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    data that will prove by increasing Commercial usage hours; the break-even point can be achieved. Overall, we do believe in the ability of Salem Data Services to become a profitable subsidiary of Salem Telephone Company. We do not believe it is necessary to shut down operations or sell Salem Data Services. The opportunity costs from Intra-Company sales and the expenses paid to Salem Telephone Company from Salem Data Services warrants the need to re-evaluate Salem Data Services and continue

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  • Case Study

    Yin (2005) suggested that researchers should decide whether to do single-case or multiple-case studies and chose to keep the case holistic or have embedded sub-cases. This two-by-two combination can produce four basic designs for case studies. When selecting a case for a case study, researchers often use information-oriented sampling , as opposed to random sampling [3]. This is because an average case is often not the richest in information. Extreme or atypical cases reveal more information

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  • Telephone Systems

    system designed by Rolm that has some unique phone features. A few of the unique features according to the website for the phones used [ (Rolm Phone User Guide - Online ROLM Telephone Feature Guide / Reference / Handbook, (n.d.)) ] are do not disturb (DND) this allowed the user to stop all incoming calls and have incoming calls follow forwarding instructions as set for the feature. Another unique feature is camp in which a user is on the phone line and another user can camp on the line in use

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  • Prestige Telephone

    the case is as follows ■ In 1999, the Public Service Commission encouraged all public utilities to: 1. seek new sources of revenues and profits since heading towards deregulation; and 2. To reduce the need for rate increases. ■ Prestige Telephone Co. realized that a centralized service that could plan, control, and account for its own operations could benefit themselves and other businesses in the region. ■ Utilize the current telephone circuits and sell extra

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    Prestige Telephone Company case study In 1999, the Government encouraged public utilities to seek new sources of revenues and profits to reduce the need for rate increases to consumers of telephone services. Prestige Telephone Co. (PTC) considered that a centralised data provider service could be a profitable use of excess hours from existing infrastructure. Prestige Data Services (PDS) performed data processing for the telephone company and sold computer services to other companies

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  • Salem Telecom Case

    * $1000) – $28.7 * (205 + 97) – $212939 = - $42606.4 In the second option, X = 138 * (1 + 0.3) = 179.4 So that the net income = (205 * $400 + 180 * $1000) – $28.7 * (205 + 180) – $212939 = - $38,011.5 In the last option, X= 179.4, (205 * $400 + 180 * $800) – $28.7 * (205 + 180) – $212939 = $2012 The extra costs would be $2012. Q6, Based on my analysis, I think the Salem Data Service is really a problem because there is less variable costs and there are a large number of fixed costs, however

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  • Telephone Conversation

    drawing conclusions before all has been said. Don't do that. Take it at its face value and go with the flow. Using the Telephone To be an effective telephone user, the following do's and don'ts have to be observed: 1. Answer phone calls promptly and pleasantly. 2. Don't answer the phone in a rush. For a relaxed effect, pause and take a deep breath before picking up the receiver. 3. To keep a bright tone in your voice, smile when talking on the phone. 4. Project a

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    24.9%. They can only increase promotional cost by 25% to achieve 30% of growth. Bottom of Form | References Salem Telephone Co. Bruns, William J., Jr.; Hertenstein, Julie H. Case No. 9-104-086. Published 06/07/2004, Revised 11/01/2005. Harvard Business School Publishing, (5 pages).

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    Ed Kiefer Chapter 4 4-5 10500-8500/900000-300000 2000/600000= .003 8500-(.003x300000) Low 8500-900=7600 Copies 20500-(.003x900000) High 20500-2700=17800 Copies 4.8 Variable costs Staff Salaries 33000 Office supplies 300 Total 33300 Fixed costs Manager salaries 8000 Dep of equip 400 Share of building Costs 2000 Total 10400 Variable Total

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    Case Study Analysis: Salem Telephone Company Contents Summary 2 Analysis 2 Questions 3 Recommendations 5 Works Cited 6 Summary In 2000, Peter Flores, president of Salem Telephone Company (STC) told the Public Service Commission that a profitable computer service subsidiary would reduce pressure for telephone rate increases. Once approval was received from Public Service Commission, STC, a regulated public utility, established Salem Data Services (SDS

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  • Salem Telephone Company Accounting Analysis

