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A Customer Call Center for Timeshare Vacation


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My Career Plan
Lorria P. Anderson
January 29, 2013
Jeffrey Jordan

A set of tasks were conducted in the Career Plan Building Activities; Career Interests Profiler and Competencies. The Career Interests Profiler is based on different activities placing them in order of the most to the least interesting. The results determine occupations appealing to my career paths; social, conventional, and investigative. The competency determines my skills, behaviors, and abilities drive performance at a workplace. The results are based on strengths in goal focus, organizing, and coping with pressure. Also, in taking initiatives, following instructions, and delivering results. Both activities assist in understanding the personal competencies that will help become a better communicator and manager. They also help determine what communication techniques to focus on the most or change to work effectively in the work place.

Career Plan A set of tasks were conducted in the Career Plan Building Activities; Career Interests Profiler and Competencies. The Career Interests Profiler is based on different activities placing them in order of the most to least interesting. The results determine occupations appealing to my career paths; social conventional, and investigative. Under social occupations its frequent involvement is in working, communicating, and teaching people. Under conventional occupations its frequent involvement is in following set procedures and routine. Under investigative occupations its frequent involvement is working with ideas and extensive amount of thinking usually seeking facts and mentally solving problems. The competency determines my skills, behavior, and abilities drive performance at the work place. The results are based on strengths in goal focus, organizing, and coping with pressure. Also, taking initiative,

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