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About a boy essay

Will is living a good life in London. He does not need to have a job because of royalties from a song his father had made. He is using all his spare time to watch television and hunt women. Will is meeting a girl called Angie who is a single mom but the relationship is only shortly and it ends surprisingly for Will because she is the one who’s breaking up. After that Will finds out that single moms is a lot better to hook up with and he is joining a single parents club where he lies about having a son and a former wife who had left him and his son alone. His plan about meeting women at the single club succeeds and he meets Suzie. Will and Suzie plans a picnic together but unfortunately for Will are Suzie taking her friends/Fiona’s 12 year old son Marcus with her.
After the picnic Will and Suzie is driving Marcus home they find Marcus’s mom Fiona lying overdosed on pills in her living room because of a suicide attempt.
Marcus wants to make her mother to be happy again after the suicide attempt so he tries to arrange a date between Will and his mother Fiona. But already after the first date his plans fail. Marcus doesn’t like to be home alone with his mother because she doesn’t understand his problem especially not the one in school. So he follows will and finds out that he does not have a child and that he has been lying to Suzie, Fiona and Marcus, so Marcus blackmails Will to let him hangout at his place after school almost every day so he doesn’t have to go straight home after school and then Marcus won’t say anything to Suzie about the lies Will have told her.
One day is Marcus getting chased by a couple of bullies and he runs home to Wills place and Will scares them off. It is around here that Will really understand the importance of him taking care of Marcus. Will starts to help Marcus to fit in at school by buying him new shoes but the shoes gets stolen and Fiona finds out that Marcus has been hanging out at Will’s place after school witch is causing a big fight. Will meets a single mother called Rachel at the same time that Marcus is falling in love with a girl called Ellie. Will get Marcus to pretend that he is his son to impress Rachel. But the relationship ends when Will tells her that Marcus isn’t his reel child.
One day when Marcus come home from school he finds his mother crying in the living room and he is afraid that she wants to commit suicide again but he does not know what to do. Marcus is trying to talk to Will about it but he is too sad because of the breakup with Rachel. Marcus gets the idea of singing the song ‘killing me softly with this song’ I think it is because his mother says ‘when you sing you make sunshine and happiness into my heart’ at Christmas eve.
Will finds out about it and drives as fast as he can to the school and tries to convince Marcus not to sing but he does and all the other kids are laughing at him. Then Will finds a guitar and gets on the stage with Marcus which makes the situation a bit better. When the song ends Will is preforming a solo witch is so bad that it wipes all the negative attention from Marcus and on to Will instead.
At the end we see the next Christmas at Wills house. Rachel, Marcus Fiona and Ellie is there and Will has also invited an old friend from Amnesty International because the friend is a bit like Fiona and he is probably trying to get them together.
Who is growing up?
Marcus: Marcus is growing up because he leans to have his own opinion and not always do as his mother wants him to (at Christmas when he wants will to stay). But he is still taking responsibility for his mother and tries to make her happy (he says that he does not want to go to McDonald at the end of the movie. But I think he might actually want to). He also lean a lot about love.
Will: Will is growing up because he leans how to take responsibility with Marcus. He leans that he should stop lying to other people (he is telling the truth to Rachel. That Marcus is not his son). He is also thinking about other than himself and Marcus. He is arranging that Fiona meets with the Amnesty International man.
I don’t know if this is right but I think his father was an alcoholic because when Will sees him in the shop putting a really big bottle of vodka down his shopping cart. And I think that he may forgives him or at least is leaning to live with him at the end of the story because he is buying his record and plays it at home.
Fiona: Fiona is also growing up a lot. At the start she tells Marcus to be himself and not just to do as everybody else. But actually she does not want him to be himself. She just wants him to be like her. But in the end she realizes all that (mainly because will tells he) and she invites Marcus to McDonalds to eat a big mac witch is a lot against what vegetarians are fighting for.

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