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  • Nt1110 Unit 6 Research Paper Nas

    * What is an NAS devise? A Network Attached Storage device is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. NAS not only operates as a file server, but is specialized for this task either by its hardware, software, or configuration of those elements. NAS is often manufactured as a computer appliance – a specialized computer built from the ground up for storing and serving files – rather than simply a general purpose

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  • Prog Research Paper Unit 1

    1970’s Dartmouth Basic- was created by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz on May 1, 1964. Basic stands for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code . The aims of the BASIC system were: to develop a system and language that was friendly, easy to learn and use, to introduce computing as an adjunct to other courses, to operate an open access policy (i-programmer.info, 2010). Pascal- was created by Niklaus Wirth in 1972. He wanted a language suitable for teaching but for teaching computer

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  • Unit 6 Nt1110 Memory Cost

    Donshay Clark 7-22-13 NT1110 Unit 6 Analysis 2: Memory Cost 1. Your OS will use the hard drive as a "swap file" or virtual memory, if your PC runs out of RAM while you are working away. Using your hard drive as memory causes a serious performance hit, as hard drives are slower than RAM. You must have enough memory, adding more does not help if you are not doing anything that needs more memory. Today, a modern PC and a modern OS need about 4 gigs to achieve this for most standard users

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  • Unit 2 Research Paper 1

    Cindy Vargas GS 1140 Unit 2 Research Paper 1 The issue that I want to bring to the table is that our prisons in the United States are filling quickly with repeat offenders. If there was a way to rehabilitate the prisoners why not take it? It would appear from the research that I’ve done that our prison system is geared more towards punishment than rehabilitation. Throughout this paper I will discuss the program I think we need to help reduce the overcrowding of prisons and the return of

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  • Nt1110 Unit 1 Assignment 1

    count Date of introduction Manufacturer Process Area Intel 4004 2,300 1971 Intel 10 µm 12 mm² Intel 8008 3,500 1972 Intel 10 µm 14 mm² Intel 8080 4,500 1974 Intel 6 μm 20 mm² Intel 8085 6,500 1976 Intel 3 μm 20 mm² Intel 8086 29,000 1978 Intel 3 μm 33 mm² Intel 8088 29,000 1979 Intel 3 μm 33 mm² Intel 80186 55,000 1982 Intel 3 μm Intel 80286 134,000 1982 Intel 1.5 µm 49 mm² Intel 80386 275,000 1985 Intel 1.5 µm 104 mm² Intel 80486 1,180,235 1989 Intel 1 µm 173 mm² Pentium

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  • Nt1110 Research Paper Unit 4 Port Expanders

    Unit 4 Research Paper 1: Port Expanders. A Port Expander is a hardware device that allows a user to use more than one device on a single port. A good example of a port expander is a USB hub. Most USB hubs allow you to hook up 3 to 5 USB connections from only 1 USB port on your computer. The disadvantage of using a port expander is speed. The single port you are connecting to only operates at a set speed; example of this is a USB 2.0 port operates at 480 Mbit/s. If you have a portable hard

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  • Unit 6 Research Paper 1: Network Attached Storage

    UNIT 6 RESEARCH PAPER 1: NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE NT 1110 WAYNE HOVIS PART 1 What is a NAS device? A network-attached storage (NAS) device is a server that is dedicated to nothing more than file sharing. NAS does not provide any of the activities that a server in a server-centric system typically provides, such as email, authentication or file management. NAS allows more hard disk storage space to be added to a network that already utilizes servers without shutting them down for

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  • Nt1110 Research Paper Unit 4 Port Expanders

    the image (Native Resolution). Ports VGA DVI S-Video Buses AGP – High Speed Video Slot PCI Express – Twice as fast as AGP EMI – Electromagnetic Interference (Florescent Lighting/Speakers) Capacitor- Do not attempt to open a monitor. Danger of stored electricity Printers and Hardware Dot Matrix – Multi part forms and tractor feed system Inkjet – Thermo Bubble and Piezoelectric Laser – Electrophotographic with 6 steps Cleaning – cleans toner from drum Conditioning

