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    Facebook and Identity Construction Khadija Ali Introduction Background of Facebook Identity Construction Identity Construction through Facebook The birth of the internet has changed the traditional conditions of identity construction. As the corporeal body is separated from social encounters in the online environment, it becomes possible for people to interact with one another through the Internet in text mode alone that has nothing to do or does not reveal anything about

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    Teenagers and Facebook - has it gone too far? Social Networking hasn’t been around for that long, the first one ever was launched in 1997 called SixDegrees.com. It allowed users to create profiles, list their Friends and, beginning in 1998, surf the Friends lists. Nowadays the most popular Social Networking site is Facebook, with over 400 million active users, and a large percentage of them being teenagers. Almost every teen has their own account because it has become a very convenient way

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    Facebook is a social networking service and website. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg, launched in February 2004 and was initially called Thefacebook.com. Thefacebook.com soon became Facebook.com and was created initially for Harvard students. Over the years, Mark Zuckerberg expanded the website to include other Ivy League colleges, then less elite colleges, then high schools and finally ordinary grown-ups. Currently, anyone 13 years or older can create a Facebook account

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    Lahore(Hussain, 2010). Facebook apologized to the people in Pakistan and agreed to block the page. A representative from Facebook has commented that the firm “may consider IP blocking in Pakistan upon further review of local regulations, standards and customs”(Ribeiro, 2010). In end of May, Facebook was unblock when the website promise to make offensive information out of reach from Pakistan users. Despite the controversy, the constant efforts of improving Facebook from Mark Zuckerberg has shows

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    Related Studies Foreign On Study Habits The first Study Habits Inventory (SRI) was prepared in 1933 by Wrenn, with a view to survey this feature among students. In 1935 research workers interested in the improvement of study habits, they paid attention to the discovery of effective study techniques and tried to improve study skills and habits of work through ‘how to study’ courses and other systematic procedures. Cuff (1937) carefully derived study-habits inventory and found that it aids

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    networking sites available today; Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. Facebook - Facebook is a social networking site that was first launched in 2004. (Eldon, 2008) Facebook is definitely the number one site throughout the globe when it comes to social networking. Through the years Facebook has had some tough competition and has seen many ups and down’s from various lawsuits, but it is still arguably the most popular social networking site used today. (Facebook, 2012) Marketing Opportunity

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    Zuckerberg future? With reading almost every day in the daily newspaper, there is something about Facebook in all the time. What Mark Zuckerberg is doing know with the company is tiring to sell stock’s to the public? Is that the best thing for him or the worst? The only way is time to tell or another milestone that he will set. If they go with this milestone of selling stocks to the public, he could be one of the richest men in the world or top richest man in the world. You have to

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    and Literacies in a Digital World. New York: Peter Lang. Farmer, Frank. 1998. “Dialogue and Critique: Bakhtin and the Cultural Studies Writing Classroom.” College Composition and Communication 49: 186 – 207. Hagood, Margaret, Lisa Patel Stevens, and David Reinking. 2002. “What Do They Have to Teach Us?” In Adolescents and Literacies in a Digital World, ed. Donna E. Alvermann, 68 – 83. New York: Peter Lang. Harten, David. 2007. “Life without Facebook — Now There’s a Novel Thought.” College Heights

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    Facebook users are most low-income young people, and young people always spend a lot of money on virtual goods and game props. Young people is also the most important user of mobile phone . In order to attract low-income young people, how cheap is enough? To the United States of America account:AT&T,Verizon,Sprint,T-Mobile four operators are competing with new users, they contract mobile phone with high subsidies. A bare machine iPhone4S 16G cost $649 and contract with $199, operator will pay

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    distributed. Many users on Facebook are unaware of the use of privacy settings that the Facebook provides. A study shows that nearly 13 million users have never set or did not have any knowledge regarding privacy options. It means whatever data is shared by them, be it their personal information or photos that they share can be accessed by many other people apart from their friends. And the recent studies and research also show that these privacy settings are not even safe enough to keep personal data

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    1. In the article “Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook” the author Elizabeth Cohen explains how there is a fine line between using Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends, and using Facebook as an escape from the real world in order to live in "happyland" as she calls the social networking service counting roughly 200 million users worldwide. A group of therapists, interviewed for this article, state that the number of clients with interpersonal issues caused by their urge to

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    Facebook: The New Black Social Media Essay Siraj Haq General300F Medaille College 12 September 2012 Facebook: The New Black Calling friends on phones is now a thing of the past - as are email and letters. The new 'it' thing now for a few years has been Facebook. Facebook has become 'the one stop site' for all of your personal needs: communicate with friends and family, share photos, invite members to events, join groups, play games, and meet new people. In

