• Comparing the Movie to the Man, "Shindlers List"

    Schindler makes sure to cultivate the right contacts to assure that he will secure his share. In 1939 Hitler invaded Poland. In real life, within a week of the invasion, Schindler moved to Krakow to find a way to benefit from the Nazis occupation. During this time he met Itzhak Stern. With money he borrowed from aquaintences of Stern’s, Schindler purchased a kitchenware factory and opened it in 1940 He hired Stern as his accountant and used Jews from Kracow ghetto as his work force. During this

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  • Organized Crime

    in the Italian ghetto areas of the burgeoning American cities of the industrial era (book,crim today). Members of the Mafia fled to the U.S and began forming criminal organizations here. Many meetings held in the U.S during the 1920s and 1930s helped settle the differences between Sicilians and Italians, define ways to prevent gang wars without violence and maximize profits(interview). The illegitimate manufacture and allocation of alcohol during temperance enhanced the wealth of innumerable

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  • Care

    and thus produce a political practice and thought based on false premises problematic to African American interests. The next example the book gives us is the Democratic coalition. The problem with this coalition is it was never made up of equals or semi-equals. This coalition was an alignment based on influences not power, and thus, subject to the interests and aspirations of the persons who control it. 3. Discuss the political economic status of the ghetto as an internal colony The

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  • David

    not being able to do anything with it. Also, since the poem is very short and uses different similes to describe the central theme of how no dreams will make life feel like it’s pointless. In the end, it all points to the fact that a life is not worth living if there is no purpose to it. “The Rose That Grew from Concrete” by Tupac Shakur The poem is about having ambitions goals and reaching them despite the circumstances and conflicts we are faced. Tupac uses symbolism to disguise himself as the rose and the ghetto as the concrete. The message sent is that it is very burdensome to survive the hard life in the ghetto and make something of yourself. [pic]

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  • Life on Reservation

    condition is even worse than a ghetto. Evidently, over 33% of the Reservation homes lack basic water and sewage systems as well as electricity. In a house of two or three bedrooms, the reports find out more than fifteen people is living under the same roof. Moreover, Alcoholism affects eight out of ten families on the Reservation. The death rate from alcohol-related problems on the Reservation is much higher than the remaining US population. The goal of this source is to educate readers about the

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  • Social Structure

    would be rather scared for their lives. They would not feel safe or protected like they do in their town of Franklin Lakes. They wouldn’t even have the same opportunities as the people from Newark do, and this would cause them to act different to the people in the Newark community. They would look as them as trashy, poor, and beneath them because they don’t have the same luxuries as they do. Another example of how the environment controls our interactions is the ghetto. This is a perfect example

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  • Shadow of Hate

    death in an alleyway in a German ghetto. Münnerstadt was found with an engraving of a swastika on his forehead and a sign around his neck labeled “KRAUT”. Throughout the history of the United States hatred toward people who are different from the American people when the Constitution stated that we are all the same. This “Shadow of Hate” has only brought darkness to our country and though we have made great leaps to end the darkness, there is still much to light up on the horizon.

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  • The Rose That Grew from Concrete Analysis

    . Perhaps he made it through by attending Following the opening lines, Shakur writes, “Proving nature's laws wrong it learned to walk without having feet” (3-4) The ghetto is not a thriving setting, and people who have to live in these difficult living conditions usually can't make it out, even through school because the education system is typically unfavorable. Nature's laws represent that, in the ghetto, you're not expected to make it out and make something good of yourself. It's the “law

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  • Geography Notes

    ghettoization, in don mills area. Article, Toronto star. <> this community is the closest thing Toronto has to a ghetto. Discrimination of minority is present, this environment is made by the people that live there and own the buildings. viii. e. You may want to use a video excerpt or any other visual aids ix. x.

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  • Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habbit

    generations because the first generation was Asian ghetto and the second generation was uptight American. Kim, feeling in the middle can choose to swing either way. Kim felt as if she didn’t understand the differences each culture had. For example Kim wasn’t able to get her ears pierced liked the other American kids. Kim, growing up rich soon realized she had to adjust to a regular and more simple lifestyle. When Kim moved out of the house where she lived, she did not see the brothers again until 2001

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  • Why the Reckless Survive

    monotone expression: Mona Lisa. Who Shot Johnny This article illustrates black America. The devastating effects of what happens by living in “a ghetto” such as getting shot. The aftermath is what being depicted about a family coming together to take care of the devastating effect. Yet, a family that does not derail from a positive path in the face of adversity is granted such a tragedy. All the rumors that will now e fulfilled with typical stereotypes of black America. Without considering there is good within such family that was just dealt a bad hand.

