A Study on Stress Management

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The project titled “A STUDY ON STRESS MANAGEMENT” was carried out with special reference to Ashok Leyland, Chennai. Stress researchers have used schedules. Interview techniques to assess the stress levels of subjects.

The stress scale that has been administered for this study is a version of a work stress profile, which identifies three basic indicators of stress (Interpersonal, Physical Conditions and Job Interest) and the over all stress level.

The objectives of the study are to assess and measure the stress level, to analyze the sources of stress, to analyze the consequence of stress and to study the stress management techniques adopted by the organization.

Descriptive Research Design, which is involved with describing the characteristics of particular individual or group, has been adopted in completing this study. The universes of the study are production executives working in the manufacturing sector. 60 samples were selected from the universe. Convenient sampling procedure has been adopted. Primary sources of data had been referred for the study. Sources were from persons, personally contacted for the relevant information.

Questionnaire was the tool adopted by the researcher for the purpose of collecting data. Pre-testing was done on 10 samples as a part of preliminary enquiry. This was done to assess the effectiveness of the questionnaire.The data collected has been analyzed and interpreted. Findings and conclusions have been proved statistically insignificant. Suggestions given by the employees have been merged with the suggestions of the researcher. There were some limitations during the data collection. They were the process was time consuming, as the researcher had to wait for almost three months to get the data and responses may suffer from human bias and prejudice.


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