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  • Nt1110 Unit 4 Research Paper Port Expander

    1. A port expander is a hardware device designed to allow more than one connection to a single port. For example if you only have 1 USB port and you had a USB Mouse and Keyboard, you can use a USB Port expander to connect to the USB port and have the USB Mouse and Keyboard connect to the port expander. 2. List the types of ports available on the expander hardware. Include screen shots of actual port expanders to your completed assignment. 1. SCSI Port Expander Hardware 2. Audio Port

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  • Nt1110 Research Paper Unit 4 Port Expanders

    Being an Effective Problem Solver and a Team Player. Ronald Davidson ITT-TECH GS1140 December 20, 2013 Unit 2 Assignment 1: Pascal’s Triangle Having an Effective Attitude for problem solving is important in improving your problem-solving skills and working with a team. It’s also important to practice the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: 1.Be Proactive, 2.Begin with the End in Mind, 3.Put First Things First, 4. Think Win/Win, 5. Seek Frist to Understand, Then to Be Understood

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  • Nt1110 Unit 2 Analysis 1 Computer Shopper

    Unit 2 Analysis 1: Computer Shopper Clinton Kline Computer Structure and Logic NT1110 Abstract A table of four different computers with their differences in hard drive space, RAM, and processor speed. Next is a summary of three professions and what type of computer would be best for their line of work. Computer Shopper Type of Computer Hard Drive Memory CPU Price Acer Aspire Pentium All-In-One Touchscreen | 1TB Hard Drive | 4GB RAM | Pentium21270U1.90GHz | $649.99

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  • Unit 6 Assignment 1

    Chapter 6: Conceptual Review Questions (All Questions worth 5 points each) Match the information below with Questions 1 through 14. |A. Compound Interest |E. IRR |I. PMT |M. ROI | |B. CUMPRINC |F. NPER |J. PPMT |N. Simple Interest | |C. FV |G. NPV |K. PV |O. SLN

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  • Unit 6 Assignment 1

    need to take all of the users within the forest and add them to a global then universal group. Then to take the universal group and add it to the domain local group within their domain. These users will then have access to whatever is in that universal group, you must make sure that you assign the printer for them to print vacation requests to the HR department. You must do things a little different for research and development. To allow access to only the server, you must first create a domain

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  • Nt1110 Unit 5 Analysis 1

    There was a Pentium microprocessor flaw known as the FDIV bug. The bug is a flaw in the Intel P5 Pentium floating point unit. The bug causes the processor to return incorrect results for many calculations in math and science. Intel claims that it was a problem on a few missing entries in the lookup table used by the company. The flaw was rarely encountered by users. It was discovered by Professor Thomas Nicely, a professor of mathematics at Lynchburg College. He noticed the bug when he had

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  • Unit 6 Research Paper 1: “Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Case Structures”

    PT1420 Unit 6 Research Paper 1: “Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Case Structures” Advantages: Because of their many important advantages and extreme popularity, use cases have become a fundamental part of object technology and have been incorporated in one form or another into most major object-oriented development methods. 1.You can create logic flows; in which is a method used to make the reading easier for the reader. 2.Because they are written in natural language, use cases

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  • Nt-1110 Unit 6 Research Paper

    Matt Bristow NT-1110 Unit 6 Research Paper NAS Devices NAS is an acronym for Network-Attached Storage. It is basically a file-level computer built for data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to any computer connected to that network. The speed for any particular NAS device varies from 1 gigabit all the way up to 10 gigabits depending on what upgrades a pc has such as an upgraded network cards. The capacity range for NAS devices also depend solely on the budget set

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  • Unit 6 Assigment 1

    Michael Wilson| MBA6004 | February 13, 2014 Michael Wilson| MBA6004 | February 13, 2014 Unit 6 Assignment 1 Strategy recommendation Unit 6 Assignment 1 Strategy recommendation Identifying a Business 2 CURRENT USE OF THE WEB _________________________________________________________2 IMPLICATIONS OF THE WEB_________________________________________________________2 ETHICS OF USING THE WEB _________________________________________________________4

