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  • Hr Practices in P&G

    organized a lot of activities, such as Sports Meeting, Singing competitions, etc. Also sponsored by company, we have set up our basketball club, badminton club, and other clubs. All of these really make their lives more colorful. ( HR Issues at Procter and Gamble In today’s competitive world, organizations face challenges related to human resource management. An organization’s performance is critically influenced by the quality of human resource management. In spite of the fact

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  • Hr Practices in Dhaka City Corporation

    important issue in the socio-economic arena in Bangladesh. Human resource development is directly related to the organizational goal. An effective human resource development practice is required for the accomplishment of organizational goal. Purpose: This paper sets out to explore the Human Resources Management practices in Dhaka City Corporation. It briefly discusses the literature about all the activities that come under the banner of HRM in Dhaka City Corporation. Method: Questionnaire method

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  • Comparism of Hr Practices in China and Pakistan

    A COMPARISM OF HR POLICIES AND PRACTICES IN CHINA AND PAKISTAN INTRODUCTION  The introduction of globalization has brought an awareness of the differences in partaking in business activities from one country to the other and from region to region. This is because policies and structures that guide the successful conduct of business activities vary.  Human Resource is the most important asset for any organization as it is the source of achieving competitive advantage as well as the development

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  • Hr Practices

    I. Introduction Human resources are the source of achieving competitive advantage because of its capability to convert the other resources (money, machine, methods and material) in to output (product/service). The competitor can imitate other resources like technology and capital but the human resource are unique. According to Khatri (1999), people are one of the most important factors providing flexibility and adaptability to organizations. Rundle (1997) argues that one needs to bear in mind

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  • Hr Services

    HR Service Hub- Service Commitment 1. Purpose This document outlines the core Monash HR services delivered through the HR Hubs and supported by the HR Centres of Expertise to the Australian staff of Monash University. It sets out the services, the key performance metrics, service quality assurance and issue resolution process. 2. Vision and values Our vision is to be seen as integral to the success and reputation of Monash University by delivering exceptional HR strategy, service and solutions

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  • Hr Practices Google

    Google Hr HR PRACTICES IN GOOGLE 1. Building innovation into job descriptions: '20 percent time' Technical employees are required to spend 80% of their time on the core search and advertising businesses, and 20% on technical projects of their own choosing." "Employees' work structure follows a '70/20/10' model, 2. Eliminating friction at every turn: ensuring change can happen quickly and efficiently Google’s approach to innovation is highly improvisational. Any engineer in the company has

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  • Hr Practice

    HR PRACTICES OF WIPRO STUDENT UNDERTAKING This is to certify that we have completed the Project titled “H R P r a c t i c e s o f W I P R O ” under the guidance of Prof Sana Danani in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of Bachelor of Management Studies at Rizvi College of Arts, Seience & commerce. This is an original piece of work & we have not submitted it earlier elsewhere. ROLL NO. 105 86 100 89 71 NAME: Jyoti Singh Atul kumar Pandey Muzaffar Shaikh Asim Qureshi

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  • Hr Practice of Sebl

    Human resource Management Practices of Southeast Bank Limited Executive Summary The banking system plays a critical role in underpinning economic development of any country. On that view Southeast Bank Limited, Agargaon Branch was opened on December 29, 2002. Now they are one of the leading banks in Bangladesh. Actually the bank gets a good position in the market for their diversified services. Employees are the most valuable assets in the origination. Human Resource Department is responsible

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  • Hr Mdgs in Practice

    Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals in Practice: A review of country strategies and reporting UNITED NATIONS Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals in Practice: A review of country strategies and reporting UNITED NATIONS New York and Geneva, 2010 Note The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning the

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  • Hr Practices

    Rashard Lewis July 7, 2013 MGT 510 Effective HR Practices In the early 1990’s, the liberalization of India’s economy and growth in international investment increased the demands of legal services for multinational corporations. With this demand, the legal service market in India became more competitive for corporate legal advice. High attrition rate and foreign law firm had become a major issue causing movement of partners and associates amongst legal firms. Singhania and Partners, an

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  • Certificate in Hr Practice

