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  • Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth the Risk?

    1) Introduction Cosmetic surgery is a subset of plastic surgery. Also known as reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery was first performed in India around 800 BC by Sushruta, along with Charak. It was originally intended and reserved to assist wounded and deformed soldiers in war. Plastic surgery is carried out to fix a body part or facial feature that is abnormal and reconstruct it to make it appear normal. However, in today’s society where priority is often placed on physical beauty and a

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  • Giants in Cosmetics

    among the biggest spenders on beauty products anywhere. But the world's largest cosmetics company, L'Oréal SA, has faltered in Brazil. The reason: Brazilian women from the banks of the Amazon to Sao Paulo's slums and the affluent beach communities of Rio de Janeiro have traditionally bought their skin creams and mascaras from door-to-door sales representatives, not the shops where L'Oréal sells its brands. Cosmetics giant L'Oreal is trying to change the way Brazilian women buy makeup. WSJ's Christina

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  • Bangladesh

    STIPEND PROGRAM IN BANGLADESH Janet Raynor, University of London Institute of Education Kate Wesson, Open University, Milton Keynes Citation Raynor, Janet, Wesson, Kate (2006). The Girls’ Stipend Program in Bangladesh. Journal of Education for International Development 2:2. Retrieved from’StipendPrograminBangladesh.pdf on [insert month] [insert day], [insert year]. Abstract The Female Stipend Program (FSP) was created in 1982 in Bangladesh to help increase

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  • Cosmetics

    A Study on Purchase Pattern of Cosmetics among Consumers in Kerala Dr. Vinith Kumar Nair* Dr. Prakash Pillai R* Introduction Understanding behaviour of consumers is a key to the success of business organizations. Marketing personnel are constantly analyzing the patterns of buying behaviour and purchase decisions to predict the future trends. Consumer behaviour can be explained as the analysis of how, when, what and why people buy. Consumer behavior can be understood as: "The decision process and

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  • Bangladesh

    t r i b u t i o n o f U N F PA a n d I P P F Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report DFID Department for International Development Addressing the Reproductive Health Needs and Rights of Young People since ICPD: The contribution of UNFPA and IPPF Bangladesh Country Evaluation Report September 2003 Written by: Alanagh Raikes Malabika Sarker Hashima-e-Nasreen For: UNIVERSITY OF HEIDELBERG UNFPA and IPPF Evaluation: Bangladesh Country Report CONTENTS Acronyms............

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  • Bangladesh

    in the year 1871 with its main activities situated in Burma. Then in the year 1903, they established their “Moheshkhal Oil Installation” at Chittagong in the year 1903. And finally in year 1985, BOC transferred its entire property in Bangladesh in favor of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation. Then in year 1988 the company was named “Padma Oil Company” Padma’s current business line is of procurement, storage and marketing of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, LUBRICANTS AND GREASES, BITUMEN, LPG AND manufacturing

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  • Male Cosmetics

    product in the eyes of the consumer. In recent years cosmetic marketers have found ways to attract the male market by changing up their marketing strategy, image, and approach. Fortunately many cosmetic giants have found great success is selling everything from hair products to nail polish to the younger male population, and they are even beginning to penetrate the older generations as well. Although this market has brought great returns for cosmetic companies, there is still abundant potential to be

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic Surgery Contents 1. Introduction…………………………………………………………… 3 2. The history and definition……………………………………………..3 3.1 Definition of cosmetic surgery………………………………………3 3.2 Development of cosmetic surgery…………………………………..3 3. The reasons for cosmetic surgery……………………………………..5 4.3 The reasons for females………………………………………………5 4.4 The reasons for males………………………………………………..5 4.5 The reasons for younger generation…………………………………6 4.6 The reasons for people

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  • Importance of Cosmetics

    IMPORTANCE OF COSMETIC PRODUCTS Hi dear friends! Hope you all doing well. Today I am back with informative information for you. Now I am going to give you some interesting stuff about the importance of cosmetics products. In today’s society an increasing number of men and women using cosmetics and beauty products. Some of them use to present themselves for commercial purposes, while others use it to improve their appearance and increase their confidence. In general, most of us use cosmetics to better