    Salem Telephone Company 1. In Exhibit 2, expenses fixed relative to revenue hours are: Rent, Custodial services, Computer leases, Maintenance, Computer equipment, Office equipment and fixtures, Operations: salaried staff, Systems development and maintenance, Administration, Sales, Sales promotion, and Corporate services. Expenses that are variable relative to revenue hours: Power, Operations: hourly personnel. 2. Power: $4.70 per revenue hour Operations (hourly personnel): $24.00 per

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  • Salem Telecommunications Case

    contribution margin income statement for Salem Data Services, Assume that intracompany usage is 205 hours, Assume commercial usage is at the March Level. Revenue Variable costs Contribution Margin Fixed Costs Operating Income (loss) From the case we know that intracompany work was billed at $400 per hour, and commercial sales were billed at $800 per hour. Commercial 138*800=110400 138*28.7=3960.6 (800-28.7)*138= 106439.4 ----------- 106439.4 Intracompany 205*400=82000 205

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  • Telephone Market

    2014. About MZA MZA specialises in the provision of marketing consultancy services to the telecommunications and IT industries at a European and Global level, with expertise covering a wide range of consumer-based and professional voice, data and mobile solutions. The above information is based on an extract from our study, “The Global Telecommunications Market,” widely regarded as the definitive study on equipment markets. MZA produces detailed annual and quarterly statistics on market trends

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  • Telephone Survey

    Pre-assignment Telephone survey for John’s sandwich and wrap Introduction Hello, I am a member of John ‘sandwich and wrap. I want to ask you to improve our service to fully meet your expectations. The survey is quick and will not take more than 2 min. Do you agree? Y/N 1) Do you know john’s sandwich? Y/N 2) Do you go to John’s sandwich ?Y/N 3) How often do you eat at john's monthly? 4) What is the distance between your home the store you're going?(localization

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    Case Study Shawn Padgett Kaplan University Case Study The statute referred to in the case of Texas vs. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989) is 42.09 (a) (3) in the Texas Penal Code. This statute, 42.09 (a) (3), created by the executive branch, prohibits the desecration of a venerable object”, (a) a person commits an offense if he knowingly or intentionally desecrates; (3) a state or national flag. To desecrate a venerable object is to destroy, deface, or physically mistreat in a way that the

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  • Salem Telephone Case Solutions

    Salem Telephone Case 1) In my opinion the expenses that are variable with respect to revenue hours at Salem Data Services are Power, Hourly personnel, and Sales promotion. I believe these expenses are variable because they change with revenue. Corporate services is a mixed cost and there is not enough information to ascertain the portion that is variable. The fixed expenses with respect to revenue include, Space costs, Equipment costs, depreciation expense, Salaried staff, system

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  • Salem

    capacity. Understanding that he needs a staff to cover the possible max capacity, we still think MOP is over staffed. Based on our calculations above, it takes 13.5 minutes to process a manual single line item order, which is the worst case scenario. At a max capacity of 80,000 orders, with a worst case scenario of 13.5 minutes, it would total 1,080,000 minutes or 18,000 hours. This is equivalent to 12 employees, using the 1,500 productive hours given above. Therefore, Mr. Malone would need 12

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  • Case Study

    The Florida State University DigiNole Commons Electronic Theses, Treatises and Dissertations The Graduate School 2-5-2009 The Social Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study Brooke Ellen Forester Florida State University Follow this and additional works at: Recommended Citation Forester, Brooke Ellen, "The Social Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study" (2009). Electronic Theses, Treatises and Dissertations. Paper 4418. This

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  • Salem Telephone Company

    Managerial Accounting Salem Telephone Company Question 1 Fixed Expenses: * Rent * Custodial services * Computer leases * Maintenance * Computer equipment * Office equipment and fixtures * Salaried staff * Systems development and maintenance * Administration * Sales * Sales promotion * Corporate services * Variable Expenses: * Power * Hourly personnel Question 2 Question 3: Income Statement Date | March | Revenues

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  • Bt Telephone

    BT Telephone Case 1. What are the issues that evolve as a result of privatization? * Introduction of domestic competition – refocusing of activities * Reforms prepared BT for 3 main challenges: * Regulatory barriers to international competition expected to breakdown * Companies internationalized, they might prefer to deal with single worldwide telecommunications service companies. Tailored less neatly to specifically defined geographic areas * Increased

