launching of bmw z3 roadster case

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    Blackberry - Blackburried?

    CASE SUBJECT SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BY BLACKBERRY’S ACQUISITION BID BY FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROF. V K RANJITH GROUP #10 MEMBERS: NEETU MURALI SOUNDHARYA S RAO BHARGAV SEERAM RAMESH DEBARMA 121202030 121202067 121202079 121202125 Foreword: Fairfax Financial Holdings announced on Friday (September 23, 2013) its interest in acquiring Blackberry. The focus of this case is to understand the implications of this acquisition for both the parties. What strategic alternatives

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    Momentum Effect

    P A R T I Discovering Momentum 1 1 The Power of Momentum Where’s the Impetus? Momentum. Most businesses get it at some point: the impression that everything they undertake succeeds effortlessly, as if they’re being carried along by a tailwind that increases their efficiency and propels them on to exceptional growth.1 Some hold on to it. Most don’t. Slowly, imperceptibly, the tailwind turns around and the momentum disappears, without anyone quite realizing what has happened. The company

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