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  • Case Study: Ethics and Local Governance

    IT Consultation for Mr. Green Kenya Newton Cynthia Orth CIS 329 – Administering Desktop Clients   Ethics and Local Governance Ethics has been defined as “moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior”. Ethics affect different professions in different ways. Since citizen data is basically a bunch of records and files, I looked up a code of ethics for Record Managers locally and internationally. I found that there are multiple groups that work throughout the world helping

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    Facebook, who became a publicly traded company in May 2012, has seen a struggle in the ability to meet financial market’s expectations. The well-established social network is struggling to meet investors’ expectations and has a stock rate of -11.70%. For at least the fifth consecutive quarter, the social network’s revenue growth has shriveled while costs continue to rise. Facebook had an initial IPO of 38 dollars, but finished the regular session down 8.5% to 26.84 dollars. This document will

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    Facebook Facebook is one of the most successful social networks ever made. What ever happened to one human being going up to another and using face-to-face interaction? Over billions of people have a Facebook account, including myself, and spend countless hours on this addictive website. This website has caused a lot of controversy with adults who have kids that are absolutely obsessed with their Facebook. In “Dad’s Encounter with the vortex of Facebook,” written by Michael Duffy, he

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    made at the time of the robbery. The district attorney was able to track the Facebook update to confirm it had actually been typed from a computer located at 71 West 118th Street in Harlem, as Rodney Bradford said. When that was confirmed the charges were dropped. “This is the first case that I’m aware of in which a Facebook update has been used as alibi evidence,” explained John Browning, a lawyer and member of the Dallas Bar association who studies social networking and the law “We are going to

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    ). According to several studies, nearly half of Facebook users who are interested in the Facebook Commerce do it for the chance to get exclusive discounts and products. They value the fact to obtain products that cannot be purchased in any other platform and also get the best possible price. The truth is that the conversion rates of this social network approach 4% and that the average purchase in this network is already above $100. The vast majority of enterprises using e-commerce are

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    huge example of a major technological innovation is Facebook, everybody has a Facebook account. This platform of communication makes it possible for people to post pictures and chat live with their families and relatives irrespective of the distance. Facebook presently has 901 million dynamic users spread over every part and every corner of the world. In March, the website handled an average of 526 million regular dynamic users. There has been an estimated figure of 488 million scheduled active

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  • Case Study: Ethics and Local Governance

    Case Study 1: Ethics and Local Governance Introduction to Information Technology July , 2013 In 2007 a Transformational Government mandate focused on customer budget reductions of 3 percent year to year increasing the emphasis on regionally shared services for the London Borough of Brent. The area is approximately 270,000 citizens with the London Borough of Brent information scattered across numerous departments without the ability to share any of the information across the enterprise

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    ‘El Presidente’ Movie Review (MMFF) — January 1, 2013 Watching it on big screen, for two hours and 40 minutes is never boring, whether you are fully grounded with the history of the Philippines or not. “El Presidente” tackles the story of the first president of the Philippines, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. “El Presidente” movie brought into life the story of the first president of the Republic of the Philippines, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. It is not a film for all Filipinos but only for those who

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    While looking at Facebook, I have noticed that the majority of people have many more “Facebook friends” than the people they talk to in real life. Facebook has changed many lives because it has allowed people to connect with others that they may never have talked to in real life, or may never have been able to find otherwise. I believe Facebook has positively impacted the lives of high school and college students because it has increased their communication skills with others and possibly even

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    Topic : Facebook 1~ Introduction 2~ The positive and negative sides 3~ How people use Facebook 4~ The reason why I choose it 5~ Conclusion 6~ References Introduction Facebook was created in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. The website was intended to be an online version of the University's printed Facebook, a directory of new students. At that time, membership to the website was limited to Harvard students only. In a month's time

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    started to make money in the first place was because they fed peoples personal information to advertisers. There hasn’t been a form of privacy in the facebook company since day one. They are manipulating their authority they have to make them money regardless of if it hurts their users. No one should be denied a job because they liked the same page as a man that is a convict. Yet that is how facebook will end up because privacy is not an important part of their business model. 3. The

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    Facebook we can connect to any type of people from anywhere in the world because almost every people around the world use Facebook. Facebook is best for finding old friends .When a friend goes away to another place we often don't get the chance to communicate with him or her.But now Facebook gives us the opportunity to communicate with any of our old friend.We can share our feelings and thoughts with others.Facebook Fan pages.groups,events etc are getting popular day by day.We can use these

