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Create a memo describing your initial analysis of the situation at FAME as it relates to the design of the data base application. Write this as though you are writing a memo to Martin Forondo. Ensure that your memo addresses the following points:

a. Your approach to addressing the problem at hand (for example, specify the systems development life cycle or whatever approach you plan on taking).
Mr. Forondo, FAME (Forndo Artist Management Excellence) needs technology support to track the contracts of artists, a proposal for contracts to new artists, calendars of artist schedules and the performance shows, etc. In any event, music manager today have to be informed about a lot more things than they used to in the past including music licensing, merchandising, sponsorships, branding, crowdfunding, endorsements, social media, direct-to-fan strategies, and more; and putting together a winning strategy for your artists requires the right information in the right context. You also have to have to figure how to acquire financing, make the right connections, get bookings, break through barriers, enter into strategic alliances and joint ventures, generate income for your artists from multiple sources and get maximum exposure for your artist in an ever-changing music industry landscape.
This can be achieved by developing an application for your artist management and managing the artist data in the backend using SQL/DB2 database. The application can be managed by the admin, artist managers, and artists. They can login into the application and manage their events, marketing, and financial business prospectives. For instance, artist managers can log in and manage their artist's calenders to schedule their performance, annual contract renewals, marketing and financial management. This application development life cycle follows requirement gathering, analysis, design, development…...

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