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  • Study Case

    Structural theory, Evaluative theory and Case study. You have done an excellent job in terms of structuring your paper. It had a very clear logical progression from introduction through to conclusion. You even managed to write exactly 2,200 words! If you were under the word limit you could have done some critical appraisal of evidence from the sources. Thank you for your hard work and best wishes for the exam. A case study conducted of the United Nations International School of Melbourne posed

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    Accawi is not greatly happy about the telephone that has been taking away his whole family, according to “Finally the telephone took my family away, too”.(Accawi 47) The word finally in the paragraph here represents even Accawi is reluctant, he know that he cannot change anything about the telephone change his village. Telephone is something show people who lives in the village that senese of time is important. According to “Before the telephone came to Magdaluna, Im kaleem’s house was

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    Salem Telephone Company Case Study Salem Telephone Company Case Study Introduction Salem Data Service, SDS, is a vital asset to Salem Telephone Company. Even though there are losses occurring, SDS has begun to increase performance and losses have been decreasing over the last several months. Background Salem Telephone Company needed computer services to plan, control, and account for operations so it created Salem Data Service, SDC. Because Salem Telephone Company was a regulated

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  • Tri State Telephone Case Study

    system.Hence, they do not allow the company to launch the new pricing system. In this case, they begin to march in to protest against Tri-State Company with the help of consumer federation of America and congress of consumer organization. Stakeholders of Tri-State Telephone Company * Stakeholder means a party that has an interest towards the organization. There are mainly two types of stakeholder. * Internal stakeholders * External stakeholders Internal stakeholders are those

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  • Salem Telephone Company Case Study

    Salem Data Services was established as computer data service firm. Flores initially believed that Salem Data Services would be profitable subsidiary for the parent company, Salem Telephone Company. Salem Data Services would perform data processing for Salem Telephone Company as well as sell computer services to other firms. Flores stood by the idea that the subsidiary would lower Salem Telephone Company’s need of increasing telephone rates. Salem Data Services struggled to become a

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  • Salem Telephone Case Study

    Salem telephone case 1. ”Revenue hours” represent the key activity that drives costs at Salem Data Service . Which expenses in Exhibit 2 are variable with respect to revenue hours? Which expenses are fixed with respect to revenue hours? A : Variable costs : The power, hourly personal. Fixed costs : The rent, custodial service, computer leases, maintenance, computer equipment, office equipment and fixtures, salaried staff, system development and maintenance, administration

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  • Salem Witch Trials

    of the accused later died in the prisons.                    The Salem witch trials speak so much about the beliefs and the societal setting then. The case of Salem village clearly illustrates the remarkable persistence among the early Englanders on their beliefs on witchcraft, demonical possession, magic, spectral apparitions, demonical possession, portents and prophetic dreams (National Humanities Center, 2014) . What was even amazing was that it was not only the wealthy and

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  • Prestige Telephone

    Case Study – Prestige Telephone Co. Company Profile Prestige Data Services is a subsidiary of Prestige Telephone Company, a public utility. They are a computer data service company that does data processing for the parent company in order to sell computer services. The company was opened in order to bring in additional revenue in order to offset increases in telephone rate increases. Throughout the three years of being in operation the subsidiary has been unprofitable. Case Question #1

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  • Salem Telephone Company Case Study

    Data Services can increase their spending on promotion by $2,76.90 before incurring a loss. 6. With their current spread of variable and fixed costs, Salem Data Services is likely to report a net loss to Salem Telephone Company in almost all cases. Flores should either close down or sell Salem Data Services in this case. However, if Salem Data Services switched more of their fixed costs to variable costs, they would reduce their leverage and could potentially turn a profit.

