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Dictionary of Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality


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Dictionary of Travel,
Tourism and Hospitality

By the same author
Britain – Workshop or Service Centre to the World?
The British Hotel and Catering Industry
The Business of Hotels (with H. Ingram)
Europeans on Holiday
Higher Education and Research in Tourism in Western Europe
Historical Development of Tourism (with A.J. Burkart)
Holiday Surveys Examined
The Management of Tourism (with A.J. Burkart eds)
Managing Tourism (ed.)
A Manual of Hotel Reception (with J.R.S. Beavis)
Paying Guests
Profile of the Hotel and Catering Industry (with D.W. Airey)
Tourism and Hospitality in the 21st Century (with A. Lockwood eds)
Tourism and Productivity
Tourism Council of the South Pacific Corporate Plan
Tourism Employment in Wales
Tourism: Past, Present and Future (with A.J. Burkart)
Trends in Tourism: World Experience and England’s Prospects
Trends in World Tourism
Understanding Tourism
Your Manpower (with J. Denton)

Dictionary of Travel,
Tourism and Hospitality

S. Medlik
Third edition


An imprint of Elsevier Science
Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 8DP
200 Wheeler Road, Burlington MA 01803
First published 1993
Reprinted (with amendments) 1994
Second edition 1996
Third edition 2003
Copyright © 1993, 1996, 2003, S. Medlik. All rights reserved
The right of S. Medlik to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form (including photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this publication) without the written permission of the copyright holder except in accordance with the provisions of the

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...Introduction 8 2.2. Comparison of traditional and online sales 8 2.2.1. The individual businessman segment 9 2.2.2. The business group segment's sales channels 10 2.2.3. Individual travellers' sales channels 10 2.2.4. Sales channels of leisure group travellers 11 2.3. Sales and sales tools in the hotel industry and their development 12 2.4. Distribution channels 16 2.4.1. Types of distribution channels 17 2.4.2. Participants of the distribution channels 18 2.5. Development of distribution and the appearance of e-reservations 19 2.5.1. Early stages 19 2.5.2. Internet Distribution System 20 2.5.3. Online Travel Agents 21 2.5.4. Latest tendencies 23 2.5.5. Social Media 24 2.5.6. Consumer Generated Media 25 2.5.7. Meta Search Engines 25 2.6. Travel, booking and research behaviour among Hungarian travellers 26 2.6.1. Travel behaviour 26 2.6.2. Booking behaviour 27 2.6.3. Research behaviour 29 2.7. Summary 30 3. METHODOLOGY 31 3.1. Introduction 31 3.2. Secondary Research 31 3.3. Primary Research 32 3.4. Data Analysis Methods 33 3.5. Summary 33 4. EVALUATION OF RESULTS 34 4.1. Introduction 34 4.2. Interviews with intermediaries 35 4.2.1. Mr. Mate Hegedus, Revenue Specialist of Expedia Lodging Partner Services 35 4.2.2. Mr. Zoltan Katona, Marketing coordinator of 39 4.2.3. Comparison of the interviews with intermediaries 41 4.3. Interview with a hotel representative 44 4.3.1. Mr. Zoltan Katona, Marketing...

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