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  • Intro to Pc Unit 6 Research Paper

    UNIT 6 RESEARCH PAPER 1 What is a NAS devise ? A network-attached storage (NAS) device is a server that is dedicated to nothing more than file sharing. NAS does not provide any of the activities that a server in a server-centric system typically provides, such as e-mail, authentication or file management. NAS allows more hard disk storage space to be added to a network that already utilizes servers without shutting them down for maintenance and upgrades. With a NAS device, storage is not

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  • Nt1110 Unit 6 Research Paper Nas

    Strategies for the Technical Professional GRADED ASSIGNMENTS Unit 3 Assignment 1: Multiple Intelligences Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes  Due today Describe personal success strategies incorporating the need for change, study skills, overcoming challenges, and techniques of effective and efficient learners. Assignment Requirements Complete the Multiple Intelligences Assessment in your textbook (pp. 3246-3448) and then complete the Multiple Intelligences worksheet found

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  • Nt1110 - Unit 6, Research Paper 1: Network Attached Storage

    BRIEN TRINH NT1110 Unit 6 Research Paper 1 Network Attached Storage 1> Internet information on network-attached storage: * Definition: Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a dedicated hard drive which is set up with its own network address and provides file-level data storage services to other devices on the network. It allows both programming and files to be served faster because they are not competing for processor resources. NAS usually configured with a web browser and do not

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  • En1320 Unit 10 Research Paper Part 6 Final Draft

    EN1320 Research Paper Final Draft Gun Control In America Today In the United States there is a need for better gun control legislature, but some Activists are beginning to intrude on United States citizen’s second amendment rights. John Paul Stevens a former member of the U.S. Supreme Court believes we should change the second amendment. Then people who feel that all guns should only be in the hands of

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  • Unit 2 Research Paper 1: Experiment

    1 Unit 2 Research Paper 1: Experiment By: Freddy Prince Dijor ITT-GS1140 Summer Quarter Mr. Edmundo Zevallos Ezevallos@itt-tech.edu 2 Unit 2 Research Paper 1: Experiment The problem I would like to solve is one that every American driver has experienced. The problem is: how to waste less time waiting at the DMV? There are many possible solutions, but the one I choose to test is: by making all DMV services available online, with only a limited number of physical DMV locations and

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  • Research Paper Nt1110

    | Overall View of Information Technology At A Glance | Should people get a chip implanted under their skin? | | This is a overall view of how information technology has a outlook on life. Also how a chip of some sort relates back to this over view. | | NT 1110 | 5/20/2014 | | The research project I chose is should people get an identity chip implanted under their skin. I chose this topic because I know it can be related two specific ways. It can be related through the

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  • Unit 6 Research Paper 1 Network Attached Storage

    NT1110 July 31, 2013 Unit 6 Research Paper 1: Network Attached Storage A network-attached storage (NAS) device is a self-contained computer that is connected to a network. A NAS contains its own operating system that handles the function of data storage, file system, and the access to the files but doesn’t include a monitor, keyboard or other devices. NAS is dedicated for file sharing and allows more hard disk storage space and doesn’t need upgrades. The available speed of a NAS device

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  • Unit 2 Research Paper 1

    Erick Pertell Unit 2 Research Paper 1: Experiment Problem Solving Theory My SOLUTIONS to STOP and PREVENT bullying 1.) STOP bullying... Parents should change the way they parent their children at home If you see someone that is being bullied, tell an authority figure Be confident Ignore the bully and walk away Do not engage in fights When in an uncomfortable situation, have friends to back you up.  Your strength is in numbers. Find friends that share your interests or have also

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  • Nt1110 Unit 4 Reserch Paper