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  • Change

    There have been a lot of changes in my life. Whether global or personal, change will always have some sort of effect on whomever or whatever it may be applied to. Whether the change be good or bad is entirely up to the “victim”. A lot of the changes that had happened to me throughout my life, i.e. growing up poor and moving or growing up in the ghetto, I had originally thought to be terrible. I was a person that most would not want to be, one that I’m ashamed to say that I was. But as

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  • The Gray Zone by Primo Levi

    to make the decisions they made. Also he mentions since there were many implications that took part in the lager these events could have taken place anywhere else in the world. Terrence Des Pres, The Survivor Summary The Survivor by Terrence Des Pres discusses how prisoners survived in poor living conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto. He defines a survivor as, “…any man or women striving to keep life and spirit intact – not only those who returned, but the hundreds of thousands who stayed

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  • Racism

    Response to page 552 When a black person can walk down a country road in Podunk Alabama in the middle of the night and not be scared then America is on its way to ending racism. When a whit person can walk down a street in Compton strike that any hood/ghetto in America and not be worried about getting beat up, raped or killed then America is on its way to ending racism. When any other nationality/colored person can walk down a street in a neighborhood where they are not prominent and not get

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  • Hey You Beautiful

    the trough, cause she do not want to been seen with a white guy of volition. Cause if you are black, and live in a black neighborhood or a ghetto, you cannot hang around with white people. Mike does not have any hate to black people. Even after he got kick and beaten so much, which he ended up in hospital. He thinks, that it is all right what some black people does him, he is of cause hurt but he does not hate general black people or Connie. He just has a little hate to Connie’s friends, who

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  • Unique Names

    the ghetto. Those children are already put into a category that will already hinder that way they think or grow up. They end up following that path that their name already chooses for them. Some children end up escaping that path that was probably destine for them and grow smart individuals who attended college and give back to the society. However, when it comes to handing in the resume for a job. A source states that job applicants with white names had a 50% chance of getting a callback over

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  • Century World

    Century World (Ladies and gentlemen, I’m writing this off the top of my head and not checking my facts. They are essentially as laid out in this paper, but the sources are imaginary—just to illustrate how to document a scholarly paper.) The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Could Have Succeeded: But Would It Have Mattered? One of the most horrifying realities of World War II surrounded the genocide of millions of people the Axis Powers deemed inferior. Of those, the best known group was Jewish

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  • Schindlers List - Historic Analysis

    [SCHINDLER’S  LIST  BY  KAREN  JØRGENSEN]   1 Schindler’s List The movie, by Steven Spielberg, stretches over 6 years, from 1939 to 1945, at the beginning World War II to the end of the Nazi regime. The movie follows Oskar Schindler, a Nazi made famous by saving 1.100 Jews from Auschwitz IIBirkenau. In 1939, the Nazis relocated the Polish Jews to the Krakow Ghetto, divided into two sections: A (Jews able to work) and B (Elderly and the infirm) as World War II began. Oskar

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  • Ghfjksghfds

    Troy Evans Language December 2nd 2010 Eminem’s life has been full of ups and downs. He went from having no money in the ghetto of Detroit to being a famous millionaire rap star icon. He dropped out of high school after failing 9th grade three times. Then he turned to music. He constantly read the dictionary so he could have a srong vocabulary. Marshall was entering underground rap battles to prove himself in the music industry. It was a lot harder for him to do this since he was white

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  • Mila 18

    , I was sad when they broke apart. The main reason why this book hit a chord with me was that it taught me what true courage is, what true strength is and what true love is. It is easy to be able to have any of that when life is easy but when pushed into a corner forced to live in sub human conditions and practically starved, that is when the true shows of courage, strength and love brought fourth. Over 600,000 Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and criminals were crammed into a ghetto only a few city

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  • Business and the Mexican - American Community

    sum, the disadvantaged Mexican-American consumer typically perceives the business community in a favorable light. Community Businesses Business practices and adaptation. Given the generally favorable attitudes of the East Los Angeles residents toward the local retailing community, one might question the popular assumption that low-income consumers in ghetto areas are the victims of high prices, inferior merchandise, high interest rates, and poor treatment The analysis of business