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  • Case Study

    Select a case study from the University of Phoenix Material: Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies located on the student website. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing the influence the experiences have made on the person’s development. Address the following in your paper: Discuss the family, social, and intimate relationships of the person in the case study. Identify any role changes that have occurred. Explain the immediate and future effect of healthy or unhealthy habits

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    Case Study | Quantum Telecom Questions 1. How do we eliminate politics from gate review meetings? Gate review meetings are a form of project close. Gate review meeting could result in the closure of a life-cycle or the closure of the entire project. At each gate, the continuation of the process is decided by the project manager or a steering committee. The decision is based on the information available at the time, including the business case, risk analysis, and availability of necessary

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  • Case Study

    research. In Research in Organizational Behavior, Vol. 7, Cummings LL, Staw BM (eds). JAI Press: Greenwich, CT; 1–37. Saxenian A. 1994a. Lessons from Silicon Valley. Technology Review 97(5): 42–51. Saxenian A. 1994b. Regional Advantage: Culture and Competition in Silicon Valley and Route 128 . Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA. Scott AJ. 1992. The role of large producers in industrial districts: a case study of high technology systems houses in Southern California. Regional Studies 26(3): 265

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  • Witch Salem

    Tituba was one of the first women to being accuse of witchcraft in Salem Village , Massachusetts . Tituba was knowledgeable of witchcraft and since the people in that town knew of that, she was accused of the crime. The so-called crime that Tituba committed caused her long-suffering and heartache. However, Tituba was a very strong woman and she made it through her tough times. Although Tituba had bad experiences, she still found love for her husband. Sold off to a slaveholder Tituba and her

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    Case Study 3 Katie Donahoe MGMT591 Leadership & Organizational Behavior Robert Salitore January 24, 2014 Part I: Group Development In my opinion, the Woodson Foundation, the schools and the NCPIE have not formed groups yet. In the first stage of group development, the forming stage, the members are still unsure of the structure, leadership and purpose of the group. According to the case study, the groups still have not been formed although there are

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    SUMMARY Salem Telephone Company operates as a regulated public utility. The state Public Service Commission (PSC) permitted Salem to establish a wholly owned subsidiary to provide computer services to other companies for a profit. The reason for the separate entities was so Salem Data Services could sell services unregulated and Salem Telephone could operate without raising rates. In 2000, the initial report to the PSC from the president of Salem Telephone was to convince them

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  • Salem Telephone Company Case Study

    James Whittle Salem Telephone Company Case Study 9/29/2014 1.) The variable costs in Exhibit 2 are Power and Hourly Personnel Wages as the costs fluctuate from month to month and are driven by the revenue hours for the company. The fixed costs in Exhibit 2 are Rent, Custodial Services, Computer Equipment Leases, Computer Maintenance, Computer Depreciation, Office Equipment and Fixtures Depreciation, Salaried Staff Wages, Systems Development and Maintenance, Administrative Wages, Sales

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  • Salem Telephone Company

    Salem Telephone Company 1.Variable Cost: Power, Operations: hourly personnel. Fixed Cost: Space cost-rent, Custodial services, Computer leases, Maintenance, Computer equipment depreciation, Office equipment and fixtures depreciation, Operations: salaried staff, systems development and maintenance, Administration, sales, sales promotion, Corporate services. 2. Cost per revenue hour=Cost/revenue hour Power: January: 1546/329=4.6991

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  • Case Study

    Case Assignment 1 1. Build the management-research question hierarchy. The management –research question occurs during stage 1 of the research process. The approach for this stage of the research process is to state the dilemma that prompts the research and then develop other questions by progressively breaking down the original question into more specific one (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 77). Our case highlights a multistage communication study undertaken by the research

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  • Salem Case

    promotion this would take. (How much could be spent and still leave Salem Data Services with no reported loss each month if commercial hours were increased 30%?) Commercial Rate= $800 per hour Commercial Rates= 179.4 (increased by 30%) Profit = 82,000 + 800x – 218,823 – 28.7x x=179.4 hours Profit= 82,000 + 800 (179.4) – 218, 823 – 28.7 (179.4) Profit=$1,548 6. Based on your analysis above, is Salem Data Services really a problem to Salem Telephone Company? What should Flores do

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  • Telephone Conversation

    Telephone Conversation The price seemed reasonable, location Indifferent. The landlady swore she lived Off premises. Nothing remained But self-confession. "Madam" , I warned, "I hate a wasted journey - I am African." Silence. Silenced transmission of pressurized good breeding. Voice, when it came, Lipstick coated, long gold-rolled Cigarette-holder piped. Caught I was, foully. "HOW DARK?" ..I had not misheard....."ARE YOU LIGHT OR VERY DARK" Button B. Button A. Stench Of rancid

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  • Salem Witch

    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. Mixon, Franklin G. Jr. The Journal of Economic Education. Vol. 31. No. 2. London: Taylor & Francis. Ltd., 2000. Nachman, Ben-Yehuda. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Vol. 20 No.4 New Jersey: Blackwell Publishing, 1981. Ray, Benjamin C. Satan’s War against the Covenant in Salem Village 1692. New England: The New England Quarterly, 2007 Reis, Elizabeth. Confess or Deny? What’s a “Witch” to do? Nebraska: Organization of American Historians, 2003.