    NT1110 Unit 4 Research Paper Student NT1110 Abstract Components and technology of today’s computer motherboards. This paper will give a brief description of chipsets, Motherboard bus’s, & Component Integration. NT1110 Unit 4 Research Paper The chipset on today’s computers is responsible for managing the flow of information between the CPU, Memory, & the Peripherals. Chipsets are usually deigned to work with a specific family of microprocessor such as Intel or AMD. Mother

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  • Unit 1 Research Paper 1

    Friday class 6-10 pm Unit 1 research paper 1 Computers are an amazing tool that we as a people have developed. Computers help people in so many ways it almost seems like life would be impossible without them. Computers are used in pretty much every aspect of life in today’s world. The technology of computers is amazing and it just continues to get more powerful every day. Computers have had an impact in just about every industry in the world. Computers made medical procedures so much easier

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  • Nt1110 Unit 1

    Computer Structure and Logic NT1110 Unit 1 Assignment 1: Integrated Circuit Technology Anthony Smith Intel Processor Transistor Count Processor Model Year Transistor Count Intel 4004 1971 2,300 Intel 8008 1972 3,500 Intel 8080 1974 4,500 Intel 8085 1976 6,500 Intel 8086 1978 29,000 Intel 8088 1979 29,000 Intel 80186 1982 55,000 Intel 80286 1982

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  • Nt1110 Unit 5 Analysis 1: Pentium Flaw

    Unit 5 Analysis 1: Pentium Flaw The Intel Pentium microprocessor was introduced on March, 1993 that was hugely popular among consumers because of its cheap price and decent performance. Unfortunately, the early versions of these microprocessors had a flow within the floating point unit (also called a math coprocessor). This caused the Pentium's FPU to incorrectly divide certain floating-point numbers. Because only certain numbers divide incorrectly and Intel assumed that many users would never

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  • Unit 6 Assignment 1

    -mappers are used primarily with copper twisted-pair cable installations. These devices, according to Oliviero and Woodward (2011, p.422, 441) “Transmit signals through each pair in a twisted-pair cable to determine if it is connected correctly to the correct pin at each end.” The second tool is the tone generator. A tone generator is a two-piece unit that consists of a tone generator and a probe. This type of tester's primary function, amongst installers, is to identify specific locations in a

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  • Unit 6 Research Paper Network Attached Storage

    Jonathan Bowden October 27, 2014 NT1114 Unit 6 Research Paper Network Attached Storage A Network Attached Storage device is like having an at-home cloud. It allows all the computers in a household to access the same massive storage device. Since NAS devices start at 2 TB of data, they can hold everything your family is going to need. If a single computer gets damaged and you are using a NAS device, you don’t have to worry about all of your data being lost. The computer is broken, but

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  • Unit 2 Research Paper 1: Experiment

    Unit 2 Research Paper 1: Experiment Experiment: Drive time in traffic 1. Problem: How can I save time in rush hour traffic in Dallas, TX? 2. Solution: Using Toll Roads or Public transportation. 3. Course of Action: What is the cost variable for the options, Does it truly save time (is it efficient and practical) 4. Steps: • Is it simple and more reliable by car? • What is the average gas price vs price to ride public transportation? • Does it truly save money either way? • Which way

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  • Nt1110 Unit 7 Research Paper 1 Uefi Bios.Docx

    Unit 7 Research Paper 1: UEFI BIOS 1. UEFI BIOS - is a specification that defines a software interface between the operating system(s) and the platform's firmware. In the mid 90s Intel was creating a new processor architecture that was 64-bit, but wasn't backwards-compatible with the old x86. This architecture was the Itanium 64. Because the IA-64 only supports 64-bit instructions, the PC BIOS couldn't be used, therefore Intel developed the EFI specification. Later on this specification was

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  • Nt1110 Port Adapter Research Paper

    Port Adapters Unit 4: Research Paper: Port Adapters A port expander is a device that allows one port on a computer system to connect to multiple devices. There are two forms of port expanders: internal and external. An internal expander has a connection inside the computer, typically on the motherboard and the only part the user sees is the expansion plate that contains multiple ports. As for an external device, it plugs into the existing port and then has multiple places to connect. The

