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10 Tips for Effective Financial Presentations

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10 tips for effective financial presentations

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|When you present financial information to team members, investors, or other parties, it's essential that you not only | |
|communicate the basic information, but that you help the audience analyze and actually understand it. To do this, you can | |
|create a Microsoft Office PowerPoint® presentation to help make your points in a way that would be impossible with just a | |
|verbal presentation and handouts. | |
|The PowerPoint paradox | |
|PowerPoint is a powerful tool with almost limitless design and production possibilities— and therein lies the danger. With so | |
|much to choose from in PowerPoint, it's possible to overwhelm your content with your dazzling presentation. And it's so easy to| |
|create slides, that you can quickly make more than you'll ever have time to show. | |
|It's all about the story | |
|Financial presentations tell a story. You're not just showing a collection of profit-and-loss statements and balance sheets— | |
|you're telling a story that your audience needs to hear. It may be a story of a new company with promising growth. Or, maybe | |
|it's a story about meeting...

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