    Contract: Permanent Hours: 37 hours per week Reference: HRO/236 Are you an experienced HR Officer looking for a new challenge? This exciting new role, working within our existing HR team, will suit someone with a certificate in personnel practice (or equivalent HR qualification), who enjoys working in a fast paced challenging environment. The role will involve assisting in the provision of comprehensive, professional HR solutions which support the business. Working in close partnership with managers

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  • Customer Service Principles and Practices

    Introduction Hello my name is Hannah Lewis I am currently studying an advanced certificate in Business, as part of my customer service module I have to select a Business and prepare a comprehensive evaluation of its organisational structure and analyse the impact of their customer service principles and practices. The Business I have Chosen is a Family run Bar and Restaurant Called Teac Sean Ruas. This business is located in a seaside tourist resort in Bundoran Co. Donegal. In the summer months

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  • Hr Practice

    knowledge of caregivers plays a crucial role. Simple life saving newborn care practices could save those babies, such as drying and wrapping, early initiation of exclusive breastfeeding, tactile stimulation and resuscitation, care of eyes, skin and umbilical cord, special care of low birth weight babies and early referral to a trained provider when they are sick. However, most families do not know about these simple care practices. After the neonatal period, acute respiratory infections (ARI), diarrhoea

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  • Hr Practices in Ibm

    like IBM to be known for, but no matter how big we become, I want this company to be known as the company which has the greatest respect for the individual.” Over the years, IBM has implemented a number of innovative programs, policies and practices that demonstrate and sustain respect for its employees. Among them are the “Open Door” policy, the Speak Up! program, comprehensive employee opinion surveys, and effective internal communications and informational media, such as Business Machines

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  • India Hr Practices

    most effective manner. I have prepared a comprehensive discussion on my agenda to carry out this responsibility. First, I discuss the current and projected future business environment within India, including cultural and societal trends and best practices for HRM. Second, I discuss how Microsoft can strategically and effectively take advantage of business opportunity and growth within India, from a global HRM perspective. Third, I discuss my specific strategies related to HRM as a newly appointed

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    RIAZ ARSALAN ZAFAR FOR GRADING: COMMENTS: MARKS SECURED: Disclaimer This project report has been prepared by the authors as Students of Human Resource management in “University of management and Technology Lahore” in cooperation with the “HR Department of Shokhat khanam memorial cancer hospital Lahore” for academic purposes only. The views expressed in the report are personal to the students and do not necessarily reflect the view of the hospital or any of its staff or personnel and do

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    Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations 3MER 1.1 2 internal factors which impact on the employment relationship Pay - It is well known that pay helps to motivate and even retain staff in most cases, but nowadays it is not just the financial rewards that employees are seeking, its possibility of career enhancement and training opportunities. If employees know that they are being appreciated and groomed for greater things then this could have a positive impact on

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  • Hr Practices in Tata Consultancy Services

    In terms of specific sectors, the IT Enabled Services sector was hit since a majority of Indian IT firms derive 75% or more of their revenues from the United States--a classic case of having put all eggs in one basket. Since Fortune 500 companies slashed their IT budgets, Indian firms were adversely affected. Instead of looking at the scenario as a threat, the sector could do well to focus on product innovation (as opposed to merely providing services). If this is done, India can emerge as a major

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  • Hr Practices

    those doctors? > 3. 60% NASA scientists are India I would certainly want to check that number. But are you one of those NASA scientists? > 4. We are THE RISHEST ethnic group in America, richer than white and Jew. Great! So what charitable service have you done for India lately? > 5. Intel Pentium CPU is the basis of Intel. Intel Pentium CPU is created by Indian. I am glad it wasn't you. > 6. Microsoft is the core of American prowess. 40% of Microsoft engineers are Indians. Without

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  • Hr Practices in Gp Limited

    A Report On HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited Prepared For M. Nazmul Amin Majumder BRAC Business School, BRAC University Prepared By Sabit Rahman Tanim ID: 12264021, Sec.-01 MBA Program [pic] BRAC University Date of Submission: 20 April 2014 LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 20 April