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  • Nt1110 Unit 2 Act 1

    way the final answer have to be the same. 2. Relationship Two: Fractions that are multiplied result in a larger fraction that all too often must be reduced to its smallest form. For example: if you multiply 2/5 by 5/6 it will equal to 10/30, in this case you must simplify it will equal to 1/3. 3. Relationship Three: The division of fractions normally results in an improper fraction this number must then be turned into a mixed number in order to be properly graphed. Example: (2/3)/ (5/8

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  • Unit 10 Research Exercise Nt1110

    Unit 10 Research Exercise Josue Tagle ITT Technical Institute NT-1110 1-What exactly is electrostatic discharge (ESD)? Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short or dielectric breakdown. A buildup of static electricity can be caused by tribocharging or by electrostatic induction. The ESD occurs when differently-charged objects are brought close together or when the dielectric between

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  • Unit 6 Assignment 1

    Unit 6 Assignment 1: Cable Testers In almost every application in dealing with cable installations, cable testing is a must. Some methods of testing cables include testing for attenuation, continuity testers, DC Resistance, a wire mapper and cable length. In all cable types- copper or fiber, 10BASE-T or 100BASEFX, the standards are constantly being changed and developed into a new standard for all future technologies. When testing cable, you can guarantee that the users will be satisfied when

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  • Unit 6 Research Paper 1: Network Attached Storage

    Unit 6 Research Paper 1: Network Attached Storage What is a NAS device? A NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is a server that is solely dedicated to file sharing. NAS does not provide typical activities like e-mail, authentication or file management. NAS permits more hard disk storage space to be added to a network that already operates short of shutting them down for maintenance and upgrades. NAS can be anywhere in a LAN it does not have to be positioned within the server and can be

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  • Gs1140 Unit 2 Research Paper 1

    Unit 2 Research Paper 1: Global Warming During the last fifty years, two environmental issues have received significant attention: global warming and the hole in the ozone layer. As scientists have investigated these two environmental phenomena some have made some effort to show that these two effects are somehow related. In this research paper I will further elaborate on their relationship. Ozone high in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun, thereby protecting living

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  • Nt1110 Unit 3 Internet Research

    GB, 500 GB, 750 GB, 1 Terabyte, 2 T, 3 T, 4 T, 5 T, 6 T, 8 T, 10 T and Western Digital released a a 12 terabyte hard drive this year filled helium to reduce friction 4. CPU - central processing unit, basically the electric circuitry of the computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program RAM - Random access memory, a "board" in your computer that allows you to read and write info regardless of how you access it, always constant where a hard drive or CD-ROM would depend on where

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  • Unit 2: Research Paper 1

    Unit 2: Research Paper 1 GS1140 The speed limit is 65 mph and I’m at a stand-still! Why must this happen every morning and afternoon? Traffic will always be an ongoing problem. The more the population grows, the more congested our roads get with more vehicles. Besides leaving hours before traffic starts to avoid traffic jams there has to be another solution. Some solutions include: employee parking cash-out, tolls for single use carpool lanes, and tolls during high peak hours on

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  • Nt1110 Unit 2 Analysis 1

    1.) Pricing and Features | Comparison | Source: newegg.com |   | Product | Type | Hard Drive | Processor | RAM | GPU | Price | Acer A6-Series APU A6-6310 | Desktop | 1 TB SATA | AMD 1.8GHz Quad Core | 4 GB DDR3 | Integrated | $ 279.99 | iBUYPOWER NE784K | Desktop | 1 TB SATA + 120 GB SSD | Intel i7 3.3GHz Quad Core | 16GB DDR4 | NVIDIA GTX 980 4 GB | $ 1,849.99 | ASUS F554LA-WS52 | Notebook | 500 GB HDD | Intel i5 2.2GHz Dual Core | 8GB DDR3 | Integrated | $ 529.99

