the unsecured credit as I can with my extra monthly money I will be left with only my secure credit

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  • Rrrr

    ) | |      | |3) Sales and Marketing Strategy (Describe how your business will attract and retain customers. Explain your pricing or fee structure.) (1700 | |characters-with spaces-or less

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  • Tttt

    Appendix (a) Descriptive Statistics: Income ($1000) Variable N N* Mean SE Mean StDev Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Income ($1000) 50 0 43.74 2.07 14.64 21.00 30.00 43.00 55.00 Variable Maximum Income ($1000) 67.00 Test of mu = 50 vs < 50 The assumed standard deviation = 16.64 95% Upper N Mean SE Mean Bound Z P 50 43.74 2.35 47.61 -2.66 0.004 The assumed standard deviation

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  • Math 533 Part B

    Keller graduate school of management | Department Store part B | Week 6 project for AJ Davis | Information from the project for AJ Davis department store. Attached in this report is all information related to the information listed from Excel. | Results from Minitab findings The mean income was less than $50,000. The Null Hypothesis: which states the average annual income was greater than or equal to 50. The number of trials (n) is larger than 30 use ztest to check the

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  • Marketing Challenges of Finished Timber Products

    WHICH OIL IS RIGHT FOR YOU? API’s Certification Mark and Service Symbol identify quality motor oils for gasolineand diesel-powered vehicles. Oils displaying these marks meet performance requirements set by U.S. and international vehicle and engine manufacturers and the lubricant industry. More than 500 companies worldwide participate in this voluntary program, which is backed by a marketplace sampling and testing program. GET MORE FROM YOUR MOTOR OIL. Follow your

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  • Depreciation

    Suggested Solution Depreciation FA2 Part 1 Question 1 1-Jan-11 b/d Furniture and Fittings 100,000 31-Dec-11 c/d 100,000 31-Dec-11 c/d (FP) Accumulated of Depreciation on F&F 28,750 1-Jan-11 b/d 31-Dec-11 Depreciation 28,750 5% x (100,000-25,000) 3750 (CI) 25,000 3,750 28,750 working 1 Depreciation F&F Van 1-Jan-11 b/d 50,000 31-Dec-11 c/d 50,000 31-Dec-11 c/d (FP) Accumulated of Depreciation on van 17,000 1-Jan-11 b/d 31-Dec-11 Depreciation 17,000 10% x 50,000

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  • Psycho Education

    Psychoeducation for schizophrenia (Review) Xia J, Merinder LB, Belgamwar MR This is a reprint of a Cochrane review, prepared and maintained by The Cochrane Collaboration and published in The Cochrane Library 2013, Issue 1 Psychoeducation for schizophrenia (Review) Copyright © 2013 The Cochrane Collaboration. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. TABLE OF CONTENTS HEADER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ABSTRACT

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  • Healthcare Museum Proposal

    Health Care Museum Hope Matteson HCS/245 June 30, 2014 Barbra Williamson Health Care Museum As we all know the healthcare industry is forever developing, and it is a fast pace growing industry. I would like to have 5 exhibits that are in the 1700’s Starting from the earliest years as we know of is the 1700’s up until now the millennium. The healthcare museum proposal has five exhibits starting with first exhibit, will be an exhibit on the first hospital that was created in the nation

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  • Global Exploration and Global Empires 1500-1700

    Global Exploration and global empires 1500-1700 Name: Institution: Course: Date: Slave trade was so evident in European countries because most Europeans would get Africans and sell them in European markets to work in their farms. They would be punished, beaten, overworked and also not well taken care of. Most of them died in the work places due to lack of energy and food. So they would not go on with the work. The Portuguese were

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  • Ar 190

    the rosters and postal records of the parent camp. (d) The surnames in the address and return address of letters and cards will be underlined. (3) Each person will be required to date his or her letters and cards. The name of the month will be written, not shown by a number. (4) To expedite the handling of mail, CIs will designate the language of their communication. (5) The date will not be crossed off, written over, or otherwise modified. (6) Letters and cards will not be numbered

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  • Competitive Inteligence

    Term Paper Competitive Intelligence (CI) Answer any 6 of the following questions: 1. What Is CI? 2. Why is CI important? 3. Does CI really make a difference to the bottom line? 4. Is it true that CI is only important for big businesses? 5. How is CI different than business espionage? 6. What are the general uses of CI information? 7. Information has numerous sources, which have different degrees of reliability. Describe 5 such sources and rank them in terms of

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  • Creative Industries in the Uk

