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Some feelings I experienced during the Read Across America Day was excitement and joy. I loved helping the little ones with their activities and seeing their smiling faces. It brought me happiness to see THEM happy. I loved reading to them too. I purposely altered my voice when reading to get a laugh out of the two listening. I made jokes about the pictures and dialogue and couldn't suppress my own laughter at the children's' bright faces. I believe that reading is extremely fundamental because I know that reading can seriously damage one's ignorance. In by reading at least 15 minutes each day, one can gain knowledge in many forms. A heightened sense of vocabulary, a wider range of understanding, etc. And in starting at a young age, the little ones can gain superior knowledge early, and be advanced in a more non-developed time. Next year, I would like to see the new 7th graders do what we did. I do not really have a suggestion as to what to do, though. …show more content…
I adore writing so much, I was honestly super stoked to get to go to your class, because I heard we got to write a lot. Something to do for the last nine weeks that I would enjoy, would be to...get to write something, or visit an art or historic museum. For the writing, my idea was to let us write yet again a short story, about us. Kind-of like a "get to know me" sort of deal. We could write about our early childhood, our school life, and our interests. This is simply something that would free us from all the "work" writing that so much of us dislike (though I don't mind doing anything, I just like writing). As for the museum idea, I suggest going to the R. W. Norton Art Gallery, or the Germantown museum in Minden. Both would be educational, whether based on historical art, or the history of a well-known town in the area. Though in all honesty, if we do not do anything, I would not

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