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  • Cosmetic Surgeries

    Cosmetic surgeries 1. At first the writer of text number one talks about how, when she was a teenager, she wanted to get her nose fixed, but then starts to think further about cosmetic surgeries. At first Valerie Ulene talks about how damaging it is for teenagers to he a victim of the ideals in TV and advertisements. Throughout these social anticipations about our appearance, and how we have to fit these extreme expectations, can be seen as a trigger for adolescents to make drastic decisions

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  • Cosmetics & Promotion

    International Institute of Professional Studies Management Research Project Project Proposal Proposed Project (Synopsis) A comparative study of Push & Pull Promotional Strategy with special reference to selling practices among various cosmetics brands in Indore market. Submitted To: Dr. Yamini Karmarkar Reader IIPS-DAVV Indore. Submitted By: Bhumika Singh MBA (APR) 4th Sem IIPS-DAVV Indore INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Project proposed 3. Objective Of The Project

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery on teenagers 1. Give an outline of the various views on plastic surgery for teenagers which are presented in texts 1 and 2. In the two texts the views on plastic surgery are quite similar. Both texts agree on the fact that American teenagers might feel that a lot of pressure has been put on them, they strive to be beautiful, but their ideal of beautiful is twisted and for a normal teenager almost unattainable. One of the major problems is that some teenagers find something they

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  • Cosmetics

    to improve confidence and self-image is the use of cosmetics. Cosmetics are products you apply to the body to clean it, make it more attractive, or change the way it looks. A powder, lotion, lipstick, rouge, or other preparation of beautifying the face, skin, hair, nails, and other parts of the body. Cosmetics products are today part of our regular culture and fashion, but that was not always the case. The first human made cosmetics appeared in early modern civilizations some six thousand

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  • Cosmetic Imc

    INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION DESIGN FOR XA COSMETICS BASED ON ANALYSIS OF SEGMENTING, TARGETING, AND POSITIONING IN BANDUNG By tikachu ABSTRACT The objective of marketing is recognizing product offered to customer. A producer must encode message about the product offered effectively because it will influence the effort in reaching objective of marketing itself. In other words, a producer must do marketing communication, which can be defined as means which is used by organization to

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery: the magic potion? A study by Psychology Today magazine shows that many people are not satisfied with their looks: 60,000,000 do not like their noses; 30,000,000 do not like their chins; 6,000,000 do not like their ears and 6,000,000 do not like their eyes. Unfortunately, science has achieved so far to try to meet our society's unhealthy level of ‘perfect body'. Cosmetic surgery: the hype of the moment. But is it the magic potion? Certainly not. To begin with, there is no point

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  • Keya

    STUDY OF BANGLADESHI SUPERMARKET. 7th January, 2014 NORTHERN UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH ANALYZING THE INFLUENCING FACTORS OF BRAND LOYALTY: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY OF BANGLADESHI SUPERMARKET. Prepared by Shafa Alam Surovi ID: BBA080202800 Email: Department of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh Submitted to Department of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh 7th January, 2014 DECLARATION I do hereby declare that this project

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  • Bangladesh

    well as social affairs. Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Empowerment of women in Bangladesh Women’s position in the past: In past women were segregated from out of home productive work. They were kept within the four walls. The hearth became the place for them. So cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth and rearing children became their jobs. Men became the wage earners and all other activities became their responsibilities. In Bangladesh position of the women is very humiliating. Women

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  • Cosmetic

    beauty products and cosmetic by their own for everyday use. According to Patil and Bakappa (2012) following (Bolch et al., 1992) cosmetic use to audition various selves and cosmetics matter because they are means of self-investigation (Beausolil, 1994). Cosmetic are believed to have existed since 4000 BC in Ancient Egypt. At that time cosmetic only used by Egyptian to prevent their skin from sunlight, but in this era cosmetic used as add natural beauty products. Consumer use cosmetic products to increase

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  • Sec of Bangladesh

    1. ORIGIN OF THE REPORT This assignment is originated as the course requirement of FIN 335, which is termed to be a major course for the B.B.A program. As this assignment is based on Security Exchange Commission of Bangladesh, so we have to work with limited time. We were assigned the assignment on “Security Exchange Commission” around 30 days ago, and we went around looking for its source of existence and also searched the internet to get enough updated knowledge. 1. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    there is an increase demand of cosmetic surgeries due to the greater influence of mass media on people. Cosmetic surgery is a kind of plastic surgery which is mostly done to improve and reconstruct the normal appearance of an individual (Zuckerman, & Abraham, 2008). According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), approximately 13.1 million surgeries were performed in United States in 2010 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2010). In this modern world, cosmetic surgery has become a trend