    BEYOND MAPPING – UNDERSTANDING CREATIVE INDUSTRIES. The case of UK Author: Vusal Baghirov E-mail: Mobile: +37060491037 Supervisor: Jekaterina Kartasova Mykolas Romeris University Faculty: Social Technologies Table of contents I. Introduction 1.1. Introduction to research problem. 1.2. Research question. 1.3. Relevance of study. 1.4. Structure of the research work. II. The economy. The creative sector and its spatiality: the case of UK 2.1

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  • Nutrition

    Interpreting and understanding meta-analysis graphs A practical guide Ideally, clinical decision making ought to be based on the latest evidence available. However, to keep abreast with the continuously increasing number of publications in health research, a primary health care professional would need to read an unsurmountable number of articles every day covered in more than 13 million references and over 4800 biomedical and health journals in Medline alone.1 With the view to address this

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  • Acct505 Proj a

    HSM 542 Health Finance You Decide: Week 6 February 11, 2015 As the Chief Financial Officer is important to look for ways to improve cash flow and patient intake within Community Memorial Hospital. In light of the new information that was given from Bill Jacobs, the Human Resource Director at Commercial Intertech (CI), about the contract signed with MegaPlan Health. Community Memorial Hospital is not on MegaPlan Health’s Preferred Provider Network (PPN), and could potentially lose out on

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  • Hello

    Satire In the 1700's, satire was the focus of written and painted artifacts by the likes of Swift, Voltaire, and Hogarth. How do the style and topics of these men compare and contrast with specific forms of political satire used today? Give examples. I always assumed the main purpose of satire was for laughter but I actually came to realize that there is so much more to it. Satire as it was originally proposed as a form of literature using sarcasm, irony, and wit, to bring about a change in

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  • Eco Help

    Question: In a poll of 600 voters in a campaign to eliminate non-returnable beverage containers, 210 of the voters were opposed. Develop a 92% confidence interval estimate for the proportion of all the voters who opposed the container control bill. Answer: 92% of confidence interval (CI) for p is given by p±Z0.08 √(pq/n) Here, p= 210/600= 0.35 q= (1-p) = 0.65 Z0.08 = 1.75609 n= 600 Hence, CI is 0.35±1.75609 √((0.35*0.65)/600) = 0.35±0.03409 (0.31591,0.38409) Question: A random

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  • Standard Schedule

    MM DIA Metre 15754 16715 17677 20101 20612 21739 1600 MM DIA Metre 16584 17288 18241 20600 22874 23955 1700 MM DIA Metre 17861 19061 20178 22260 24717 25923 1800 MM DIA Metre 19092 20203 22087 23415 25543 28523 1900 MM DIA Metre 20990 22370 23623 26052 29787 32030 2000 MM DIA Cost of laying jointing, testing to hydrostatic field test pressure including cost of rubber rings, cost of transportation of water and emptying pipe line after completion of field

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  • Business Law

    Case Study: Theory to Practice Saranda Tanakanjanapong BUSI 301-B04 Cendoria Dean September 16, 2015 Personal Observation There is always going to be a consequence of careless and inconsiderate workers as we can learn from the case study. “A CI technician accidentally rewired the system that controlled the fire sprinklers and rendered the sprinklers inoperable… and one of OC's employees left a lit cigarette in one of BTF's restrooms.” This shows that there may be a lack of training in

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Image

    Transnational Journal of Science and Technology April 2014, vol.4 No.2 ISSN 1857-8047 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CORPORATE IMAGE Ayanda, Adebayo Maruf Department of Business Administration and Management Technology, Faculty of Management sciences, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos- Nigeria. Baruwa, Akinfolarin Afeez Department of Business Administration and Management Technology, Faculty of Management sciences, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos- Nigeria Abstract This article

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  • American History to 1700

    The writings of Columbus, Castillo, and de la Casas represented vastly different points of view of the Spanish conquests of the Americas. In his first letter, Christopher Columbus mostly focused on the political victory of the voyage and arriving in the Indies (p. 32), and the splendor of the landscape including palm trees, mountains, and beautiful birds (p. 33). In the subsequent letter to King Ferdinand of Spain, Columbus seems selfish and one-sided (somewhat understandable considering that he

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  • The Motives of Imperialism in the Early 1700's

    The Motives of Imperialism in the Early 1700’s Sharon House Professor Rokitski HUM 202 O01C February 21, 2015 The Motives of Imperialism in the Early 1700’s The beginning of the 18th century was an exciting time for people in the western countries such as England and much of Europe, yet it was a time of sadness and shame for other countries that would come under the West’s imperial rule. As explorers from Western countries traveled to faraway lands such as India and Africa, they