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    Anim Poultr Aqua 1.8 B Renat three formu by bu Sou 3 HR mal Health P ry Products- E Products- R Business A ta is one of th decades alrea ulations like t usiness unit of urce: Official R Practices in Products Enrocin Rena Fish, Ren Activities he leading ph ady. With all tablets, capsu f' last year is g l n Renata Lim naquine 10%, harmaceutical the modern ules, syrups, given in Char mited , Biomin pond companies o facilities Ren ointments, cr rt 1. dlife of

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    HR PRACTICES: Safe, Healthy and Happy Workplace Creating a safe, healthy and happy workplace will ensure that your employees feel homely and stay with your organization for a very long time. Capture their pulse through employee surveys. Open Book Management Style Sharing information about contracts, sales, new clients, management objectives, company policies, employee personal data etc. ensures that the employees are as enthusiastic about the business as the management. Through this open

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  • The Role of Consultancy Firm (Hr Active) in Implementing Modern Hr Practices in the Corporate World

    resources strategies, policies and programs. HR Zone is basically a “One Stop Shop” for especially Professional Training & Development and all of your HR related enquiries with ample information on HR articles, definitions, updates regarding policies changes and other services that HR Zone offers. However, the HR Zone is to provide all Corporate and HR professionals with up to date practical information, training resources, advice, reports, assignments, HR glossary guidelines and tools that can be

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  • Comparative Study of Hr Policies and Practices of Indian It Sector: an Analysis of Tcs, Wipro, Cyberthink & Pitney Bowes

    Comparative study of HR Policies and Practices of Indian IT Sector: An Analysis of TCS, WIPRO, Cyberthink & Pitney Bowes - Sunita Shukla, Dr. Akshat Dubey and Dr. Savita Singh Abstract: This article provides an comparative analysis of HR practices followed by high growth IT Industry. Four major IT companies wiz. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), WIPRO Infotech, Cyberthink infotech Pvt. Ltd., Pitney Bowes Map info were selected for the purpose of the study. HR policies and practices of these four IT

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  • Hr Practices

    Discuss what human resource practices you would recommend that Technology Consultants change. Technology Consultants need to take the time to improve their human resource practices. They need to focus more on personnel practices because they are the ones who reach out to customers’ needs and wants which in turn results in satisfied customers and a profitable organization. They need to also pay closer attention to the selection process. Hiring employees who are qualified and possess the skills necessary

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  • Hr Practice in Beximco Pharmacuticals Ltd.

    function Beximco Pharma (BPL) is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh and is acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and outstanding professional services. Its strategic strengths include strong recognition of brands, highly skilled work force and diversified business mix. Being a Learning Organization the core essence of Beximco Pharma is its entrepreneurial spirit in every sphere of its management

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  • Hr Service Request

    HR Service Request 08/07/2014 BSA/375 University of Phoenix Abstract This paper will identify and describe the integration of existing HR tools into a single application as well as provide background on the information gathering tools and techniques utilized in order to provide a more sophisticated, state-of-the-art information systems technology in the human resources department of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. HR Service Request Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. has requested an enhancement

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  • All the Best Consultancy (Abc) Services, Bangladesh

    About ABC Services Bangladesh: [Applying Accurate Business Concepts-Ensuring profitable Return] A balance team only can win the match. It’s all about the team spirit. Considering that in mind, we are planning to create a pool of talent who has experience, best professional records, expert not only in problem solving but also offering best solution and last but not least the “can-do” attitude which ensure the success in right time. We believe in “doing the job accurately from the beginning”

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  • Certificate in Hr Practice Unit 1

    Certificate in HR Practice Unit 1 – Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner Assessment Activity – 4DEP-F301A-(HR) Issued on 12th January 2015 Name: Activity 1 – Understanding the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective HR practitioner Summary of the CIPD’s HR Professional Map (HRPM) The HR Professional Map (HRPM) was introduced by the CIPD to help HR professionals to find their current levels of professional competence in their HR profession

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  • Pre-Service Teaching Practice

