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Adj 235 Week 6 Checkpoint

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Obligations of Attorney’s
ADJ 235

Obligations of Attorney’s A prosecuting attorney has many ethical obligations however, for the purposes of this paper I will use three of them. Procedural justice is a step by step set of guidelines to ensure that every defendant is afforded his/her legally guaranteed representation. Sufficient evidence establishes the innocence, or guilt of a defendant. Special procedures exist to prevent, and rectify, if necessary, the conviction of an innocent individual. Defense attorneys’ have several ethical obligations to his/her clients however, for the purposes of this paper I will use three of them. Confidentiality is a paramount responsibility for a defense attorney because it guarantees to a defendant that the information he/she discloses to his/her attorney will not be disclosed in a manner that could jeopardize his/her innocence. Eliminating a conflict of interest or the appearance of any type of conflict is a legal responsibility that defense attorneys must ensure to his/her clients. Zealous representation is an ethical obligation that a defense attorney has to ensure he/she will represent the client with all legal means possible for the defense of his/her client. The difference between the obligations of a prosecuting attorney and a defense attorney lie within the interests of each group. A prosecuting attorney is responsible for monitoring procedural and substantive justice while representing the interest of his/her municipality. A defense attorney has a legal obligation to represent his/her client with every legal resource that he/she may possess.

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