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    . Facebook follies make for fascinating news stories, in part because we know that it could easily happen to us, too, as most of us have Facebook accounts, and the digital evidence is often right at our fingertips. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all come to my mind when someone says “social network.” For many people of this day and age, visiting these sites are a part of our daily routine. Sure, it’s a good way to keep in contact with your friends and others, but can it be too much of a good

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    It may have 30 million users worldwide, but you'll never find me on Facebook. The social networking phenomenon, which allows users to create profiles containing photos and lists of personal interests, exchange private or public messages, and join groups of friends, is the second most popular destination on the web. Nevertheless, it represents dangerous territory - a messy fingerprint that blurs the line between work and play, and one that could leave an indelible mark on your career. In

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    Facebook can impact study habits Tuesday, April 03, 2012  Studies show students are spending between six and 10 hours per week on Facebook. Is the social networking site now the biggest-ever threat to study habits? There's battle going on in Irish homes and schools around the country as parents and teachers take on a time vampire with tools that will never work. Like rain through a leaky extension Facebook is getting in through the phone, the iPad, the desktop and the Wii. Increasing use

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    facebook. New features should be added to facebook to stop users being fed up with it. Adding features like, Profile songs would be an interesting move to keep it updated. And also ability to change time line with decorations will be attractive for the users. * Ability use Facebook as an advertising medium makes users more attractive to facebook. In the present world facebook has been a great source for advertising industry, due to the increment of number of people who uses facebook

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    networking can gradually affect their studies that will reflect on their grades.   The effect of social networking on the student’s study habits results in different ranges. Many studies show different results about the students who use social networking. There are instances that the student who uses Facebook often has consistently lower grades. However, it is logical to think that the students who used to view their network account more than necessary in a day is highly risky in failing grades

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    occasion there are times where I see a post that seems troubling. In the article it says how only ten percent of people who show signs of depression on social media seek help and counseling. Also, how now they have a link for Facebook where if you sense someone needs help you can send a link to that person for a suicide hotline. I wish that I had known about that because of the posts that I do see on social media where I think ‘I hope this person has help instead of dealing with those emotions by

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    30 million users are from the Philippines(Statista, 2014). According to the report by comScore, an internet analytics company, they said. In the Philippines, 71% of the internet users are between the ages of 15 and 34 and 70% of the total minutes user spend online is on social networking sites like Facebook(Amarpal Singh, 2013). In the past years Facebook has drawn attention on how it affects the academic performance of the students. The purpose of this research is to explain why most students

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    Local Literature According to Dr. Wilma A. Hurtada ( March 30, 2010 ) “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.“  Most of the college students were all busy doing some paper works and school activities, others are in reviewing. They can’t find time taking a break and have something to eat, because of this things, another same problem is with students residing on dormitories. They can’t also find

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    Facebook: It's About the Money - Case study The birth of Facebook was in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student, who started Facebook as a means of allowing students to communicate with one another. It gained its popularity quickly through the university and education system and became a worldwide phenomenon(Ahmed et al., 2013). In just over ten years, Facebook expanded from a small networking site to a publically traded organization worth an estimated $50 billion. Part of its success

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    Facebook Company Facebook is an online social networking service on the internet. Facebook Inc. was founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes at Harvard University. At the beginning of its story, Facebook was limited by its founders to be used the website for Harvard University’s students only, but it was later expanded to some colleges and universities in the Boston area. Now Facebook allows

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    it takes time away from family and puts more emphasis on virtual rather than physical relationships. Others feel that this site allows for socialization and is just a way to have fun and keep in touch with others. The youth of today is responding most to sites like Facebook. More and more teens each day are logging on to create and customize their accounts to fit their personality. Supporters claim that by allowing adolescents access to sites like Facebook they can express their creativity

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    FACEBOOK FACTS Three years ago 1-800-Flowers, long a pioneer in Inter- net marketing, became the first national florist to create a fan page on Facebook. It used the free page to build relationships with customers and sell selected products, but it spent very little money advertising on the site. In January, however, the company began buying a different kind of Facebook advertisement. “Sponsored stories,” as they’re called, let marketers pay to turn actions people take on Facebook into

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    Do social-networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter improve a young person’s social life or serve as a substitute for a real social life? Nowadays, our people live in the most advanced technology era. There are a lot of gadgets and accommodations for people to communicate with each others. In the past, we must wait until 3 or 4 days to receive a letter from someone we want to connect with them. But now, on our fingertips we able to talk, chat and make a new friend although

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    at a large, four-year, private university in the Mid-Atlantic. All undergraduate, African American students enrolled in the College of General Studies, School of Health Sciences, and School of Education comprised the sample population. Volunteer participants completed a Facebook™ Activity Survey, which is an instrument used to collect semester grade point averages (GPAs), time-use of Facebook™, multitasking information, type of Facebook™ activities, and demographic information. The results