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  • Fgsg;

    Stat 141 R1 - Lecture #35 Announcements: 1) Assignment #11 Question 5: The answer is wrong … should be “fail to reject” but MyStatLab wants “reject”... so give the wrong answer for full marks in this question 2) Exam: STAT 141 R1 3 hrs 1400 Wed Apr 17 MAIN GYM, ~45 Multiple Choice Questions Chapters 7, 8, 18-28 …. some pre MT skills will be required. Simple Linear Regression …. continued Last time: Ex) Predicting final exam marks (%) from midterm exam marks (%) in a class

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  • American History to 1700

    , such as scurvy, that they contracted aboard the Mayflower (pp. 121-122). The non-Puritans who had come to embrace the Pilgrims in their health, abandoned their former friends selfishly when disease struck the camp (p. 122). These difficulties in the beginning of the colony threatened to destroy the faith of the once spiritually enriched Puritans. MLA Citation: "American History To 1700." 30 Nov 2015 .

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  • Internal Combustion Engine

    maximum bmep is in the 1250 to 1700 kPa range. At the maximum rated power, bmep is in the 900 to 1400 kPa range. • For naturally aspirated four-stroke diesels, the maximum bmep is in the 700 to 900 kPa range. MEAN PISTON SPEED ( s p ) An important parameter in engine applications is the mean piston speed, ( s p ) . It is defined as s p  2 LN where L is the stroke and N is the rotational speed of the crankshaft in rpm. It may be noted that ( s p ) is often a more appropriate

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  • Cost Management

    is $1400 for two nights, when the cost for the house for 20 people is $2000 for two nights. Additionally, we defined that $60 per person will enough to buy food and drinks for 2 days and nights per person. Lastly, the cost of fireworks should not exceed $300 for the total amount. In comparison, for the range people up to 14 the fixed costs will include the rent fee and fireworks cost and in total will be $1700 whether there will be only 1 person or 14 at the party. The total cost will look

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  • Alfresco

    Cash Fund | DISTRIBUTION OF PAYMENT | Date | Explanation | Payee | PCV # | Receipts | Payments | Gas & Oil | Supplies Expense | Rep. & Maint. | Account Name F | Amount | June 1 | Balance | | | 2000 | | | | | | | 4 | Repairs | Reyes | 18 | | 1000 | | | 1,000 | | | 7 | Personal Use | Mabuhay | 19 | | 200 | | | | Mabuhay, Personal | 200.00 | 8 | Gas & Oil | Caltex | 20 | | 500 | 500 | | | | | | | | | 2000 | 1700 | 500 | | 1,000 | | 200.00

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  • Cariboo

    Cariboo Industrial Case Solution We have calculated relevant ratios analysis in regards to Cariboo Industrial (“CI”) liquidity, assets management, long term debt paying ability and profitability. Below are the summary of our work: Liquidity Ratio: Current ratio of CI for the 2001, 2002 and 2003 are 2.03, 0.42 and 0.21 respectively. The ratio figures indicate CI ability to pay it’s short term liabilities commitment. If a ratio figure is high preferably a ratio of 2, it indicates a good

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  • Hatyujn

    kgabiygfvclukagbilxcgdxiula hfsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssyghkjbsjabaiukbuguyguyg i ci hoichioch oic shoih cfi cfiog ciocg ivso oicf cfiougdscoicfgiocfugdfi gfdif ifd gfdsi fdsi gdfiufdiofug fdsoig fiuf gfiods gdfsi gdsio dsgidsu dspu dsig didyg dsfiy gsaducyfscuiyg cuy gudfsy gcfuyg cfyc uc gfuy adfsuvc cg cfsuy gsuyv u cvucs vfuy fdsyg uyv cuycv fuhvcucuy fcu ucy gcfuydfs uydfuguy cdufc uyf cfuydfsu cuy cucy gudy uy ugy cuydsg uydsgdi uy uy cfu udfs uyds

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  • Corporate Finance

    CORPORATE FINANCE ASSIGNMENT-1 Suppose you need Rs.30,000  next year to buy a new computer. The interest rate is 8 percent per year. How much money should you set aside now in order to pay for the purchase? PV = FV / (1+r)n PV= 30,000 / (1+0.8)1 PV= 30,000 / 1.08 PV = 27,777.78  b) If you can postpone your purchase until the end of 2 years, how much you need to invest now?   PV = FV / (1+r)n PV= 30,000 / (1+0.8)2 PV= 30,000 / 1.1664 PV = 25,720 2)      If your

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