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  • Unit 1 Research Paper: Exploring Programming Languages

    -implement the Unix operating system. * Smalltalk – An object oriented, dynamic typed, reflective programming language. * Designed and created in 1972 at the Learning Research Group by Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, and Adelle Goldberg. * Created as the language to underpin the “new world” of computing exemplified by “human-computer symbiosis.” * Prolog – The first logic programming language. * Designed in 1972 by a group around Alan Colmerauer. * Intended use

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  • Nt1110 Unit 6 Student Study Guide

    NT1110 Unit 6 Student Study Guide 1. What are the two types of memory found in your computer? RAM & ROM 2. Discuss the features of RAM. RAM can be changed at any time and loses its data when power is turned off 3. What is an important characteristic of DRAM? DRAM is Dynamic 4. What type of RAM does not require refreshing? SDRAM DRAM 5. Discuss the main feature of DDR and DDR2. DDR – Double Data Rate DDR2 – Double Data Rate

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  • Gs1140 Unit 1 Research Paper 1

    Unit 1 Research Paper 1: Paradigm Shift Introduction In the past, virtual reality technology was thought of by many as a gimmick, and the hope for it to become a mainstream technology was discarded as products did not work as how the public envisioned. However, the proper technology is now available to make virtual reality just that: a reality. The entertainment industry is on the verge of a monumental paradigm shift that will completely transform the way these entertainment mediums are

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  • Nt1110 Unit 3.1 Video Summary 1

    * Digital * DVI * S-Video Port * TV * 4-Pin * Rount Connectors * Analog * 15-Pin * 3 Row * D-Type * Digital * DVI * S-Video Port * TV * 4-Pin * Rount Native Resolutions*** * XGA – 1024x768*** * SXGA – 1280x1024*** * UXGA – 1600x1200*** * WUXGA – 1920x1200*** * Configuring a Second Monitor * Need a 2nd video card * Check CMOS * Ensures screen 1 stays in control

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  • Nt1110 Unit 1 Assignment

    Unit 1 Assignment – Integrated Circuit Technology. Requirement # 1: N/A Requirement # 2: Create a table that presents the processor model, year, and transistor count for Intel processors from 1971 to the present. Intel Processor Transistor Size Trends (Table) Year | Model | Transistor count | 1971 | Intel 4004 | 2,300 | 1972 | Intel 8008 | 3,500 | 1974 | Intel 8080 | 4,500 | 1978 | Intel 8086 | 29,000 | 1982 | Intel 286 Processor

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  • Gs1140 Unit 1 Research Paper 1 Electrolysis and Cars

    /splitter-clean-fuel-082014.html Sun, M. (2015, july 12). Stanford Daily. Retrieved from Stanford Daily News: http://www.stanforddaily.com/2015/07/12/stanford-researchers-create-a-single-catalyst-water-splitter-for-clean-energy/ unknow. (n.d.). H2O Electrolysis. Retrieved from Electrolysis: http://www.industry.siemens.com/topics/global/en/pem-electrolyzer/silyzer/discovering-pem-technology/pages/electrolysis-explained.aspx GS1140 Unit 1 Research paper 1 Electrolysis and Cars

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  • Nt1110 Unit 5 Anaysis 1 Pentium Flaw

    Unit 5 analysis 1: Pentium flaw Aaron Mancias April 16 2016 Professor Amos The CPU is a central processing unit brains of the computer aka microprocessor or processor. It executes a

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  • Sc300 Unit 6 Paper

    Michelle Wilkins Unit 6 Project SC 300 December 19, 2011 This is a very interesting paper to write as I am not a very regular eater, which I know is bad for me but I chose a lunch that I made for the guys yesterday and the breakfast that I had this morning. List all of the components of two of your meals. Meal 1 Lunch: We had roast, potatoes, carrots, and rolls. And we had Busch light for drinks Meal 2 Breakfast: We had scrambled cheesy eggs, sausage patties

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