    THE PRE-SERVICE TEACHING PRACTICE IN SYLLABUS D OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE MAJOR AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HOLGUÍN. AUTHORESS: Beatriz María Chang Peña. TUTORESS: Lena Álvarez Monterrey. English Language Major 2013-2014 INTRODUCTION: The English Language Major, as all university majors in Cuba, comprises three main components: academic, pre-professional practice and research. Students generally respond in a more positive way to the academic component than to the pre-professional practice and research

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  • Hr Services

    Human Resources services would you categorise as Transactional, Traditional and Transformational. Transactional services are those which are daily practices which are essential to the management of all Human Resource (HR) practices. These “micro” services have a low impact on the business strategy at hand but ensure smooth maintenance of operations (Wright, McMahan, Snell & Gerhart, 1998). Such examples may include payroll processing and record-keeping, general employee services. Traditional

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  • Hr Practices

    resources management in enterprises. The aim of the paper is the analysis of utilization of IT in human resources management in high-tech enterprises in the USA. These practices will be presented in following areas: recruitment and selection, development and training, performance management, motivation, talent management, employee self-service systems. There will be also presented results of studies on the utilization of IT tools in HRM conducted in Polish enterprises. Results of conducted survey shows

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  • Tata Consultancy Services Case

    ------------------------------------------------- Tata Consultancy Services Tata Consultancy Services Limited | | Type | Public company | Traded as | BSE: 532540 NSE: TCS | Industry | IT services IT consulting | Founded | 1968 | Headquarters | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | Area served | Worldwide | Key people | Ratan Tata (Chairman) S Ramadorai (VC) N. Chandrasekaran (CEO & MD) | Products | TCS Bancs Digital Certification Products Healthcare Management Systems | Services | Outsourcing BPO Software

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  • Hr Practice

    internship report entitled ‘Strategies of Human Resource: A Study On Grameenphone Ltd’ I have done my internship in Grameenphone Limited during three months attachment period. I did the internship study as a part of my job. The report focuses on the HR (Human Resource Management) strategies of Grameenphone Limited. This report has been submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), Major in Human Resource Management, Faculty of Business

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  • Hr Practices

    organization are achieved. The company has set itself very ambitious goals. Achieving these goals would require leveraging of its talent pool. The Context Industry Scenario According to the annual NASSCOM Survey on performance of the IT Software and Services Industry in India, the Indian IT – ITES industry recorded an overall growth of 30.7% as against a projected growth of 27%. They clocked revenues of USD 39.6 billion in FY 06 – 07 up from USD 30.3 billion in FY 05 – 06. The survey also projects that

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  • Best Hr Practices

    The Best HR Practices That Successful Companies Practice! Why are employees in some companies happy to stick with the company while others look for a change? The reason is that some companies know how to take good care of their employees and provide a working environment that helps them retain their identity, while proving themselves and growing along with the company. Here are some of the best HR practices that help in the creation of a highly satisfied and motivated work force. Work Environment

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  • Innovative Hr Practices in It


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  • Hr Practice

    resources and learning and development (HR/L&D) within an organisation and the environmental context. By the end of this unit the learner will have developed their understanding of how HR activities support an organisation’s strategy and assist the achievement of business objectives and how these are shaped by internal and external factors. This unit is suitable for persons who:  are aspiring to, or embarking on, a career in HR/L&D  are working in the field of HR/L&D in a support role and wish to

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  • Tata Consulting Services Case Analysis

    MidtermStrategic Management Case Analysis –Tata Consulting ServicesMarch 3rd, 2016 | Concordia University John Molson School of business 1. Problem statement According to the case, in the fiscal year of 2007, TCS made revenue of 4.3 billion USD, and had three goals by 2010. It wanted to reach revenue of $10 billion, differentiate itself from Indian competitors, and target the industry’s global leaders. TCS understood that in order to remain India's largest IT service company and achieve it's "10

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  • Hr Practices in Unilever

    HR Practices in Unilever Our total employee strength, as of December 31, 2009, was 15,466. We also had 18,210 variable manpower including 800 fixed-term and temporary contract employees. We encourage employment of local residents in our manufacturing operations depending upon availability of skills. Our employee relations policy recognizes the freedom of association and collective bargaining. Our company follows a collective bargaining process while finalizing long-term settlements in all supply

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  • Novartis Hr Practices

    HR Practices in Novartis Bangladesh Contents Executive Summary .................................................................................................................................... 2 Introduction ................................................................................................................................................. 3 Company Background ....................................................................................................................