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  • Salem Telephone Company

    Salem Telephone Company • • • • C.V. Hareesh Naidu V.Venkata Surya Teja B. Asheesh Kumar M. Rohit Kumar 186 168 032 Salem Telephone Company • Subsidiary : Salem Data Services • Data processing service provider for the telephone company. • Sell computer services to other companies. • Initially started to reduce telephone rate hikes. • Currently running in losses • Mr. Flores wished to have a wholly owned entity rather than a public utility company. • Average monthly charge for services by

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  • Salem Telephone Company

    Salem Telephone Company • • • • C.V. Hareesh Naidu V.Venkata Surya Teja B. Asheesh Kumar M. Rohit Kumar 186 168 032 Salem Telephone Company • Subsidiary : Salem Data Services • Data processing service provider for the telephone company. • Sell computer services to other companies. • Initially started to reduce telephone rate hikes. • Currently running in losses • Mr. Flores wished to have a wholly owned entity rather than a public utility company. • Average monthly

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  • Salem Telephone Co

    Salem Telephone Co Case Study #2 Overview: Salem Telephone Company (STC) is a telephone company who is regulated by the state Public Service Commission. The state Public Service Commission encouraged public utilities under its jurisdiction to seek new sources of revenue and profits. This would reduce the need for rate increase that higher costs would otherwise bring. The company formed an agreement with the state Public Service Commission to create a subsidiary. Thus Salem Data Services

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    Salem Telephone Company | Accounting 5302 | | Summary: Salem Data Services is a subsidiary of Salem Telephone Company. In this report we analyze and discuss the impact of Salem Data Services on its parent company and determine the best course of action for Salem’s Management to undergo. Expenses: We analyzed the expenses of Salem Data Services to better understand their cost structure and determined their variable and fixed expenses. We used the fact that revenue hours are the

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    Running Head: Case Study 1 Case Study #1 Clinical Psychology: Severe Depression Princess Coles ABS 200 Introductions to Applied Behavioral Sciences Instructor Weniger 08/4/2015 Severe depression is one of the many mental illnesses that affect one out of ten Americans. Severe depression involves, extreme or constant feeling of sadness, loss of interest in activities and even relationships. Those suffering from depression might even struggle with the feeling of

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  • Salem Telephone Company

    Case Study #1. Salem Telephone Company 1. Variable expenses: Power (the more hours sold, the more energy consumed) The hourly personnel (operations) works only when the computers are in operation Fixed expenses: The rent has to be paid despite any level of production ($8,000 monthly) The custodial services depend on Salem Telephone's estimated space, they are independent from the revenue of the Company The computer leases were acquired to run the business (before it was actually

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                                  Charles  Steiner   Salem  Telephone  Company  Case  Analysis     7  October  2015       1. Using  exhibit  two,  the  variable  expenses  with  respect  to  revenue  hours  are  power   and  hourly  personnel  salaries.  The  fixed  expenses  are:  rent,  custodial  services,   computer  leases,  maintenance,  depreciation  of

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  • Telephone Network

    Public switched telephone network The public switched telephone network (PSTN) is one of the world's public circuit-switched telephone networks. Originally PSTN is a network of fixed-line analogue telephone systems. Today, the PSTN is totally digital in its core and also includes mobile along with fixed (plain old telephone service, POTS) telephones. Early History The first telephones were in private use, had no network and were wired together in pairs. If a user wanted to talk to different

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  • Case Study

    CASE STUDY REPORT FORMAT GUIDELINE Following is a suggested guideline for preparing your case study reports (remember to always use Harvard Business Style for all formatting and referencing as per the course outline): Cover Page (Include student names and student Ids) Executive Summary (If appropriate – should be written last to focus on key points/findings) Introduction Current Situation Analysis and pertinent Background including a synopsis of the relevant information from the

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