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  • Is Compare Japan-Korea Cosmetic


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  • Natural Cosmetic

    3304910 2. Import Restrictions The import, export and transshipment of Cosmetic (Natural Base) are regulated under the new subsidiary legislation “Health Products (Cosmetic Products – Asean Cosmetic Directive) Regulations 2007’’ supersedes the previous legislation governing the control of cosmetic products under the Medicines. Any person who introduces a cosmetic product into Singapore must ensure that the cosmetic product is safe for human use when applied under normal conditions of use,

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  • Bangladesh

    Now-a-days banks are not confined to these functions solely. Other functions of commercial banks are- * Securities underwriting * Asset management * Foreign exchange trading * Commission based services etc. COMMERCIAL BANKS IN BANGLADESH After the independence there were six commercial banks that were merged and grouped in the country. Now there are 48 scheduled banks operating in the country. These are categorized as * 04- State owned commercial banks (SCB) * 05- Specialized

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic Surgery is a surgery performed to improve human beauty and the appearance of certain body parts rather than for curing dieses or other medical reasons. People today do not care about the risks from these surgeries. They just want to have them done for their own personal advantages. Many American’s have failed to realize the harm that can come from having these surgeries. Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Breast Argumentation, Plastic Surgery, and Rhinoplasty, are all different types of surgeries

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  • Cosmetic Industry

    Analysis – A study of the Cosmetics Industry in the ABC Islands Master Thesis within Business Administration Author: Danny Reijntjes Ryan Wagijo Tutor: Jönköping Desalegn Abraha May 2012 Master Thesis within Business Administration Title: Market Potential Analysis – A study of the Cosmetics Industry in the ABC Islands Authors: Danny Reijntjes & Ryan Wagijo Tutor: Desalegn Abraha Date: 2012-05-14 Subject terms: Market potential, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Cosmetics. Abstract Background:

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery The definition of plastic surgery is the specialty concerned with the correction or restoration; it includes types like reconstructive surgery, which is performed to fix or correct injuries caused by accidents. There’s also hand surgery and the famous and useful cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the improvement or enhancement of one’s appearance. There are many types of cosmetic surgery out there and you have to be really careful when you decide to get one of these procedures

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  • Country Report Bangladesh

    Competition Scenario in Bangladesh (Draft) Prepared for CUTS-International Prepared By Bangladesh Enterprise Institute July 2005 B A N G L A D E S H E N T E R P R I S E I N S T I T U T E [ Table of Contents CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION ………………………. 1 I.1. Geographical Location ………………………. 2 I.2. Structure of GDP ………………………. 3 I.3. Economic policies ………………………. 4 A. Trade policy ………………………. 5 B. Industrial Policy ………………………. 6

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  • Bangladesh

    * Geographic factors of Bangladesh: The main geographic factors of Bangladesh are as follows – * Geographic location * Physiography * Climate * Forest * Rivers * Physiography of Bangladesh : The physiographic condition of a country influences the socio-economic and the political situation or development of a country. Physiography of Bangladesh also influences this country .A small portion of Bangladesh is high land. Major part of our country is plain land. Though there

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  • Cosmetics

    Report On Keya Super Beauty Soap Keya Super Beauty Soap Client Brief Shafquat Kabir (Sqk) MKT 337 Sec: 6 Fariha Tabassum 0930242530 Mir Sawam Sauhrid 0920216030 Md. Tanvir Hassan 092057453 Shakawat Hossain Patwary 1030350030 Tashfiq Shad 0910344030 Montasir Hossain 0910939020 Keya Super Beauty Soap Company Profile Key Info | Keya Super Beauty Soap | Type | Manufacturer | Industry | Cosmetic | Founded | 1997 | Headquarters | Factory: Jarun, Konabari, Gazipur, BangladeshDhaka office: House : 45, Navana

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  • Cosmetics

    Cosmetics’ Effect on College Girls Today, when walking around the college campus, you will have a hard time finding a college girl without any makeup. Many college girls show off their “beauty” with a magical mask—makeup. Under the decoration of cosmetics, each of them hides their physical flaws very successfully, hiding their natural beauty as well. Since cosmetics give them confidence, they do not want to look at the health problem that it causes. And they are absolutely willing to spend a lot

