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Introduction to Fertilizer Industry of Pakistan
Over the years, Pakistan’s economy has been heavily dependent on agricultural segment. It is considered to be the backbone of economy as it supports high percentage of GDP among other sectors, generating massive inputs for the agro based industry. During Fiscal year 2011, agricultural sector growth rate was 1.2% which supported huge sectors of economy like manufacturing, exports etc, which in turn resulted in increased consumption and has continued its growth rate at an exponential rate.
The fertilizer sector is one of the important sectors as it is a provider of raw materials to different industries, contributing heavily to Pakistan’s export. On the contrary, it is also a large market for agro products such as pesticides, farm implements and fertilizers. It also contributes to agro based industries consisting of textiles, food, sugar etc.
Due to significance of this sector, the government ensures that it always maintain consistent and transparent policies related to investments, prices and supply/demand of products and materials. When it comes to distribution of natural resources to industries, fertilizer industry tops the list for rationing of resources such as gas and water.

Introduction to Engro Corporation Ltd

Engro Corporation is a public listed multinational organization based in Karachi. The company portfolio is composed of six subsidiaries involved in production of different products including Fertilizers, food, energy, chemical, PVC resin and commodity trade.
Its major portfolio contains subsidiary of Engro Fertilizers which is one of the largest manufacturer of fertilizer in the world. Another major subsidiary is Engro Foods which manufactures and markets dairy products, natural fruit drinks and frozen desserts. Other subsidiaries include Engro Powergen, a 220 megawatt power plant, Engro Coal

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