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  • The Accounts of a Young German Girl (June 1935- August 1935)

    hope for me but I believe now she didn’t have a clue what was really going on. A month or so later, at the end of July 1935, after passing by the ghetto I caught a glimpse of Helena walking home from her new school after not being allowed to attend to the same school as I. She was with her younger brother and sister, and I yelled out to her, “Helena!” My dear friend looked up and saw me waving ecstatic. I ran over to the fence and handed her a cloth filled with sweet treats my mother had baked

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  • Orthodox Judaism Schindler List Review

    workers from the Krakow ghetto, falsified documents to the government stating that the workers were needed for the war effort, so that these workers wouldn’t be sent to concentration camps or killed. As Schindler gained more wealth and power he had more experiences which tested his every moral fiber of his being and affected the decisions he made. After the Nazi completed a new concentration camp in Plaszow, they received orders to exterminate all the Jews in the Krakow ghetto in which Schindler

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  • Holocuast Notes

    standing ghetto, had the most Jews and is where the jewish rebellion/uprising started * Mass killing of a race * People that fough Nazi’s through different methods * People(100) that he saved from the factory by creating his own ghetto and then sent them to another of his and kept them alive * Adolf Ikeman, testified bringing Nazi atrocities to light, testifying against the Nazis and showing off the horrors. * When Germany had no clue what to do with the Jews because their

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  • Inden

    the stereotypical face of a ghetto woman in Detroit. In an episode that aired in 1997 titled, “Martin: Power to the People’s Court”, Sheneneh gets into a car accident and she makes the comment “I don’t [have any car insurance], Tommy, and now I ain’t goin’ to be able to get none is what I’m tryna tell you!” This reinforced the stereotype that African American women drive around without car insurance. Sheneneh isn’t alone when it comes to these types of characters; in the Barbershop film series there was Eddie the barber.

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  • Making a Difference

    Making a Difference Essay The song I chose was “Harlem Streets” by Immortal Technique. This artist is known for frequently speaking out against the government and addressing many issues in society. One of the topics addressed on the song is minimum wage, “And you can’t raise a family on minimum wage, Why do you think most of us are locked in the cage.” Immortal Technique describes how the minimum wage is so low it is not enough to raise a family so many people in the ghetto have to resort

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  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Could Have Succeeded: but Would It Have Mattered?

    Sample Term Paper HIST 3309: (Ladies and gentlemen, I’m writing this off the top of my head and not checking my facts. They are essentially as laid out in this paper, but 20th Century World the sources are imaginary—just to illustrate how to document a scholarly paper.) The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Could Have Succeeded: But Would It Have Mattered? One of the most horrifying realities of World War II surrounded the genocide of millions of people the Axis Powers deemed inferior. Jewish. Of

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  • Hana Suitecas

    story, she discovers that Hana was sent to live in Theresienstadt, a Jewish ghetto, and eventually died at Auschwitz. However, as devastating as this is for Fumiko and the children at the Center to find out, they also learn that Hana had an older brother who survived the Holocaust and was now living with his family in Canada. Fumiko and the children write to George Brady, asking him to share Hana’s story with them. Weeks later, Fumiko receives a package from Canada, which includes a letter from

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  • Public Speaking

    Name SPCH275 DeVry University Date: August 3, 2014 Professor: Dr. Shane Gunderson Great Speeches Assignment: Majora Carter’s Greening the Ghetto Context Majora Carter’s “Greening the Ghetto” presentation is part of TED Talks, which took place in February 2006 in Monterey, CA. The topic of her speech was about the cause and affect of how sustainable development will save the South Bronx and other urban areas from themselves. Her example of the abandoned dog that she found and the

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  • Fate of Jews in Minsk

    Bolshevik Party began their political lives as members of specifically Jewish political parties.  When the Second World War hit Minsk, the Jewish population had already consisted of more than 100,000 people (more than 50% of total population), because of numerous refugees from Western Belorussia. Majority was imprisoned in the ghetto, which had been established on 20 July 1941 at the outskirts of the city, close to the Jewish cemetery. Only a few Jews managed to escape from the city in the six

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  • Identity

    relationship with his daughter. Lastly, in the article “Black Men and Public Space,” Brent Staples’ identity changed when he realized how people in Chicago viewed his skin color. Being an African-American male, he was automatically judged. According to Staples, “It also made it clear that I was indistinguishable from the muggers who occasionally seeped into the area from the surrounding ghetto”(19). Staples whistled melodies from classical composers while walking down the streets of Chicago to prove he was not a threat. In conclusion, drastic life experiences can often mold a person’s identity. These experiences can either be positive or negative. We cannot always control these experiences, but we can control how to react to them.