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  • Cosmetics

    Cosmetics can be injurious to Health Chemistry or chemicals are a part of our daily lives, we use chemical on a regular basis to help enhance ourselves like Cosmetics. Women of all ages use cosmetics in one way or another to help them look flawless. “According to our survey of 2300 people, on average, respondents use nine products daily. These contain 126 unique ingredients. One man in 100 and fully 25 percent of women surveyed apply 15 or more products each day.” ( But the price they

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  • Halal Cosmetics

    HALAL COSMETICS WHAT HALAL MEANS • Halal originates from the Arabic word that means 'permissible' or 'allowed‘ by the laws based on Islamic teachings. • Jakim outlines that the laws encompasses Islamic laws from the Syafie laws or any of the Maliki, Hambali or Hanafi laws that has been agreed upon by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. • The Halalan Thoyiban concept is not limited to being free from pork or other contaminants but takes into consideration wider aspects in whatever is consumed or used

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  • Report on Keya Super Beauty Soap

    Keya Super Beauty Soap Client Brief Shafquat Kabir (Sqk) MKT 337 Sec: 6 Fariha Tabassum 0930242530 Mir Sawam Sauhrid 0920216030 Md. Tanvir Hassan 092057453 Shakawat Hossain Patwary 1030350030 Tashfiq Shad 0910344030 Montasir Hossain 0910939020 Keya Super Beauty Soap Company Profile  Key Info |  Keya Super Beauty Soap | Type | Manufacturer | Industry | Cosmetic | Founded | 1997 | Headquarters | Factory: Jarun, Konabari, Gazipur, BangladeshDhaka office: House : 45, Navana

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  • Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosure in Developing Countries: Evidence from Bangladesh

    Disclosure in Developing Countries: Evidence from Bangladesh M. Hossain Hail Community College, Saudi Arabia, K. Islam University of Wollongong, J. Andrew University of Wollongong, Publication Details This conference paper was originally published as Hossain, MA, Islam, KS and Andrew, J, Corporate social and environmental disclosure in developing coutries: evidence from Bangladesh, in Proceedings of the Asian Pacific Conference

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  • Lush Cosmetics

    MARKETING ASSIGNMENT REPORT WRITING ON LUSH COSMETICS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report is on LUSH cosmetics – a sustainable brand in cosmetic industry. This report will describe about marketing history, company ethics and current market position of LUSH. This report also deals how LUSH is making their products with sustainability and what marketing strategy they are following. We will discuss about marketing mix of LUSH, How they are doing ethical business and their position in competitive

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  • Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is one of the founding members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the international body that assists in establishing trade standards for its members. Since the beginning of the WTO Bangladesh has used tariffs as their primary trade policy for imports and exports of goods and investment capital. They use a 5 tariff scale system with a maximum tariff rate of 25% and a minimum tariff of 3% with an average tariff of 14.85%. This system, although staggered with 5 different levels of

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  • Cosmetics Advertising

    Cosmetics advertising works by using several different techniques that encourage its target to buy specific cosmetics and skincare products based on their needs. The effectiveness of the advertising typically depends on convincing people that the product being advertised actually can improve their beauty and that most importantly, they are in need of an appearance enhancement. L’oreal, is one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies coming out of Paris, France. They have succeeded in this field

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  • Cosmetic War: the Influence of Cosmetic Advertising in Our Society

    Cosmetic War: 
The Influence of Cosmetic Advertising in our Society Advertising has become a massive part of our social environment, and can be seen at large throughout any industrialized society. Nowadays it is virtually impossible to avoid ads while carrying on with your daily life. Our daily dosage comes from television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and most recently, social media, among others. The average person is exposed to as many as 5,000 advertisements a day, and nearly 10

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    with vitality. If you view a typical television show about plastic surgery, you will notice a common principle suggesting that an unhappy individual only needs a surgical operation to turn him or her into a magical success story. The truth is a cosmetic surgical procedure requires regular maintenance, which means that a series of operations is necessary. Moreover, plastic surgery gives a person unrealistic expectations. He or she goes into the surgical room expecting to come out a transformed individual

