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Why College Is The Right Choice

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Why College Is The Right Choice Should you go to college? This is the famous question many high schools students struggle to find the answer to, and whether or not you should go to college has become a significant conflict. While some students may struggle with financial struggles, many just simply do not know. However, despite these challenges, college is actually worth it. Receiving a college education is more beneficial, and will help you out in the long run. Statistics show that attending college will increase one’s employment rates and pay in salaries. Other sources show that college graduates have better interpersonal skills and are more exposed to different cultures and people. Students should go to college, because they will become …show more content…
Due to this, going to college does not seem worth it to a portion of young adults. However, this is where your college experience comes in, for statistics have shown that college graduates make more money. Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree earned $30,000 more than a high school graduate, and one with an Associate’s Degree earned about $170,000 more in their lifetime. The higher salaries will make it easier to pay off the debts. However, if a student does have financial problems and does not receive a scholarship, community college can always be a cheaper alternative. No matter your struggles, there is always a way to get a college education. People might also argue that college is not worth it because many people, such as Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs, did not attend a post-secondary school and still became successful. Yet, not everyone is bound to invent a best-selling phone or to create a popular social media platform. On the contrary, many successful people have been shaped by their college education.For example, Oprah Winfrey, founder of Harpo Productions and host of her own talk show, attended University of Oregon and Stanford University, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in speech and performing arts. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, attended Princeton University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering.Finally, Vera Wang, a famous fashion designer, graduated Sarah Lawrence College with a Bachelor’s in art history. These famous figures all went to college and became successful. So despite the claims people might use to back up the fact that college is not worth it, attending college will make your life more

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