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  • Ethics in Business Communications:

    every single day, even more so in the work place. The article titled, “Get the ghetto out of the store”, was very hard to read without feeling shame on the society that we live in. In the state of Virginia, McDonalds restaurants have been subject to racial and sexual harassment. All 10 plaintiffs have come forward and admitted that supervisors would use racial slur at word. The supervisors were using words like, “ghetto”, “ratchet”, and “dirty Mexican”. Furthermore, according to the article, “A

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  • Debate Paper

    Monitor while recipients were tested only a small percent tested positive for drugs. Most times people try to live within their means. Just because a person lives within a certain area does not make them just like their neighbors. Everyone who lives in a gated community is not a doctor, lawyer, or judge. The same can be said about someone who lives in the “ghetto”. Everyone who lives in the ghetto is not a criminal, drug dealer or user. By drug testing welfare recipients we stereotype these people

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  • Chopper

    Untold Truths of the Ghetto Imagine growing up in a place you’re never destined to leave. For most growing up in the ghetto, this is what happens. As a result, those on the outside don’t get the chance to hear what really goes on in the inside. Instead, the outsider’s perception of life on the inside is made up from what they can see. However, some people, like rapper Lupe Fiasco, manage to escape the ghetto and tell the truths of the inside. Lupe Fiasco is widely considered to be

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  • Oskar Schindler -- Wartime Saviour or Wartime Profiteer?

    ‘Whoever saves one life saves the world entire,’ read a ring presented to Oskar Schindler by his Jewish workers on the eve of their liberation from Nazi Germany. A German businessman, Schindler had hired 1100 Jews to perform the labour in his enamelware & munitions factories during the perilous time of The Holocaust - starting as a business decision to take advantage of cheaper workers, eventually his empathic connection with the terror experienced during the liquidation of the Kraków ghetto

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  • Racial

    be a trend that goes on. Some of these areas are classified as the “ghetto”. “The emergence of the black ghetto did not happen by chance, but was the result of the deliberate housing policies of the federal, state, and local governments and the intentional actions of individual American citizens. As a result, the creation of the urban ghetto has had a lasting impact on America. The consequences include: a lack of capital in inner city communities, segregated minority neighborhoods, and

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  • Docx

    I Was a Member of the Kung Fu Crew People dress differently depending on culture and life style. In this story, the author is trying to say, people adopt new things and quit old ones but people do not really change. A guy who grew up in a ghetto town and member of the kung fu crew used to dress a little strange and had long hair. He went to a college and identified as a punk and a nerd because of his kung fu style. But in college, kung fu crew students were not the only ones dressed

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  • Dfdfdfdf

    relationship with her mother. She was beaten on repeatedly and neglected by her own mother. She also dealt with sexual abuse having been raped by her own father. Precious has two children both with her own father.  The movie precious shows a young women that deals with sexual, physical and challenge with society and overcomes and gets help to face all her challenges. Precious is a sixteen year-old illiterate obese teenager who has grown up in the Ghetto of Harlem in a dysfunctional family. Her

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  • "Night" Essay Euh

    Ryan Hutchinson When living is making life hell just keep on moving forward. In the book, Night by Elie Wiesel, he writes about his catastrophic experiences as a child going through and handling the absurd actions of Hitler and his Nazi Army. He explains his experience through all of it from moving from his house to another ghetto, to going to the concentration camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald. At just thirteen this was a life altering and extremely tragic event that occurred in his young life

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  • Race, Urban Poverty, and Public Policy

    The problems of race and urban poverty remain pressing challenges which the United States has yet to address. Changes in the global economy, technology, and race relations during the last 30 years have necessitated new and innovative analyses and policy responses. A common thread which weaves throughout many of the studies reviewed here is the dynamics of migration. In When Work Disappears, immigrants provide comparative data with which to highlight the problems of ghetto poverty affecting