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  • Hr Practice of Janata Bank

    Human Resource Management Practices in Janata Bank Limited: A Study on Dhaka University Campus Corporate Branch Salma BBA Program 2014 (17th Batch) Roll No: 109 Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Thoufiqul Islam Associate Professor Department of Management Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Date of Submission: 28th February, 2015 1.1 Introduction The concept of HRM became popular in the early 1980s; since then there has been increasing interest in the academic

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  • Hr Practices

    Resource Management Practices: A Case Study of South Asian Countries Rafique Ahmed Khan Faculty of Management Science Bahria University Karachi, Pakistan Mohammad Khasro Miah School of Business North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh Amir Manzoor Faculty of Management Science Bahria University Karachi, Pakistan ABSTRACT Purpose: The central point of this study was to demonstrate the similarity and difference of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices amongst the countries

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  • Effective Hr Practices

    Center for Effective Organizations HR AS A STRATEGIC PARTNER: WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN? CEO PUBLICATION G 03-2 (430) EDWARD E. LAWLER III SUSAN A. MOHRMAN Center for Effective Organizations Marshall School of Business University of Southern California January 2003 Center for Effective Organizations - Marshall School of Business U n i v e r s i t y o f S o u t h e r n C a l i f o r n i a - L o s A n g e l e s, C A 9 0 0 8 9 – 0 8 0 6 (2 1 3) 7 4 0 - 9 8 1 4 FAX (213) 740-4354 http://www

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  • Hr Practices

    Organization, 2011) Since the union has protected rights even in the constitution, employers must take their relations with the unions of their workers very seriously. Some practices are deemed unfair labour practices whether direct or indirect, and include things such as unfair hiring, firing, demoting, and even disciplinary practices. In these cases, where the worker is part of a union and is reported to the union, a hearing will occur and a verdict instated. If the employer is not content with the

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  • Tata Consultancy Services

    Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that delivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm could match. TCS provides a consulting, integrated portfolio of IT and IT services delivered via its unique Global Network Delivery Model. TCS’s ability to deliver high-quality services and solution is unsurpassed. It is the world’s first organization to achieve an Enterprise-wide Maturity Level 5 on both CMMI and P-CMM

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  • Ab Bank Hr Practices

    RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION The AB Bank recruitment process is a strict and rigid multi-step process based upon certain core principles used by the bank and its Human Resource (HR) division. When recruiting among the number of factors taken into consideration, Core Competence is given the highest amount of weight. Core Competence is the basic knowledge of the job and potential to maximize that knowledge. Other factors taken into consideration are adaptability, learning potential, ethics and integrity

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  • Hr Practice in Bangladesh

    This study also attempted to understand the financial conditions of Berger paints on different segments such as profitability and solvency. The purpose is also to make recommendations for improving the company operations and soundness of different services provided to the customers of BPBL. It is also the purpose of the researcher to help the management by providing an idea to take appropriate decisions about the quality of operations and cost-efficiency in future. 4. Scope of the study The

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  • Hr Practice of Brac Bank Bangladesh

    Because it is human resource without which the other elements of business- land, capital, enterprise, can result nothing. With the effort of human resource all his land, labor, capital, enterprise form a proper adjustment to do business. So the HR practice in an organization becomes a major fact to the modern world. The world is tremendously competitive now. In every sphere of life and business, competition has become more and more furious. Every firm tries to obtain and retain efficient employees

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  • Hr Policy and Practices

    Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this report is to study the HR Policies and practices in Stock broking Firms in Investment financial Sector. Methodology: in this study, we intended to assess the HR policies and practices in stock broking companies. Primary data based on three stock broking firms and secondary data based on 10 research paper were analyzed to assess HR policies and practices by stock broking firms. For this study, many factors are consider for further analyzed like recruitment

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