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A Management Comparison Between Amazon.Com and Borders Books

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A Management Comparison between Amazon.Com and Borders Books

A Management Comparison between Amazon.Com and Boarders Books The Internet provides access to wide open growing market. There are millions of people shopping online in today’s world. and Borders books were among those online businesses. By selling on the Internet, it made it possible for and Borders to reach people in the United States and out of the United States. Both companies knew when they sell online; they are likely to attract other competitors. These two companies help shaped a home shopping network to give their customer easier access to purchase goods online. The services they provided helped the customers in many ways. It is convenient; customers can order products wherever an Internet is available. Customers don't have to deal with traffic, parking spaces, wasting gas and time by going to the store just to find out that the itemed they wanted is out of stock. In order to be successful, both companies needed a good management team and staff that know how to work in today’s market. The approached that and Borders books took to Internet marketing are very interesting. I will be discussing some of the different think that I learned about and Borders books.

Description of the Businesses In a world where anyone can purchase just about anything online, it can be difficult to start and maintain a business selling goods online. I will be discussing the history of two company and Border Books online stores. was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It first started as a small business online bookstore, based out of his garage in Bellevue, Washington. Jeff Bezos named his company by looking through the dictionary starting at...

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...Characteristics of Business Management The purpose of this paper is to show a comparison of two successful businesses. Borders Books and are two companies that both sold books but used different methods in operating their businesses. Even though they both were successful businesses, both companies had different leadership styles, visions and goals. Out of the two businesses, only one remain successful and present today. In this paper, I will show how both businesses started, how the leaders differ in leadership styles and techniques, and how Amazon continues to be a great success today. Description of the Businesses I will describe each business and how each business started. I will also describe three main challenges each company faced while establishing or running the business. was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online bookstore. As CEO he has built it into the largest retailer on the web, selling everything from groceries to electronics and shoes. Jeff Bezos was working in a quantitive analysis group at an investment firm, when he saw an opportunity to sell books on the internet. In 1994 he went on a cross-country drive from New York to Seattle to start Amazon. He typed his business plan as he went. And he picked up $300,000 dollars from his parents in Fort Worth, Texas. He set up his business in his garage and began selling books via the internet. His business became worth $4.4 billion according to Forbes' latest billionaire...

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