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  • Franz Kafka

    and Helnrich who had died at six months. Kafka was around six when both brothers had deceased. He also had three younger sisters Gabriele who went by Elli (1889-1941), Valerie who went by Valli (1890-1941) and Ottillie who went by Ottla (1892-1943). Each sister and their families were sent to Łódź Ghetto and died there or in concentration camps. Ottillie the youngest of the sisters was believed to have been sent to a concentration camp in Theresienstadt and then to a death camp in Auschwitz

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  • Specific Gravity of Propylenely

    Sample Term Paper HIST 3309: 20th Century World (Ladies and gentlemen, I’m writing this off the top of my head and not checking my facts. They are essentially as laid out in this paper, but the sources are imaginary—just to illustrate how to document a scholarly paper.) The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Could Have Succeeded: But Would It Have Mattered? One of the most horrifying realities of World War II surrounded the genocide of millions of people the Axis Powers deemed inferior. Jewish. Of

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  • Warsaw Ghetto

    Life in the Warsaw Ghetto In September 1939 the Germans took control of Poland and Warsaw after a three week siege. There was no love lost between the Germans and the Poles and it soon became clear that the Nazis, considering themselves a 'Master Race', valued Polish life at next to nothing. As was later demonstrated, on an unprecedented scale, this was one step up from the value they put on Jewish life. There were about 350,000 Jews in the Warsaw city before the war. There were the second

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  • Case Study of Andre

    Andre is a 19-year-old African American male who comes to you for crisis counseling. He grew up in an urban ghetto and had some gang affiliations when he was in high school. He dropped out his junior year and sold drugs for the gang for a year. Three months ago, he got clean and enrolled in a GED program. He is trying to find his identity, and he is coming to terms with the fact that he is gay. Think about your own attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, and skills surrounding this situation. First

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  • Hius 222 Video Review 1

    Jewish girl who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto and wrote in her diary about the great number of children left to be orphans because their parents were killed and how this affected them. She talked about how malnourished they were and how they looked like monkeys instead of children. These words were chilling in themselves, but to view the video of these small children ranging in ages of three years old and up made you want to cry. This documentary also highlights the thoughts of soldiers fighting this

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  • Hello World

    Sample Term Paper HIST 3309: 20th Century World (Ladies and gentlemen, I’m writing this off the top of my head and not checking my facts. They are essentially as laid out in this paper, but the sources are imaginary—just to illustrate how to document a scholarly paper.) The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Could Have Succeeded: But Would It Have Mattered? One of the most horrifying realities of World War II surrounded the genocide of millions of people the Axis Powers deemed

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  • How to Tell If You Might Be Ghetto

    shower, scrubbed my skin to pink with a scrunchie sponge, and washed my clothes, hair and threw back a swig of mouth wash (I think that office stench wound up reaching the back of my throat).... I started thinking....Comedian Steve Harvey made jokes in a show. He used the term "Ghetto" while making jokes about a person not unlike that woman in my son's school office. Is that what they mean when they say someone is ghetto?? What really is ghetto? or What does it mean to be ghetto?? Is it a state

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  • Atuo

    Mecca Wright HSS 405 Prof. Brooks January 31, 2012 Autobiography I remember when I was a child; my elders use to always say, “Girl, you’re a baby. Don’t grow up too fast. It’s hard out here.” But what they fail to realize is that as a black person, born into the ghetto, I had no other choice but to grow up fast. I was born and raised in the crazy city of Newark, New Jersey. I do not think it gets any worse than that. I’m black and I live in Newark. It is stated, African Americans

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  • Crack Epidemic

    In 80s and 90s the crack epidemic took over the ghetto world and played a big role in developing hip hop music. Black Americans even sung about it in their songs. Drug dealers distributed crack in black neighborhoods and got them involved into that business. For African Americans it was a way to earn money and get out of ghetto. Especially back then when they were discriminated. So, the crack epidemic and hip hop back in 80s and 90s went hand in hand. It was very interesting to read the "Dark

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  • Fireweed

    . Giles house, he breaks down. Baluta lives a lives a poor life in the ghetto of an unknown city, in the US, together with Jato and Sama. They live in a ghetto (A ghetto is an area of apartments, which are often cheap to live in and densely populated). That shows at the 8th line of the text. “Baluta washed in the shower, cold after his brother and sister-in-law had had theirs.” It shows that they are poor, because they have not got enough hot water for three people to shower in the morning. The

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