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    media was just newspapers, televisions, and radio. The network has facilitated saving of resources besides availing more information in less time. Today, more and more people are able connect to people from across the world through social networks. Numerous social platforms have emerged with Facebook being the most famous. Facebook has evolved since its creation in 2004 by Zuckerburg, to become party of people’s daily lives. People access the application through laptops, computers, iPad, and

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    or way to compare with others. This behavior is referred to as "social comparison". The report pointed out that this behavior makes people more likely to feel depressed. It is reported, previous studies have pointed out that Facebook has a lot to associated with depressive symptoms. In addition, social comparison, social comparison upwards, namely than himself better than what is more, while downward comparison can make a person feel good. And on the gender, both men and women, often on

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  • International Management Facebook Case Study

    a high growth potential, primarily developing countries, and a good level of Internet penetration in the population. The legal context of the country is also of primordial interest to the firm that needs to make sure that it’s services won’t be hindered in any way by local governments. With their domestic market saturated and showing no more opportunities for growth, Facebook has the obligation to turn to new markets if it wants to remain a profitable enterprise. 3) While China is a market

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    FACEBOOK IPO Summary: Since its birth in 2004 Facebook has managed to attract 845 million users all across the world and 483 million of those access their social network daily, over 50% of its total users (2 – Page 1). What Facebook has is not only a giant social network for people across the world to communicate but it is also is an extremely penetrable global marketing tool. In fact, majority of the company’s revenue is generated from advertisement alone. Users now have the ability to

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    Case 12: Facebook All questions are given 1 point except Qn 7. 1. Definition and characteristics of social networking (services). -Definition: social network collects any information that individuals share in network and connect the dots of personnel who have similarities building social relations based on the power of connection. -Characteristics: Social network services carries three main purposes, which are advertising, employee and idea screening and application development

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    to be incessantly involved in the learning process. Therefore, measures can be introduced so as to direct management in concentrating on capitalizing on teaching and training programmes. Whatever the case may be, growth and innovation encompass the vital success dynamics for any knowledge-based organization (Kaplan and Norton, 1993). The following analysis will encompass the creation, analysis and discussion of a balanced scorecard for Facebook. It will take into account ascertainment of the

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    Mark Zuckerberg, 23, founded Facebook while studying psychology at Harvard University. A keen computer programmer, Mr Zuckerberg had already developed a number of social-networking websites for fellow students, including Coursematch, which allowed users to view people taking their degree, and Facemash, where you could rate people's attractiveness. In February 2004 Mr Zuckerberg launched "The facebook", as it was originally known; the name taken from the sheets of paper distributed to

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    Facebook Case Write-up Format: Name(s) on one-line header in upper right-hand corner (double clicks on the current header for editing), 1” margins all around, single-spaced with one blank line between paragraphs, block format (no indenting for paragraphs). Use bold internal headings to mark sections. (This page conforms to these format requirements.) PLEASE LIMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT TO 2 PAGES. Make your responses succinct and meaningful. Preparation: Read the Facebook case (which can be

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    During the first decade of the 21st century a popular and new word has come into our vocabulary. That word is Facebook. This is the most popular social networking website on the internet. If you haven’t heard about Facebook until reading this, then you must have been in a coma for the last 5 years. There are about 350 million active users on this website. The main idea of Facebook is that you can keep in touch with all your friends around the world who has Facebook. You can send messages to

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    1. Why do people (end user) use Facebook and what do they do when they are there? Nadkarni & Hofmann (2012) investigated the factors contributing to Facebook (hereafter FB) use based on the researches on psychology, technical features of FB, demography and personality of FB users, and suggested a dual-factor model of FB use. In accordance with the model, FB users are motivated by two essential needs: (1) the need to belong and (2) the need for self-presentation. The need to belong can be

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    3. MAIN STRATEGIC ISSUES WHICH FACEBOOK HAS TO ADDRESS 3.1 Company overview Facebook - operated by Facebook Inc, is one of the most popular social networking website by which registered users can create their profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues easily. It was first founded as a network for Harvard University in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and two of his roommates. Despite that Facebook’s primary operations are in the United States

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    Baker H. Alfarajat English 100 BC Page 7/17/2014 Essay #1 3rd draft Could the millions of Facebook users be lonely? Stephen Marche in his article “Is Facebook making us Lonely?”(The Atlantic Monthly) discusses whether Facebook makes people lonely or not. The author thinks that Facebook makes people lonely and isolated from their families or even from society. Also being lonely decreases the opportunity of exercising and increases the opportunity of illness. I believe that Facebook does not

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