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  • Bangladesh

    Media, 2016). Chmielewski and Media (2016) implied that free trade was the best thing that could happen to Bangladesh’s textile industry. Free trade is an attempt to improve the international economy on the principle of “comparative advantage”. Bangladesh prospered by using their abundance of textile to trade for products that other countries have abundance. The main purpose of the “free trade” was to improve the global economy using the principle of “comparative advantage”. The shift to a free trade

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  • Sme in Bangladesh

    They are a primary target for many countries desiring to stimulate economic growth and development. The SMEs sub-sector plays an increasingly dominant role in the technology assimilation and dissemination and in economic development in Bangladesh as well. In Bangladesh, SMEs playing a significant role for the development of our economy by creating employment opportunity and producing important alternative machines and machinery parts for saving huge foreign currency for our country. So as a part of

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  • Bangladesh

    Export Control in Bangladesh 1. Introduction: Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in 1971. She entered into International Trade actively since 1972. In the early years of independence the gap between Import and Export was very wide. This gap started to decrease from 1980s when Bangladesh adopted liberal trade policy consistent with the emerging trend of the market economy. Extensive reform programs have been implemented in trade regimes during the last two decades. The prime objective of

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  • Keya Beauty Shop

    Haroonuzzaman Assistant Professor, Department of English, Independent University, Bangladesh. By: 1. Sumaiya Rahman Soha ID: 1120001 2. Humayra Rahman Raha ID: 1121027

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Self-Esteem Through Surgery’’ written by Camille Swenney, illustrates how teenagers and their parents feel about plastic surgery 1. Give an outline of the various views on plastic surgery for teenagers which are presented in text 1 and 2. Cosmetics surgery has come to our modern society, and adolescents and teenagers use it very well, while they don’t know much about the consequences and how plastic surgery hurts the body, and even not help with one’s bad self-confidence. According to Diane

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic Surgery Wendy Love Com/150 January 22, 2010 Samantha Desaulnier Cosmetic Surgery can be expensive and dangerous, save and improve the quality of one’s life; only some are good candidates for it. Have you ever considered having cosmetic surgery and if so, what are your reasons for wanting it or possibly needing to have it? There are many reasons people consider having cosmetic surgery such as those ranging from an unsightly bump on their nose, the extra skin folds from the extreme

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery In this essay, I will look at how the media is having an effect on teenagers in connection with cosmetic surgery. The use of cosmetic surgery has become more and more normal for teenagers. This situation has been significantly evolving for the past two decades. For a teen to completely remodel his or her body is far from unrealistic. A lot of factors have been contributing to the fact that the number of teens who have been under the knife has increased. One of these factors is

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  • Bangladesh

    1.1 Bangladesh Status General Status (a) GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATE Official Name : Capital : The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Dhaka Geographical Location : North-Eastern part of South Asia situated in-between 20° 34’ & 26° 38’ – North Latitude and 88° 01’ & 92° 41’ – East Longitude. International Boundaries: North – India (West Bengal & Meghalaya ) West – India (West Bengal) East – India (Tripura & Assam) and Myanmar South – Bay of Bengal Area Standard Time :

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  • Bangladesh

    Local Government Systems: Bangladesh Bangladesh ________________________________________________ 1. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE COUNTRY 1.1 Socio-economic profile Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation state in 1971. Although a new state, Bangladesh is an old country with a long recorded history of several thousand years. In its recent past it was part of Pakistan (1947-1971) and was known as East Pakistan. Prior to this, different parts of present Bangladesh were under British India (1765-1947)

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  • A Report on Women Cosmetics Products in Marketing

    A Report on Women Cosmetics Products in Marketing A report submitted to the Department of Marketing, AIUB, in part-fulfillment of the requirements of the final examination in Global Marketing, Spring semester 2012 Prepared & submitted by (Section B) Kundu Linkon Course teacher: Mr. Zaman Department of Marketing Business Administration Discipline American International University-Bangladesh Date of submission 07 May 2012 American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) May 07

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  • Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic Surgery Amber Williams Axia College of University of Phoenix Cosmetic and plastic surgery have become more popular now rather then when it first came out. A lot of people want to have work done. People don’t realize the risks and dangers of having surgery. People should do their research and pick the right surgeon for the surgery they are wanting. Most people have their own opinions on surgery. I have thought

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